Apply for a Spring Internship - Adelante Abroad

Why You Should Apply for a Spring Internship

Apply for a Spring Internship - Adelante Abroad

Adelante Abroad has several internship opportunities throughout the year, but we believe that spring is one of the most advantageous times to apply for a program, especially one that offers international internships.

Why are spring internships better, you might ask? Here are some reasons why:

Gain more experience

Regardless of when you begin your internship, you will gain so much experience in your program. While many internships local to where you live provide a way to build a better resume and skill set, an internship abroad provides all of that AND gives an experience of a lifetime for years to come.


Get ahead of the competition

While the majority of internships are offered in the summer, it becomes harder for students and candidates to find open positions. The high demand for summer programs also causes a stressful application process that often ends in not getting accepted. So if you don’t have much work experience or a 3.0 or higher GPA, you could end up at the bottom of the hiring pool.

Taking a spring internship could benefit you by May to getting a head start in your career. You will also start summer with more insight on what field and industry you want to work in. So, while all of your friends are spending their summer in an office 4-5 days per week, you can spend it focusing on your future (and maybe even traveling more if you’d like).


It’s a great way to end your school year

Who said you had to take on an internship AFTER school? This is perfect for anyone who is completely done with classes by the end of fall and has a few months until their graduation ceremony to grab some work experience.

Even if you’re not graduating in May or June, taking some time off to intern abroad may actually SAVE you some college time! An internship can help you figure out where you truly want to study in college, especially if you’re still undecided or unsure if you like your major. We have even had past candidates who went for an internship in the spring and then decided to continue living where they interned and study at an international college for the remainder of their academic years. Who knows, maybe you find the program of your dreams while abroad!

Regardless of what you find in spring, you get to end your school year with plenty of stories to tell your friends and family back home!


Start “Summer Vacation” early

An internship in the spring is no different than one offered in the summer. If you’re traveling abroad, then countries like Chile and Uruguay during the spring months will actually offer you the summer sunshine that you were waiting for back at home.

Flights to international cities are also much more expensive during the summer vacation months than spring time. Hotels and accommodations are not any better. If you want to travel abroad but can’t take on the fees in the summer, then taking advantage of an internship during the cheaper months may help you have a more luxurious vacation!

So really… what are you waiting for? Adelante offers several programs in various countries and fields, and you can choose to stay for 1 month, 2 months, or even 6 months. Take advantage of these benefits and apply now!

HowToAdult Realities - Adelante Abroad

6 #HowToAdult Realities When Going Abroad

HowToAdult Realities - Adelante Abroad

We All Have Had Those #HowToAdult Moments

Whether you’re 13 or 30, you’ve been through some kind of stage in your life where you had to start doing things without the help of your family. It’s definitely tough in the beginning, and you may not even realize how tough it was going to be. But eventually, it starts to become second nature.

The same reality goes with travelling abroad. Whether you choose to intern or study abroad for a few months, here are the realities on #HowToAdult when going abroad.

#1: You’re in Charge of Everything

Unfortunately, your parents or guardian can’t come with you to your abroad program. I mean, they could, but is that really what you want? Weren’t you trying to travel so that you could get away and explore on your own? Sooner or later, you’ll learn that you have to take charge of everything while abroad; fortunately, many programs provide you with some helpful resources prior to your travels.

Did you know that Adelante Abroad gives you a pre-departure orientation (PDO) packet a couple of months before your trip? That packet provides plenty of information on the area that you’ll be living in, plus helpful tips on going to different places. It can be a great resource to show you the next step in your travels.

#2: You Need to Learn How to Cook

While some internships are based in large urban cities, many programs are centered in rural areas, where grocery stores and restaurants are not as close by. What does that mean for you? It just means that you’ll have to experiment with local ingredients and mix them up in a kitchen pot. Yup, that’s right. You’ll need to cook.

Never cooked before? That’s alright. It is strongly advised to practice some basic cooking skills before travelling. Even if you’re not interning or studying abroad and just travelling on your wanderlust journey, cooking could save you hundreds of dollars on your trip.

You don’t have to be a culinary major to understand the foundations of cooking. Check out this WikiHow on cooking, or check out these 30+ dishes that anyone can make (quick tip: pasta is a great dish for starters).

#3: You Won’t Have a Cleaning Maid

You may have a host or hostess who comes in every so often to fix leaks or cracks where you’re staying, but they won’t be picking up dirty laundry for you. Although many of our parents teach us the importance of keeping a clean room or doing the dishes in early adolescence, not having someone remind you to clean up on your own may be a new experience.

Even the most seasoned college students and those who have lived alone for years can often forget a pile of clothes on the floor or even to vacuum the carpet from food crumps and dirt. Did you really think it just vanished magically?

Cleaning does not have to be difficult. Set up a reminder once or twice a week and dedicate a couple of hours to straightening up the house. You’ll be surprised what 20 minutes a day can do for an apartment. Look up “life hacks” online for quick tips on keeping your place looking nice and organized with little effort, too.

#4: Without a Budget, You Probably Won’t Last Too Long Abroad

If your parents have given you money before, and you’ve spent it all in less than a day, then this trip may be the best thing for you. Travelling abroad means being away from family, meaning being away from your constant cash flow that you were used to back at home.

It’s completely okay if you’ve never set up a budget for yourself before. Do you know how many adults in their 30s and 40s STILL don’t know how to budget? There are some easy ways to ensure that you don’t spend your entire savings halfway through your trip.

Do some research before you leave to determine how much money you need to save up. This includes cost of food (groceries and going out), transportation (bus and train passes, etc.), and souvenirs for yourself and your family.

Add some additional funds for emergencies (you never want to go without a backup). Then decide how you will split up your money each week. Write down what you spend and try not to go over your weekly budget.

If for some reason you end up spending more than planned, or there was an emergency, do not be afraid to contact your family for help. They may have extra money saved up for situations like these. However, this, of course, is a last resort.

#5: You Will Make Friends from Different Cultures

Here’s a shocker – you’ll probably meet other people just like yourself when you travel. And you’ll also probably meet people NOT like yourself when you travel. And that’s totally okay!

As you continue with your travels, you are going to meet people that you like a lot and people that you don’t like a lot. Your journey going abroad will bring these obstacles, but you will learn how to make friends with people from all over the world, many of which you might have not attempted to be friends with if you stayed at home.

You’ll learn different cultures and languages (especially if you’re in one of our Spanish countries), and those friends will be helpful as well in your journey as you learn to adjust to your solo travel life.

#6: You Will Learn How to Be Independent

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you will probably have to do everything on your own. Congrats! You’re officially “adulting”!

By all means, we encourage you to be as independent as possible. Not only will you master your adulting skills faster, but you will have a far better experience once you learn the ropes. And if you still need help, you can always ask your family (and your Adelante Abroad team) for some assistance. We’re always here to help and want to make this “adulting” abroad experience the best one ever.