Application process for internships and study abroad programs

Program & Application Process

Now that you’ve decided to go abroad, let’s talk about the next steps.

How It Works

Step 1: Do Your Research

Check out our program locations, dates and pricesinternship fields, and FAQ for eligibility. Read reviews on both our Intern Abroad and Study Abroad programs from past candidates on GoAbroad or GoOverseas. Call (our favorite) or contact us with any questions you might have. You can also contact us via TwitterInstagramLinkedIn, or Facebook.

Step 2: Apply Online

Complete our straightforward online application form. There is no fee to apply.

Step 3: Review Confirmation & First Interview

We will review your application right away. Eligible candidates will recieve a link to schedule a free first interview. You will be required to submit your resume & photo to hold your spot. We conduct the first interview via phone or Google Meets, where both parties will determine fit for the program. Suitable candidates that want to move forward will receive a confirmation email and link to schedule a second interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 4: Second Interview

At this time, a $350 USD deposit is required prior to your second interview. The whole application process is usually completed within 10 business days. Once a candidate is confirmed, we guarantee their placement abroad.

Step 5: We Build Your Program

Each Adelante Abroad candidate is assessed and handled on a case-by-case basis. The candidate’s age, field of study, past work experience, current skill set, program length, and language level are all taken into account. We send your file to our directors in the program city you have chosen, and they begin to build your individual program: a guaranteed, contracted internship placement, or university matriculation if you are doing a study abroad program, then housing, classes, and airport pickup confirmation.

Step 6: You Do Your Part

While we set up your program, now’s the perfect time to purchase plane tickets to your program destination. Continue to research your new city; polish any crowdfunding options you are using or submit required data to any scholarship entities. Ramp up your Spanish by self-study if needed.  With our assistance, sort any Student Visa appointments and documents, if required (for programs longer than 3 months). Then start packing!


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Customized Service

Customized Service

As long proven International Internship Specialists, we emphasize getting to know each of our candidates for an optimum placement abroad. Couple that with well-established international contacts and industry-wide record-low staff turnover, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We have a plethora of experience building independent programs for our candidates.

Affordable Programs

Affordable Programs

Both our Internship Abroad and Study Abroad Programs are the cheapest you’ll find, period. Sometimes, we are literally 100% less than a competitor program. Go check, it is easy to confirm.

Centralized Accommodations

Centralized Accommodations

Enjoy your own private room in a shared apartment within the city. Live with other Adelante candidates, international students, roommates from the host country, or bring a friend to do the program and live with you! Some programs include living in a dorm, on campus. Some programs also offer a homestay option where you can live with a host family.

Spanish Language Course

Spanish Language Courses

Two or three weeks of intensive Spanish language class and orientation is included in your program (for our Spanish-speaking destinations, of course). For the Study Abroad programs, two (Summer Abroad) to five (Semester Abroad) courses are included in the economical price.

Academic Credit

Academic Credit

The Semester Study Abroad programs provide fully transferable, sealed transcripts upon successful completion. For the Intern Abroad program, nearly every candidate who has ever needed to receive credit for this program has done so. Your University probably has a particular process, and Adelante is used to helping students navigate the various requirements to secure credit for their contact hours abroad.

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