“I have been super busy having a good time and exploring Madrid! I have truly really enjoyed my summer and am sad to leave [this weekend]”.

I not only loved the area I lived in but the easy and affordable public transportation per metro. My internship company could not have been more welcoming, I loved my experience so much. I learned so much about the field of pharmacy as well as getting to utilize my Spanish.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity! … The Apex Vets staff was so lovely and welcoming that it felt like I was a part of their team for much longer than I actually was. They were an absolute joy to observe! … I could not have asked for any better and I will surely remember this endeavor for the rest of my life.”

Genuinely one of the best experiences of my life! It’s amazing to be able to get hands-on experience relevant to my future career, while also being able to travel and explore new places. I’ve truly enjoyed my time here in Scotland both in the workplace and while traveling. Everything is so beautiful and has a deep history behind it, and it’s wonderful getting to know every nook and cranny of this city.

“I’ve been so busy! But in a good way 🙂  My first internship week was filled with events.  I haven’t really made any new friends with coworkers since the internship is online but I like my boss Javier and I enjoy interacting with people at the events, and I’ve been able to socialize with other students from Eureka.”

I enjoyed my time in Barcelona very much. I was ecstatic to get there and start. When I first started it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Nonetheless, I enjoyed every minute of it. I have made some dear friends. I can say I will be back in Barcelona. I would recommend Adelante. Without them, none of this would have been possible. Spain in general is beautiful, but Barcelona has to be my favorite. It has everything. From mountains, oceans, beaches, forests, etc. They have the cold, breezy weather and the hot, humid weather.

“I have been loving [my internship] already. My coworkers, and my boss, Antonia, have all been wonderful. They are patient with me as I work on my Spanish, and I have began to learn the ins and outs of what they do there. Next week, I will be giving my own presentation in Spanish, and I am looking forward to it!”

The internship has been going well so far! I really enjoy the site, and everyone has been very kind. Last week I was working in the infirmary with nurses, and now I am with doctors in the emergency department. Thanks for checking in.

I really enjoyed my time as an intern through Adelante Abroad. I spent six weeks living in Edinburgh, Scotland, where I spent most of my week participating in research on pig behavior. I major in animal science, and I just applied to veterinary school, so this internship was very helpful in preparing me for my future career as well as my vet application. I also had such a fun time in [Edinburgh] There was so much history and I feel that I got to see, experience, and learn so much during my time there.

This was by far the best trip that I have ever been on!! With the help of all the staff at SRUC Elmwood, it was very easy and quick to get integrated into the program and comfortable in a new country. They also taught us so much about the world of golf. From the history of golf, coaching, to talking with General Managers and Head Greenskeepers of facilities to get a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of a golf course. On top of that playing some of the best golf courses the world has to offer. There was so much information and experiences that were done over the month in Scotland that created countless memories that I will remember forever.

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