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Intern in San Jose



  • 2 months: $3,645

    (not available for all programs - see Internship Sectors)
  • 3 months: $4,415
  • 4 months: $5,125
  • 5 months: $5,895
  • 6 months: $6,715
  • Non-refundable application fee: $150



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Application deadline is 60 days prior to your chosen start date.


Late applications are accepted on a case by case basis and are subject to a $250 late fee.

Frequently Asked Questions
Costa Rica Costa Rica



Intern in San Jose

Business oriented internships abroad are one of the surest ways to make your Resume stand out. Adelante has been placing candidates abroad for over 10 years. Our success over the years is proven and has helped many candidates live and learn about business abroad.

Based on candidate requests from the United States and other countries, we launched into Latin America, first Mexico and Costa Rica, then now, with huge success, into Chile and Uruguay. Again, we are providing good, solid real-life work and internship & culture programs for reasonable fees and pretty much all-inclusive (except for airfare, as always that is your responsibility).

We are using our years of experience sending internship candidates abroad to develop and continually enhance the same valuable and customized Internship program in Costa Rica. This includes amazing excursions and activities not available in any other country we operate in.

All applicants must conduct a  pre-interview phone or Skype call to assess their Spanish level.

IMPORTANTE!: There are several differences in terms of things included -- please note these differences! For example: Most meals are included in the Costa Rica programs, and you have an Independent Living option not available in Spain.

  • The amount of time you choose to intern is flexible, with program lengths ranging from 2 to 12 months, all begin the first Monday of the month, year round. Or take advantage of our mid-May start date.

  • 3 weeks of intensive Spanish language classes at a University are included in the fee. Transcripts available. 9 different levels of courses to ensure that even really advanced or very beginner candidates are taken care of
  • Lodging and meals are included. (BEWARE other programs that seem to have lower prices but do not include housing or even worse, programs whereby you don't know where you are going to be living until after you arrive!)
  • Independent Living Option: you live in Adelante-provided housing for month 1, and then you can choose to live on your own in an apartment. We will assist you with this process in-country. Inquire about price difference.
  • Amazing excursions all included. 
  • Come with a friend and live together during your adventure in Costa Rica.
  • You will be met at the airport or bus station when you arrive in San Jose, and taken directly to your lodging
  • Program can be done for academic credit
  • Internships are for 4 hours each day in locally owned companies or larger corporations with offices in San Jose. You will gain real, international work experience to add to your resume. As we are just launching this program in this country, our list of participating companies will be growing each month. Further, as San Jose is a large, cosmopolitan capital city, we urge you to send in you application for whichever Sector you are best qualified for or interested in, and using your application we will then find a relevant company or corporation.
  • English speaking Adelante staff is available to you to support, assist and in many other ways to be there for you should you need it.


  • HOUSING INCLUDED - don't be fooled by other programs with lower prices that don't include the housing.
  • Intern placement services and ongoing counseling for your work assignment in pre-selected area of interest.
  • Screening of all companies.
  • Customized service - we have experience at this and get to know each of our candidates.
  • Easy 4-step program process, prior to departure.
  • Testing, certificates, materials, texts and limited free Internet access.
  • Airport pick up.
  • Adelante Staff Local phone, fax and e-mail data will be provided prior to departure.
  • 24 hour/7 days a week support while abroad.
  • Orientation packet: includes tourist and city information, transportation and communications details -- including a map and explanation of buses, taxis and much more.