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International Business Internship Programs

International business internships with Adelante present candidates with an opportunity to gain exceptional business experience abroad. Depending upon the country of choice, interns are placed in both small and large corporations.

International Business Internships
International Business Internships

Import & Export Business
Internships Abroad

Import/export candidates will work with a company that either imports and sells a product from another country (think textiles or fashion) or exports a product to another country (think wine). International business interns are tasked with market research, creating and executing new business strategies that can include cultural programs, educational/advocacy programs, new products/services, and with bettering the existing processes.

Interns will gain invaluable experience getting to know and evaluate distinct international corporate cultures and how these businesses operate successfully with other business from around the world or around the region.

International Business Internship Locations

Several Business Internship Abroad Options Available

Business internships include Accounting and Auditing, FinanceBanking/FinancialConsulting and Agricultural Business  – all fall into this category. While our interns are accepted in this field in nearly every city where we have international internship programs, Accounting can be difficult to place, much like Human Resources, due to confidentiality issues and constantly changing tax and income laws.

Finance interns will work in private equity and investment firms, never in a bank setting. Business internships in our Barcelona and Madrid program choose from finance departments of larger companies to working within privately owned asset managers and “chartered accountants” (CPAs). Typically interns are in support roles within existing teams or projects for their time abroad.

Agricultural Business is booming – think Food Certification & Inspection, Compliance solutions for farmers, food processors and restaurants.  This field is extremely relevant internationally right now and this placement is only available in Scotland.

We guarantee an international internship in business with Adelante will give you the career and travel experience that simply cannot otherwise make it on to your Resume.