This experience has truly been a life-changing moment for me. There was definitely a culture shock when I first arrived as far as the language barrier goes, but as time went on I feel that I have improved in my spanish speaking abilities as well as the desire to continue to study the language as I return home. I have been able to learn so much between my classes, attending my internship at my Clinica, meeting people from all over, and exploring all of the beauty and culture Spain has to offer. I can confidently say that this entire experience has allowed me to grow so much as an individual. 

My [medical] internship has been a big part of my journey. I feel that this experience has allowed me to gain more independence and help build confidence. I was able to work alongside and learn from so many incredible healthcare professionals who have inspired me in many different ways. The staff continually stressed the importance of education and implementing hands-on practice in order to build self-confidence within the healthcare field. Not only was I able to utilize and practice many skills that I have learned in my own nursing practice in the States, but I was also able to gain a new perspective within the healthcare system in Spain. It has been so interesting to see the many similarities and differences between healthcare practice in Spain versus nursing practice in the States.

Thank you for all your guidance and support during my time abroad! I am so grateful to Adelante for giving me the opportunity to experience something that was very much out of my comfort zone, but in turn, gave me a whole new outlook on the world and allowed me to build lifelong friendships that I will forever cherish. 

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