I originally chose this program with Adelante because it was by far the cheapest one available. The price is reasonable and includes meals and housing-- both of which turned out great. I loved my host and the meals she made for me. I felt at home there. Also, Sevilla, in general, is a beautiful city that is very safe, colorful, and walkable. The university (UPO) is not within walking distance but has its own metro stop so getting to class is easy and convenient. The courses required some work but were not overly stressful. Adelante was helpful as well with connecting me with a local study abroad program and continuing to check up on me through email throughout my stay. I will say that the program works best for students that are independent, as Adelante representatives will tell you. Many other programs are so expensive because they have some trips bundled in the cost-- this is not the case with Adelante. So, if you are interested in planning your own trips and activities around Spain/Europe with more flexibility, this program may be a good fit. You also may want to consider how willing you are to meet new people and try solo travel for the times when the schedules of other students who have more boxed-in programs don't align with your travel plans. These aspects worked for me and I got to travel a lot with the money I saved by choosing this program-- also, there are many student/erasmus travel programs for the weekend like We Love Spain which I also would recommend. Sevilla is a beautiful city and I had an awesome time there. I gained a lot of confidence in myself during my stay there and would highly recommend it!
The main reason why my experience was unique is due to the type of company I worked for and activities that I was able to perform. When I discovered that my university program required me to work for a full school year in a foreign country I was worried that I would have had to take part in one of those classic, mundane and monotonous 9-5 jobs which involved performing tasks while sat at a desk in front of a computer screen. This is basically the equivalent of suicide to someone like me who loves living his life outdoors performing sporting activities. Thanks to Adelante's program, however, I was able to find a football club in Madrid that allowed me to actively participate in their training sessions, as well as help out coaches in as many ways as possible during the sessions. My university accepted the program and I was able to spend these 7 months here about as well as I could have ever hoped for.
I shadowed a doctor in Madrid for around four months, and it was the most amazing time of my life. Adelante made the setup process extremely easy, and it was very affordable as well. They were very flexible and accommodating in setting up the perfect internship for me. My doctor was also amazing, and I learned much about respiratory and cardiovascular health while there. I also got a unique look into Medicine in a different culture than my own. The first two weeks of Spanish classes that Adelante provides was very helpful in getting me started. Overall a great experience thanks to Adelante, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a different experience than just taking classes abroad.