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Internships in Ecuador

Gain valuable work experience, boost your resume, and live like a local in Quito and Ambato.


Take a moment to reflect on some of the most meaningful experiences you’ve had in life. We’re willing to bet most took you outside your comfort zone, didn’t they? Here at Adelante Abroad, this concept lays the foundation for all of our organizational values.

Intern in Ecuador Program Information

Adelante Abroad launched our new internship program, operating in Quito and Ambato, Ecuador for candidates looking to improve their Spanish while interning in Latin America…all for a VERY low price.

Quito is clearly special.  It is the worlds first UNESCO Heritage Site, and wears this honor proudly. It is also the highest altitude capital city in the world.  At 9,100 feet (2,800 meters), just walking up some stairs can get you winded during your first days there.  It is secluded in the Andes, between two volcanoes, and sits on the Equator. This place is seriously special.  There is a reason it is called “the most beautiful big city in South America, “ and big it is, too!  The historic downtown is 300 square blocks of Plazas, churches, museums and Palaces.  We have chosen to base our language school and most of our housing in the “La Mariscal” district – the University is located here, as are plenty of market streets, lots of nightlife, internet cafes, and good foodie places. Apply now, Latitude 0 degrees is waiting for you!

We’ve made an effort to make sure that participating companies and organizations both want & need our interns and have enough structure to handle them was paramount when building this new program.  We are proud of what we have to offer qualified intern candidates! Intern in one of seven fields:  Medical, Veterinary, Equine Veterinary, Women’s / Human Rights issues, Marketing, Working with Street Children and Teaching English – see full descriptions in Tabs below. These organizations and companies are small to mid-sized and locally owned and run.

This is a very rewarding program, where candidates work within the community like a local and assist companies and organizations in various areas. On your days off, discoveries are limitless:  the Galápagos Islands (a huge and growing surf culture at uncluttered beaches in the Montanita area) and the mouth of the Amazon is in Ecuador too.

Why You Should Choose Adelante Abroad






What’s Included In Your Internship in Ecuador

Our Intern in Ecuador programs include some key features, here are just a few:

  • The amount of time you choose to intern is flexible, with program lengths ranging from 1 to 6 months, all begin the first Monday of each month, year round.
  • Intern in Ecuador program can be done for academic credit (240 contact hours for a three month internship program, for example)
  • 2 weeks of intensive Spanish language classes are included in the fee.
  • A contracted international internship work assignment is guaranteed, and you will know where you are interning long before you arrive. Candidates gain real, international work experience to upgrade their resume.
  • You will be met at the airport when you arrive in Ecuador, taken directly to your housing.
  • Housing is included. Live in your own room with a homestay family – MEALS ARE INCLUDED!
  • Our Directors in Ecuador are very well connected and this is how we build or create  a tailored internship placement for each of our candidates.
  • Some excursions are included during the 2 weeks of Spanish courses (Galapagos Islands anyone? Surf trip?)

For a comprehensive list of what’s included, click here!

Is This Program Right For You?

Answer the following questions:

  • Are you an independent-minded individual?
  • Will you be Age 18 or older by the time you begin your program?
  • Do you speak fluent English? (This program is open to candidates worldwide)
  • Do you desire the opportunity to live and work alongside local people abroad?
  • Are you flexible and open to situations outside of your comfort zone (i.e. public transportation, new environment, different customs, etc.)?
  • Are you looking for a program duration between 1 to 6 months?

If you answered YES to these questions, then this program is right for you!

For many internships, Spanish skills are required at least at a low-intermediate level, but placements can be found in some sectors for complete beginners (e.g. Teaching English). Certain fields may have specific requirements for prior experience or studies.

Our program works, for the right candidate, even if you haven’t yet begun your international travels. We’ll create a customized once-in-a-lifetime program for you!

Hear From Our Past Candidates

Keesha - Intern in Ecuador - Adelante Abroad

Keesha M., New York University

The program staff was extremely supportive and involved prior to departure and throughout the duration of the program. My host family was amazing, and my internship could not have been better. The one-on-one Spanish courses for two weeks prior to beginning my internship were extremely helpful as well. The program director/contact in Ecuador works with other organizations all over the world, so I was able to meet volunteers from this program as well as many others.

Angelica - Intern in Ecuador - Adelante Abroad

Angelica C., Simmons College, TN, USA

This program was a great experience for me. I enjoyed the independence that was allotted to me, while I also felt that I had all the resources I needed to be comfortable and safe. Ecuador is a great place to meet many people from all over the world and travel on a budget. I lived with a warm and welcoming family that took great care of me. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to have real work experience abroad, with the comforts and resources of a traditional study abroad program.

Internships in Ecuador are YEAR-ROUND. Begin any month of the year or take advantage of our mid-May start date to beat the summer crowds!

List of Internships Offered in Ecuador

Click on any of the internship fields below for a description.


Law students needed!  Intern at a well-established institution that works to defend human rights, specifically women’s rights, in Ecuador.  While their mission statement is be a leader promoting equality and to banish discrimination, this simply cannot happen without litigation.  Work in a busy setting making sure women, many of them young women, have access to justice and a life free of violence and subjugation. Help ensure access to rightful funds and economic rights.

This organization has three branches:  Legal, Psychological and Job Training.  Our law internships candidates will be placed in the Legal department, and will work closely with advisors, counselors and trainers from the other departments.


Marketing internships find focus in this small, elite, successful marketing research firm.  Their clients are names we all recognize, think Toyota, Kraft, Bayer plus multinational banks and a few Ecuadorian Ministries.  Interns will assist in investigating and market analysis, providing intelligent consumer and market info all in the name of best brand strategy and placement.

Digital Marketing interns, Programming interns even IT and straight Technology interns will do well here. Social Media, as used for marketing is just beginning to surface in Ecuador.  The infrastructure for total internet access 24/7 for all simply isn’t there yet, but it is coming.  This is a good placement to see how traditional marketing strategies line up with newer, required digital marketing options.


Medical internships in Ecuador in this program, will take place in the city of Ambato. This is about a 2 hour drive from Quito. Medical interns will thrive in the field as it is run here vs in Quito.  To elaborate:  the hospital in Ambato is a Municipal Hospital, not a state run Hospital as found in Quito.  This means the atmosphere is less chaotic, much more organized and offers nearly every field in Medicine for our interns, all under one roof. Plus, the Hospital really, really wants our interns!

Candidates will live the first two weeks in Quito, for their Orientation and their two weeks of intensive Spanish classes.  Then, on the third weekend in-country, they will be driven to Ambato to begin their work assignment.  Housing, just like in Quito, is your own room with an Ecuadorian family, meals each day included! The internship itself is a bus ride away to a clean, well-structured Hospital (check out our Photo gallery below.)  Every possible medical field is covered from Pediatrics, to a Women’s ward and a Men’s ward, an ER,  a Cardiology and Pathology floor, a Surgery center, even Dermatology and also Physical Therapy / Kinesiology internships.

Work is hands on, shadowing – or a better description would be, side-by-side working with – both doctors and nurses and lab techs. Think intake, removing stitches, helping with patient records, minor suturing, giving shots / vaccinations, inserting an IV, assist during operations,  and whatever else comes up in the day of a physician or nurse –  inclusive and not to be repetitive, but very hands-on placements here.


Psychology internships are varied in the Intern in Ecuador program.  While we don’t yet have a private Psychologist that our candidates can shadow in their practice, we do have much Psychology work to offer:

  • placements in the Women’s Rights group rely heavily each day on Psychologists to serve their population – intern directly under  and for a Psychologist
  • the work required in the Street Children’s program is also good internship experience for psychology students – learn how this culture treats this population
  • the Hospital that accepts our Medical interns, in Ambato, also has a Psychology office to provide services to that Municipality in Ecuador – interns will work directly under and for a Psychologist here too, and see how this sector functions in a large Hospital setting


Social Work internships consist of working within NGO or non-profit settings.  In the new Intern in Ecuador program we have two stellar organizations so far that are ready & willing to teach our interns.  One is national organization called CEPAM that works to protect women’s rights and to educate the public about violence against women.  They also offer a variety of progressive projects like teaching women how to be leaders, advocating to educators how to make sure girls aren’t dismissed easily, and more.  These are passionate women working each day to make lives better, and candidates here will learn what it’s like to be a social worker in a state funded organization in Latin America.

The other placement is within a newly built Centro for children who live in precarious conditions, with insecure access to food and no structure on a daily basis.  Many do have a place to sleep,  but families may be struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and extreme poverty.  Before and after school, many have nowhere to go nor anyone to care for them.  This placement is good for candidates interested in Social Work because the whole process of accepting these kids, screening them, and then clothing and working with them, and their families, each day is educational:  there are many more families who would like to send their kids here than there is room to have them.


Teaching English internships in Quito rock! What a way to intern abroad, learn Spanish in a setting that is low pressure and live in Latin America.

Choose between working at a K-8 school, being integrated into the existing curriculum as a Teacher’s  Aide OR interning in a private language institute teaching English to Quitenos.  The language institutes are well known, international companies with schools in many other countries as well.

In both placements, all training is provided, so it is ok if you have never taught before and no TEFL or teaching certificate is needed, either.  Plan on bringing some materials from home also, like your local Newspaper and English language Magazines, as ice breakers and for fun, initial lesson plans!


VETERINARY INTERNSHIP in Ecuador:  How do we describe our Veterinary internship in Quito? After visiting the Clinic and getting to know the lead Veterinary Surgeon there, it is accurate to say this is probably our very best veterinary internship abroad.  Vet interns will be listened to, educated and will receive a hands-on instruction simply not possible in the US for undergrads.  Further, this is not your coddled, domestic, small animal vet hospital.  Rather, near feral stray dogs, homeless animals, and animals left by the side of the road after horrific car accidents all receive treatment here, as well as domestic pets – and it is busy! Sometimes up to 60 animals each day are seen and treated.

This is a modern, clean and fully equipped Animal Hospital:  there is an Infirmary, a small Lab for blood work, a fully equipped operating room and even an area separated just for cats.  Upon entry, the Reception area is spacious and welcoming. Then, there are several glass paneled treatment rooms for initial consults.  See Photos below!

The lead Doctor, who our candidates will shadow, did his undergraduate work in Houston, and his Doctorate of Veterinary studies in Mexico City.  His English is flawless, so even candidates with a lower level of Spanish will be considered for this placement! Space is limited to one or two interns at a time only to ensure full engagement and maximum learning.

EQUINE VETERINARY INTERNSHIP in Ecuador:  candidates will shadow an equine veterinarian who works horse owners and their horses all around Quito and sometimes in other towns or cities.  Like Equine vets here, and in our program in Scotland, lots of travel involved to visit farms and stables where the horses reside. Work consists of  regular check-ups, to surgeries, to dental work, to preventive medicine and emergency operations. 70%-80% is scheduled vet service and about 20% are emergency procedures.  There are examples of him staying in a tent to camp next to the horse during emergencies! For surgeries, he can operate either in the field where the horse lives (for a  minor process)  or use an operating room at a clinic in the valley of Cumbaya, about 25 minutes away from Quito.

This is a travelling,  and extremely hands-on work assignment.  Low intermediate Spanish is required.

What interns might do:

  • Help to exams the animals.
  • Assist during surgeries.
  • Give vaccinations.
  • Give medicines after the veterinarian’s examination.
  • Monitoring and check up on animals that are under observation.


This is a good placement for so many of our candidates:  those interested in social work, psychology, children, non-profit operations and anyone who has as their mission to GIVE BACK. Fully funded by donations only, and run by nuns, many of the adults here are volunteers.  With up to 250 children, ages 5 – 15 or so, being served each day, there is plenty of work for everyone.  Interns who will be successful here are self-starters, as there is no time or structure to hand hold a foreign visitor!

All underserved kids accepted into this Center wear a uniform provided by the Center, receive meals two times per day, a shower if needed,  and a place to do their homework, and just safely hang out, until dark. The nuns are crazy strict about cleanliness so expect to help out with this – no duty is too small to assist with.  Teaching English is a big plus, assisting with homework and meal time, taking groups out to nearby parks and being creative with new activities during free time, all are part and parcel of this work assignment.

The Center itself is in a rough neighborhood, of course, to serve this population, but has been recently remodeled and is beautiful, spacious, clean and modern, and fully enclosed with a mountain as a backdrop on one side and gorgeous city views from the other.  There are admin offices, classrooms divided by age, a kitchen with large dining area and covered patio area for outside play, plus an off-limits sleeping area for the nuns. Please see our Photos below of this incredible placement.

Application Process

Click on the button above to apply for this program now!

Application deadline is 60-90 days prior to your chosen start date.

Late applications are accepted on a case by case basis and are subject to a $250 late fee.

Program Fee

  • 1 month: $ 2,395 (not all work assignments available)
  • 2 months: $ 2,995
  • 3 months: $ 3,475
  • 4 months: $ 4,095
  • 5 months: $ 4,550
  • 6 months: $ 5,050

Video Gallery

Here’s a short video, shared by our Director in Ecuador, of our equine veterinarian walking a client horse. Learn more about our equine internship program to determine if it’s the right match for you!