I originally chose this program with Adelante because it was by far the cheapest one available. The price is reasonable and includes meals and housing– both of which turned out great. I loved my host and the meals she made for me. I felt at home there. Also, Sevilla, in general, is a beautiful city that is very safe, colorful, and walkable.

The university (UPO) is not within walking distance but has its own metro stop so getting to class is easy and convenient. The courses required some work but were not overly stressful. Adelante was helpful as well with connecting me with a local study abroad program and continuing to check up on me through email throughout my stay. I will say that the program works best for students that are independent, as Adelante representatives will tell you. Many other programs are so expensive because they have some trips bundled in the cost– this is not the case with Adelante. So, if you are interested in planning your own trips and activities around Spain/Europe with more flexibility, this program may be a good fit.

You also may want to consider how willing you are to meet new people and try solo travel for the times when the schedules of other students who have more boxed-in programs don’t align with your travel plans. These aspects worked for me and I got to travel a lot with the money I saved by choosing this program– also, there are many student/erasmus travel programs for the weekend like We Love Spain which I also would recommend. Sevilla is a beautiful city and I had an awesome time there. I gained a lot of confidence in myself during my stay there and would highly recommend it!

Allison K., University of Florida, FL, USASemester Study Abroad

The main reason why my experience was unique is due to the type of company I worked for and activities that I was able to perform. When I discovered that my university program required me to work for a full school year in a foreign country I was worried that I would have had to take part in one of those classic, mundane and monotonous 9-5 jobs which involved performing tasks while sat at a desk in front of a computer screen. This is basically the equivalent of suicide to someone like me who loves living his life outdoors performing sporting activities. Thanks to Adelante’s program, however, I was able to find a football club in Madrid that allowed me to actively participate in their training sessions, as well as help out coaches in as many ways as possible during the sessions. My university accepted the program and I was able to spend these 7 months here about as well as I could have ever hoped for.

Mattia F., London, UKSports

I shadowed a doctor in Madrid for around four months, and it was the most amazing time of my life. Adelante made the setup process extremely easy, and it was very affordable as well. They were very flexible and accommodating in setting up the perfect internship for me. My doctor was also amazing, and I learned much about respiratory and cardiovascular health while there. I also got a unique look into Medicine in a different culture than my own. The first two weeks of Spanish classes that Adelante provides was very helpful in getting me started. Overall a great experience thanks to Adelante, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a different experience than just taking classes abroad.

Nicholas L., Vanderbilt University, MI, USAMedical

Adelante is a great option for those looking for an internship abroad. They provide a language course during the first two weeks, housing, and internship placement in your field. Adelante doesn’t baby their interns. Participants will leave their placement more knowledge in their field, and equipped to face the future.

Jasmine W., West Chester University, PA, USAMedical

I had a wonderful experience aboard in Chile. My Spanish most definitely improved, or I should say my Chilean Spanish since they use so much slang. I loved our teacher so much, in fact, I am still in contact with her. My internship placement also was great, I was an assistant to a professor who had other architecture projects as well. Very nice, welcoming, patient, and open-minded. Overall an awesome experience, I met some wonderful people, learned a little bit about a new culture, improved my Spanish, and my architecture.

Marin N., University of Oregon, OR, USAArchitecture

I chose this program due to its affordability and because I only had to be at an intermediate level of Spanish before starting my internship. I got so much more out of this program than I expected! The first two weeks, I took Spanish lessons in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. My teachers were friendly and inviting, and my host was always eager to show me around the city and provide me with recommendations for things to do. As a vegetarian, I was extremely happy with how accommodating my hosts and program directors were. I made two new friends one week into the program, and we had a wonderful time exploring the city. Our teachers took us on excursions once a week to see more of Quito and to practice our Spanish. My internship focus (medicine) took me to Ambato during the third week of the program. Working and living with people who speak Spanish and are eager to help their volunteers learn added exponentially to my ability to speak the language. The people who live here are extremely friendly. My work assignment was very flexible and allowed me to travel on the weekends and take the occasional day off to extend my weekend excursions. I would highly recommend this program to others. For my first time traveling to another continent, I was very comfortable here. The staff of Adelante Abroad was always there to support me and answer my questions.

Megan L., Touro University California, CA, USAPharmacy

My two months in Ecuador was an incredible experience! I lived in Quito with an Ecuadorian family and completed 2 weeks of Spanish Language classes before beginning a 6-week placement at a veterinary clinic. Not only did I gain incredible skills and knowledge from my work placement that I can apply towards veterinary school in Canada, I was also able to travel around Ecuador and get to know its culture and people. My main goal out of this experience was to learn to speak another language. I came to Ecuador with some basic Spanish but being immersed in it every day, both at home with my host family and at work, allowed me to accomplish this goal. I met so many amazing people during my time in Ecuador and I am so thankful for this amazing experience!

Claire B., University of Guelph, CanadaVeterinary

I was in Madrid from mid-May until the end of July doing the Event Planning Internship. I didn’t know quite what to expect from Madrid and the program but I had an AMAZING time, better than expected. To begin with, I couldn’t imagine meeting such awesome people and I was fortunate enough to meet friends I would consider life-long friends. The program is small enough that you have the great opportunity to meet and become close with people you would not have ever expected to meet from all over the world! Adelante places you in the heart of Madrid which was also a wonderful experience to be surrounded by such liveliness, there were so many things to do at all hours of the day/night. The internship was a cool experience! It was interesting to see how work is done in Spain and expand my skills abroad. It helped me figure out what I want to do as a career back in the states. The program gave a great amount of freedom but also checked up on you, and, Angel, the intern advisory for Adelante, was so kind and helpful! I highly recommend this program! Best of the best!

Tyler I., Hospitality, Boston University, MS, USAHospitality

I studied digital marketing in Madrid for three months this summer, and it was such an amazing experience! I would highly recommend this program. I met so many great people, and I was able to travel on the weekends with many of them. My boss was so kind and accommodating, and the program coordinators were very helpful as well. I was very hesitant in doing this program at first, but I have 0 regrets. Such a wonderful opportunity to study, travel, and make friends!

Amanda B., University of Georgia, GA, USAInternational Business

Adelante truly is a wonderful program from beginning to end! They were very prompt in responding to my initial interest and setting up a first phone call, followed by comprehensive guidance before my arrival in Spain. I told Adelante my field of interest and they found a perfect internship for me in Sevilla. The two weeks of Spanish class prior to the internship were also excellent; the school had wonderful professors and organized free, fun cultural excursions we could participate in after class. The Adelante staff was incredibly supportive and checked in with me regularly. The on-site people provided airport pickup, accompanied me to the first day of my internship, and organized a flamenco show excursion for all Adelante interns. They care a lot about each individual intern and were very helpful in resolving any questions or concerns. The program is perfect for people who enjoy independence with accessible support when needed. I felt very comfortable in Sevilla and enjoyed the opportunity to shape the experience around my interests.

Fiona E., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USANon-Profit Internships

The internship has been an enjoyable experience. My favorite part of the job is how trusting and comfortable my supervisor is with me! I joined the local gym and have been working out after work. I have also traveled to Milan, Lake Como, Lisboa, Sintra. Paris, Madrid, and London are left on my list before heading back to the states.

Luis S., Claremonth McKenna College, Claremont, CA, USAArchitecture & Design Internship

I am loving Barcelona and cannot believe that I only have two more weeks here! In my spare time I have been traveling. Last weekend I was in Madrid and the weekend before I was in Girona. After work today I am headed to the airport to fly to Porto for the weekend. Next weekend I will remain local in Barcelona to soak in as much of it as I can

Jeske G., University of Oregon, Thousand Oaks, CA, USATeaching English

I had a great time during my 5-month internship in Madrid. The Adelante team placed me in a top firm in Madrid that was a perfect fit for what I had asked. I grew a lot as a professional, met some really amazing people and saw some incredible places in Spain and Europe. My international experience helped my resume stand out to prospective employers and I landed my first post-graduation job as soon as I got back home. Thanks to the Adelante team for their amazing service and I would definitely recommend this program to anyone!

Beatriz L., University of Puerto Rico, Caguas, Puerto Rico Architecture and Design Internships Abroad

I cannot believe I am at the last couple months of my internship. I know it´s going to be so hard to say goodbye to everyone and this new lifestyle I have developed. I definitely had such a hard time with public transportation and how to take the metro or bus, but now I would call myself an expert on that. 🙂

I think since starting my program I would just say I learned to be much more confident with myself and happy with the person I am. I went from moving to a whole new country not knowing anyone and have created a little place to call home for myself. Not many people can say they have done this before. It taught me I am a lot braver than I thought I was and if I can do this then I can do anything 🙂

Sophie M., Adams State University, San Diego, CA, USAInternational Business Internship in Madrid

I had a wonderful time working in Madrid at a spare parts distributor for high tech manufacturing equipment. The people I worked with gave me real tasks to do and I was treated as an employee and friend, not as a visitor who would leave soon. I made great friendships with my coworkers as well as the people I lived with. The travel opportunities are almost endless and you’ll meet some awesome people staying in hostels. Adelante was incredibly accommodating as I had applied somewhat last minute. The staff work closely with you to find an internship that is highly relevant to your area of study. I was recently hired as an intern at a large US based company and I drew heavily on this experience throughout the interview process. If you’re on the fence, just go and I promise you won’t regret it.

Chris O., Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, California, USAIntern in Madrid

I initially got in contact with Adelante because of a lack of graduate student internships offered in my Master’s program. When I heard that they had so many different types of internships, specifically a dedicated translation internship (I’m currently getting my M.S. in translation) I decided I had to take the leap and just go for it.

I had really wanted to live abroad again but wanted to experience Europe this time and on my own terms (I studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina during undergrad). Madrid is an absolutely amazing city, I would 100% come back here. Adelante took care of all the housing and internship placement which was SO nice. My apartment was much bigger than the apartment I have back home and it was in the perfect location.

Although I was initially hesitant about why I had to attend Spanish classes at the language school I was really glad the 2 weeks were required. The teachers were all really nice and just tried to get us talking while teaching us in a very practical manner.

I know from experience how hard it can be to find reputable international internships, I get it. Honestly, I got so lucky that I found Adelante. They did all the planning, apartment-hunting, interviewing and arrangements for me so that I could focus on just enjoying my experience. The internship was great, I learned so much and now I have something truly impressive to put on my resume when I get home. If you want a truly unique summer experience and a rigorous internship, Adelante is for you.

Gwendolyn V., New York University, USAIntern in Madrid

I participated in the ecology and countryside management branches at the SRUC Oatridge campus. The lecturers that provided me with projects were so incredibly helpful. Anytime I needed help or had a question there was ALWAYS someone there who went above and beyond to make sure my question was answered. Throughout my time there, I learned a lot about the ecology of Scotland and how it differs from the environment that I am used to at home. I also made some lasting friendships with some of the locals that I met while staying in the dorms. Scotland is full of experiences for any type of person, and it was an experience that I would urge more people to take part in.

Jordan S., University of Arkansas- Fayetteville, USAObservation & Research in Scotland - Ecology

I would recommend this program to anyone. I actually ended up extending my stay a few more weeks because I fell in love with the country and the culture. The staff did a very good job of helping each student adjust to a new culture. The planned trip we took were amazing and gave us a great overview of Scotland. This help us plan our own trips to various cities around Scotland. The academics were also good. They pushed us to learn, but I never felt overwhelmed with work. The anatomy and physiology class was my favorite because of all the different things we learned. The fitness class was informative, but some of the assignments felt like busy work. The riding program was also incredible. The instructors pushed each rider to improve our riding. The horses were sweet and super responsive, however they still pushed the riders to improve.

Jessica S., University of Georgia, USAEquine Summer Study Abroad in Scotland

During my internship in Barcelona I had a fantastic experience. The city is amazing with a lot of fun and things to do. You cannot like it in here. Housing was quite good although it was far away from my internship company.The work experience in my internship was really useful. I got a lot of contacts that will help me in my future career. I met a lot of important and interesting people. I learnt a new language and culture thanks to visiting a lot of cultural events. I spent 4 months in Barcelona. I suggest new students to do their internship for the longest time possible. You will not be disappointed . Adelante stuff was helpful, I did not have any problem and if so they resolved all of them. Also the Spanish course at the begging of the internship is interesting and useful. It helps you to get used to Spanish.

Simona K., I‘Accademia d’Arte d design Leonetto Cappiello, ItalyIntern in Barcelona

Adelante Abroad was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I got an amazing internship experience, improved my Spanish, and also made some great friends and connections abroad. Adelante provides support for you before and during your trip with anything you made need. I did a graphic design internship and was able to add a lot to my portfolio and work experience in general. There were also many opportunities to travel outside of working that really helped improve my experience. Spain is just amazing!

Brittany J., Colorado State University, USAIntern in Madrid

I had a great time in Madrid! I already speak Spanish, so I was able to live with four girls from various countries and communicate entirely in Spanish (some of them didn’t speak English at all). My internship shadowing [a local doctor] was wonderful and I learned so much about psychology and psychiatry. I sat in on most of [their] sessions, received lessons during free time, and even conducted a few one-on-one sessions with patients on my own. The social-life was also great, I fell in love with Madrid as a city and can’t wait to go back as soon as possible!

As a side note (this is neither good nor bad): I wanted to be very independent on this program and I was able to be. I lived abroad for almost half of my life growing up and have been to over 35 countries so I loved that, but I would caution others who might not feel as comfortable navigating a new city/language/culture to live in non-Adelante housing because you receive a lot less support [compared to Adelante’s housing and program].

Maya attended Adelante’s Gap Year program in Madrid with a 2-month psychology internship.

Maya R., Gap Year Student, Washington DC, USAIntern in Madrid

I was a candidate in Adelante’s Chile program for three months in early 2017. At the risk of sounding hackneyed, the experience was utterly transformative, thanks in large part to Adelante.

After a friendly chat with the feller sent to pick me up from the airport, I arrived to the candidate apartment. Strangely, it was way nicer than it looked in the pictures. Classes at the International Center […] started a few days later. They were daily group lessons taught by the wonderful Marcela, who took us on excursions in Viña and Valpo as part of the lessons, and advised us extensively on where to buy meat, how to navigate the streets and slang, etc. The International Center crew was not only extremely communicative (and able to speak English, in large part), they took us out and were generally good buddies. I was traveling alone, so that gracious friendliness kept a certain amount of loneliness at bay.

[…] My internship assignment [97.3 FM Radio Valentín Letelier] was spot on. Marcela made sure I knew how to get there and who to talk to (although the beautiful madness of Chilean Spanish made it difficult to chat at first). I was allowed to work [Journalism internship/reporter] at my own pace and take as many tourism days off as I needed. The staff was endlessly cool… if you end up in the area, I recommend you tune in to Radio Valentín Letelier for a (really) broad mix of alternative music.

There are countless wonderful details about the experience that I don’t have time to impart, but I gotta mention the excursions to a local vineyard (the first included as part of lessons, the second offered for free when my parents came to visit me) and Charlie (a sweet street dog often accompanied by “the yellow dog,” both of whom followed me into supermarkets, churches, and anywhere else). Generally, the atmosphere of the Adelante/IC was one of helpful kindness, and that made good things happen.

I’m omitting a lot of difficult experiences, which were equally essential to the emotional and lingual growth I achieved down there, but none of those were Adelante’s fault. In retrospect, I’m awfully grateful for those negative experiences, but pleased to say that they didn’t stem from the organization to which I paid $4000*.

Adelante is trustworthy and Chile is indescribably worthwhile. Buen viaje, folks. Pick up a slang dictionary on your way.

*Arlo participated in a 3-month program and chose a homestay option, which includes all meals/laundry.

Arlo B., Morehead State, Owingsville, KY, USAIntern in Chile

I arrived in Montevideo in February 2017, I started by taking 3 weeks of Spanish classes to refresh my Spanish and then with the help of [Adelante] I completed a 3-month internship at a travel agency in the city center. The three weeks of intense classes at the beginning of my stay were invaluable in helping me to achieve my goals of improving my confidence in my spoken Spanish.


I was sad when classes came to an end but also excited to get into a new routine working at the travel agency. I had an initial meeting with my boss Ana who briefed me on the company’s current goals and missions and we spoke a little about how I would be able to help them achieve those goals. I spent my first week going on some of the tours that the company had to offer – this helped me to get to know the city better and see exactly what the company offers to tourists.

From my previous experience travelling around South America, I was able to take notes and report back to my boss on how their tours and customer service could be improved. Other tasks that I was responsible for included creating a questionnaire for use of the customers after the tours. This was invaluable to the company as a way of providing feedback so that they could better understand the tourist’s needs and desires.

I also worked on a project which involved carrying out market research using interviews to find out about the tourists and what they are interested in doing/seeing during their stay in Montevideo. This research led the company to be able to devise and add 3 additional tours to those that they already had to offer.

Lucy A., Lancaster University, UKIntern in Uruguay

“Loved this experience! Going abroad is something that is on everyone’s bucket list, so why not learn something while you’re at it? Adelante does a fantastic job providing a great experience abroad along with a great internship. The Spanish class that came with my program was a surprise but definitely my favorite part.

The internship itself (medical) was great as well- very enlightening. Traveling in Europe is fairly affordable and with all the extra time you may have from work, it’s worth it to get out and explore! I would do this program all over again!“

Brianna C., Northeastern University, USAIntern in Madrid

“I have to say that the internship set up was convenient and the application was easy enough to complete. The cost, in comparison to other abroad competitors, was quite affordable considering I was posted literally 400 feet from in the exact center of Madrid.

I would do this again if there was another opportunity to do so. However, I immediately suggest that whoever is looking into this program to plan, at minimum, 6 months ahead to get all the requirements settled. After all, I ended up having more fun than expected. Every penny is worth it and the people I was with were nice enough to help me with anything I needed.”

Nicholas H., California State University San Marcos, CA, USAIntern in Madrid

I had the opportunity to help out at [Hospital Perrier Rossell] to help tend to newborns that do not have parents to go home to. […] Before Friday, I had never even held a baby before. Quite honestly, I was slightly uncomfortable the entire time due to my lack of experience with newborns.  Though pediatrics might not be my specialty of choice, I do believe that it is still necessary to feel comfortable in any specialty. All the nurses […] were there to answer my questions or concerns that I had. I felt very welcome and everyone was very ready to teach.

Nathalie is part of a co-op internship program with Northeastern University.

Nathalie G., Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USAIntern in Uruguay

I had an awesome time with Adelante! This was my first time in Europe and they definitely helped me to have a great time.

All the staff that I talked to were super helpful, both while I was applying and during my stay. The housing was awesome. I was living right in the center of the city, which was incredible, there was so much to do nearby.

It was also really nice having roommates, as they were some of my best friends while I was there. I found the language classes offered in the program to be pretty helpful.

I worked for a financial consulting company that analyzed the US stock market. I didn’t know anything about the market before I came, but working in the office for 6 months definitely helped me pick up a few things, although I would have liked to learn more.
All in all, I highly recommend Adelante. I personally feel that living abroad is an experience that everyone should have, and Adelante is a pretty awesome way to do just that.

Sam K., University of British Colombia, USAIntern in Madrid

From the very beginning eveyone was very helpful and informational. After I applied, I heard back right away and then made my plans to go. I came with my best friend from college which was very important in our serach to find the right program to go through…

Costa Rica was an amazing experience and I would have stayed forever if I could. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning a new language and culture. I am definitely going to take away so much from this experience!

Julia C., Ohio University, Mason, OH, USAIntern in Costa Rica

Teaching English in Chile was wonderful! My experience was great from the beginning. I had a really nice driver from the Santiago airport to my apartment in Vina del Mar. Once I got to Vina, I had a really nice stay at a large apartment with two roommates. At my internship, the staff was really nice and helpful, and so were the students. I was really able to focus on teaching the material and helping students master English. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone.

Jadah O., Florida International University, Florida, USAIntern in Chile

Everything is coming along so well!!! I’m going to go to a Seville football game against Atletico Madrid, Morocco, Cordoba, and Granada. I am so thankful for this opportunity!!! More students from my university need to take advantage of your program. One month in and seriously a life changing experience in terms of my growth and confidence as a student!!

Anna S., Eastern Washington University, Washington, USASemester Study Abroad in Seville

Uruguay is a place like no other. I may have come here at the wrong time of year (it’s winter), but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to work at a place that really enjoy.

I’m a college student, and most internships that are out there for people at this level just have you shredding papers and getting coffee. At [my internship] I got the polar opposite. They had me observing classes, working with teachers, running workshops, and substitute teaching. I actually have teaching experience now, which is amazing and surprising from an unpaid internship. It helped that I’m a native English speaker, but they actually had me working and were using my abilities and asking for how I felt about the classes and what my feedback was about them. I actually felt like a valued member of the school. How often can you say that you feel valued at an internship?

Calyx M., Lawrence University, Northampton, MA, USAIntern in Uruguay

I have really enjoyed my time here in Madrid! I think this has been an amazing learning experience and I have really grown professionally and personally. As far as working with Accenture I would recommend them to other business students. I believe that I am doing meaningful work that will directly correlate to the work I will be doing when I start full-time. Also they do not usually give me busy work, so if they ask me to do something it directly adds value to what the team is trying to achieve. I have had some down-time especially in August, but I was prepared for this and I used this time to strengthen my excel skills or practice Spanish.

As far as the crazy process, I think the process helped me to learn more about how business is conducted in Spain. I am so happy that I made the decision to intern with Adelante and that I was able to work with Accenture. You all have been a big help in making this one of the best summers ever

Jennifer J., Hampton University, Hampton, VA, USAIntern in Madrid

I’m sad that 2 months have gone by so fast, but all worth it for the experience I’ve had making new friends and exploring a career field of interest. As an art history and anthropology student from Canada, I had the opportunity to work at the archeological site of Atzompa not far outside of town and even come into close contact with archeological pieces dating back to hundreds of years. I’m really happy to have invested my time with Adelante and working very hard in order to achieve this long-lasting dream. Best luck to all future volunteers and intern takers who decide to come to this beautiful place. Te quiero mucho, Oaxaca!

Beatrice R, Concordia University of Montreal, Montreal, CANVolunteer in Oaxaca

With regards to my psychology placement, I am shaking with excitement to write about this, I am having such a great time in this internship! It has undeniably been a fruitful working experience! I get to apply my knowledge into practical use and more importantly, I have come across a wide spectrum of people that I won’t usually have a chance to meet on daily basis.  I managed to speak with the patients who are diagnosed with mental disorders ranging from anxiety disorder to schizophrenia, and also I have counselling experiences in conjugal therapy; with couples who are going through marital problems. I also get to run diagnostic tests for different patients and interview with them individually on my own. I also have consulting experiences to enter with the doctor and listen to Dr Rojas and Dr Ana’s consultation.

It has definitely been a rewarding experience, I am really grateful that Adelante has offered me this great opportunity to work with Dr. Rojas and other practicians in the clinic as well as an intern that I met during the course of my intern experience. I can’t emphasize more on how grateful I am, many thanks to Adelante. Thank you once again for this valuable experience in Madrid.

Chimene C., Royal Holloway University of London, Hong Kong, ChinaIntern in Madrid

I can’t believe the program is already coming to an end – it really flew by!! Overall it was an amazing time and my internship opened me up to so many great opportunities. I was very happy with my internship at Barcelona Connect and would highly recommend anyone working with them, especially my supervisor Francesca.

P.S. Barcelona is a goldmine of photo opportunities!

Ashley B., University of Delaware, Delaware, USAIntern in Barcelona

The experience was most definitely worthwhile. I gained an understanding of an entire new culture and language – Catalan – and became passionate about a new cause – Catalan independence – that I previously knew nothing about. The experience opened my eyes to how important cultural exchange is, as my interaction with Catalans in Barcelona furthered my understanding of their situation more and more each day. Certainly this learning experience is incomparable to anything I could have gotten in a classroom.

Megan C., Northeastern University, Massachusetts, USAIntern in Barcelona

“Chile is a wonderfully unique place. It offers so much to those that are willing to dive in and live as the people do. The Chilean people were endlessly interesting, and their way of life is something that made me think about my own life in the US. I think that the most valuable change that a lengthy international experience provides is the popping of the US student bubble. It is important to see things from a different perspective and be, for at least a short while, on the outside looking in. I found that the people in the program were always at least partially open to the idea of change. We experienced Chile together and came out different, more aware, and more alive. Adelante provided us with a common goal, and gave us a support system that was invaluable and educationally sound”.

James G., University of California, Irvine, California Intern in Chile

Everything is going really great here. I’m loving my housing situation. The ladies I’m living with have been incredibly welcoming and accomodating. My workplace is also really wonderful and has been giving me further insight into where my passions lie and what I may want to include in my future plans. This city and experience has actually exceeded my expectations 🙂

Daniela G., Northeastern University, Massachusetts Intern in Barcelona

I gained so much from my three months in Barcelona with Adelante Abroad, both personally and with regards to my future. They make it much less daunting to work abroad as everything is very well organised before travel, including excellent accommodation in the centre of the city (opposite ‘la Sagrada Familia!), 2 weeks intensive language lessons and a work placement. I had a great time becoming more independent and experiencing the amazing local culture…also I feel living here and making friends with locals is the best way to learn Spanish and Catalan. Weekend were spent visiting all of the amazing sights Barcelona has to offer, getting in the thick of the local food, music and culture and taking trips to Montserrat, Sitges and other parts of Catalunya. I do think the work placement could of been more challenging but it was still a great investment in my future. I really enjoyed it!! I gained so much from my three months in Barcelona with Adelante Abroad, both personally and with regards to my future. They make it much less daunting to work abroad as everything is very well organised before travel, including excellent accommodation in the centre of the city (opposite ‘la Sagrada Familia!), 2 weeks intensive language lessons and a work placement. I had a great time becoming more independent and experiencing the amazing local culture…also I feel living here and making friends with locals is the best way to learn Spanish and Catalan. Weekend were spent visiting all of the amazing sights Barcelona has to offer, getting in the thick of the local food, music and culture and taking trips to Montserrat, Sitges and other parts of Catalunya. I do think the work placement could of been more challenging but it was still a great investment in my future. I really enjoyed it!!

Rob A., Swindon College, U.K.Intern in Barcelona

My cultural immersion experience in Spain has been fantastic. I feel very lucky to have found the Spanish/European/American friends I have made here and to live/intern in a great location in the center of Madrid. I have learned so much about Spanish culture as well as American culture (the good and bad!) and I have chosen to stay in Madrid and teach English for 6 more months to see what it’s like to live on my own here, to gain teaching experience and to continue strengthening my Spanish. I thank Adelante for giving me this opportunity without having had to go through a university or a complicated, super-competitive application process, so I would recommend the program to someone considering it.

Melyssa O., East Carolina University, North CarolinaIntern in Madrid