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Expect the Unexpected: How To Deal With A Unique Situation (From the Perspective of An Intern)

The following describes the unique situation of former intern, Jennifer J. It is a good example of how processes may differ in other countries and how one must adapt to such situations (especially when these processes deviate from the norm an individual may be used to). The NIE (Foreign Identification Number, Número de Identificación de Extranjero) Process […]

Intern Life: Living in Marbella

  Stephen H. just wrapped up his Intern in Marbella program. He was kind enough to give us a quick little summary on Marbella and what to expect from this little blip in the Costa del Sol.  Marbella is a very nice Andalusian town that attracts tourists from all over the world during the summer. […]

Intern Life: Traveling, What Does it Really Mean?

The following is blog from a current intern, Charlie I., who is doing an International Business internship program in Barcelona.  Traveling The modern economies of many states today rely on tourism as cash cows in their portfolios. Globalization and technological innovation allow for the free-flow of human capital and ideas across cultural borders. Theorists suggest this […]

5 Unique Internships to do Abroad

  (Art project in Oaxaca) In May, we wrote our first installment of one-of-a-kind internships you probably didn’t know you could do abroad… many people don’t know we offer a wide range of internship opportunities across varying fields and sectors. Here are 5 unique internships to do abroad that fly under the radar. 1. Pharmacy One […]

Unique Internships Abroad: May ’15 Edition

(pic via melondistrict.com) Unique Internships: Part I This blog will be the first of many featuring one-of-a-kind internships we offer. What many people don’t know is that we offer a wide range of internship opportunities across varying fields and sectors. Here are 5 internship placements you probably didn’t think you could do abroad. 1. Sports […]

Tips to Facilitate Your Spanish Language Acquisition While Abroad

Overcoming the Subtle Difficulties in Your Spanish Program Can Feel Daunting… How Can You Get Over the Hump? We recently came across an interesting story on how study abroad helped an American Literature and ESL teacher in her career. First and foremost, this teacher cited her study abroad experience in Spain as being the catalyst to […]