Why Intern Abroad?

There are so many benefits of an internship abroad, where do we start?

  • Real World Professional Experience

  • Increased Independence and Massive Personal Growth

  • Language Acquisition

  • Cultural Immersion


Internships for the Independent Traveler

It’s going to get uncomfortable. However, we know this is where most learning happens. We have in-country English speaking staff who provide support along with the Adelante Headquarters in California. Still, you will be moving around independently by design. Your airport pick up, classes, internship, and accommodations are all set up for you, but the rest is up to you. Will you stay in your room and surf the web continuously, or will you step out into the unknown and live, learn, and experience life abroad? We provide a very well set up “open door.” Nonetheless, it is up to you to walk through it.

Our programs include much more than a professional internship in your desired career field. You are also provided with centralized housing, social & cultural events, professional career training, and full-time local support. All aspects of the program are designed to enhance your professional and personal development, and to allow you to experience diverse cultures in a new way.

Published Findings, Studies & Surveys Are Demonstrating What We Already Know.

Michael - Medical Internships in Madrid - Adelante Abroad

The National Center for Education Statistics reported that 21.6% of U.S. undergraduate students are undecided about their college major. This percentage of undecided students is the largest among students, surpassing the percentage of students who have declared other academic majors (e.g. education, business). Supporting this finding, Gordon (2007) found that 75% of college students change their undergraduate major at least once, indicating that some college students experience difficulty declaring an academic major.

Academic indecision is an important consideration in higher education because there are many negative outcomes of academic indecision.  From The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, (April 2016) the results revealed that a study abroad experience significantly impacts college students’ self-knowledge such as interests, values, and skills, and the capacity to relate self-knowledge to career options.

Delilah - Journalism Internships in Chile - Adelante Abroad
Hailey - Tourism and Hospitality Internships in Chile - Adelante Abroad

Findings also suggest that following a study abroad experience, students possess a more positive outlook on their career options and report having a clearer picture of career goals, interests, and talents, or vocational identity. These results are consistent with previous findings, which indicate that study abroad shapes personal and career development among college students (Chapman, 2011; Dwyer & Peters, 2004; Orahood, Kruze & Pearson, 2004; Orahood, Woolf, & Kruze, 2008). Futhermore, McMillan and Opem (2002) found that 70% of survey respondents who completed an internship abroad reported that their study abroad experience ignited an interest in a career direction.

In a Nutshell

Go abroad, it will help you decide what career to pursue.

Benefits of studying abroad have included increased self-confidence (Black & Duhon, 2006; Chapman, 2011; Dwyer & Peters, 2004), independence (Black & Duhon, 2006), global competency (Dwyer & Chapman, 2004), open-mindedness and independence (Hadis, 2005), as well as general personal development and well-being (Kuh & Kauffmann, 1984). Studying abroad is also associated with gains in intellectual development, particularly among students with limited or no international experience prior to studying abroad (McKeown, 2009). “Knowing how to be sensitive to other cultures, and to learn from others, is essential.” (The PIE News)

President of Art Museum - Adaeze - Internship in Seville - Adelante Abroad

When you come home, you are more skilled and prepared for the real world.

Ella - Graphic Design Internship - Adelante Abroad

Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Study Abroad on 21st Century Skills & Career Prospects, was released at the IIE Summit on Generation Study Abroad in Washington, DC and is based upon a survey of more than 4,500 individuals who participated in short-term mobility since the 1999-2000 academic year.

IIE identified 15 soft and hard skills rated as most desired by 21stcentury employers. The top five skills, with more than 70% of respondents saying their study abroad experience contributed to a significant degree of improvement, were intercultural skills, curiosity, flexibility/adaptability, confidence, and self-awareness. STEM graduates gained significant soft skills outside of their subject during study abroad, and it had a positive effect on their career. Among science majors that went on a program outside of the sciences, 47% reported their study abroad contributed to a job offer. Transferable skills such as “adaptability, emotional intelligence, the ability to listen, and language skills gained through study abroad” are integral to the future of the global workforce.

We encourage students to list on their RESUMES and when speaking with parents, other students and certainly job prospects specific skills and competencies they acquired or improved while abroad, including:

  • foreign language proficiency
  • enhanced cultural awareness and sensitivity to customs and cultural differences
  • ability to work in cross-cultural teams and function in ambiguous environments
  • increased confidence, initiative and independence
  • greater flexibility and adaptability
  • ability to maintain an open mind and be tolerant of others
  • and problem solving and crisis management skills.

The Institute of International Education Summit further released statistical findings that studying abroad has an overall positive long-term impact on career progression and promotion. More than half of survey respondents believe that studying abroad helped them get a job, and longer-term study abroad experiences had a higher impact on subsequent job offers.  (The PIE News) WOW!  What are you waiting for?

Hear What Our Candidates Have to Say

I initially got in contact with Adelante because of a lack of graduate student internships offered in my Master’s program. When I heard that they had so many different types of internships, specifically a dedicated translation internship, I decided I had to take the leap and just go for it.

Madrid is an absolutely amazing city, I would 100% come back here. Adelante took care of all the housing and internship placement which was SO nice. My apartment was much bigger than the apartment I have back home and it was in the perfect location.

Honestly, I got so lucky that I found Adelante. They did all the planning, apartment-hunting, interviewing and arrangements for me so that I could focus on just enjoying my experience. The internship was great, I learned so much and now I have something truly impressive to put on my resume when I get home. If you want a truly unique summer experience and a rigorous internship, Adelante is for you.

Gwendolyn V., New York University, USA

I had an awesome time with Adelante! This was my first time in Europe and they definitely helped me to have a great time.

All the staff that I talked to were super helpful, both while I was applying and during my stay. The housing was awesome. I was living right in the center of the city, which was incredible, there was so much to do nearby.

I worked for a financial consulting company that analyzed the US stock market. I didn’t know anything about the market before I came, but working in the office for 6 months definitely helped me pick up a few things, although I would have liked to learn more.

All in all, I highly recommend Adelante. I personally feel that living abroad is an experience that everyone should have, and Adelante is a pretty awesome way to do just that.

Sam K., University of British Colombia, USA

I participated in the ecology and countryside management branches at the SRUC Oatridge campus. The lecturers that provided me with projects were so incredibly helpful. Anytime I needed help or had a question there was ALWAYS someone there who went above and beyond to make sure my question was answered. Throughout my time there, I learned a lot about the ecology of Scotland and how it differs from the environment that I am used to at home. I also made some lasting friendships with some of the locals that I met while staying in the dorms. Scotland is full of experiences for any type of person, and it was an experience that I would urge more people to take part in.

Jordan S., University of Arkansas- Fayetteville, USA

I had a great time in Madrid! I already speak Spanish, so I was able to live with four girls from various countries and communicate entirely in Spanish (some of them didn’t speak English at all). My internship shadowing [a local doctor] was wonderful and I learned so much about psychology and psychiatry. I sat in on most of [their] sessions, received lessons during free time, and even conducted a few one-on-one sessions with patients on my own.

The social-life was also great, I fell in love with Madrid as a city and can’t wait to go back as soon as possible!

Maya R., Gap Year Student, Washington DC, USA

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