Academic Credit for International Internships

Adelante Abroad is changing the conversation about intern abroad programming: we know from close to 20 years sending students overseas, that this kind of program makes a modern education relevant.

Our position is that every single student should have the opportunity to intern or study abroad. Without it, the degree received is simply less relevant.  It seems really clear.

We do not work with a “school of record” which is basically another US university that applies their credits to our internship program hours abroad, for a very hefty fee.  This fee would double the cost of our programs.  What Adelante Abroad does is work with you and your home University to ensure that you receive both credit and financial aid, where possible, from them.  Each University and College is different but all are jumping on this bandwagon:  an international internship experience is in great demand because it makes a modern education, and therefore the degree received, much more relevant.

There may be obstacles, but it is definitely doable.  More and more universities are getting creative with ways to apply academic credit and aid to internship abroad experiences.

Our team is experienced and ready to help with any questions relating to earning credit for your internship abroad.

No Credit Needed for your International Internship?

Some may not need the credit or may have already graduated.  That works fine with us, too.  About a third of the candidates accepted into our programs participate for no credit.  (Figure this out prior to applying. Once abroad it is difficult to secure academic credit, and near impossible upon return!)