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Internships in Ecuador

Gain professional internship experience, boost your resume, and live like a local in Quito and Ambato.

Adelante Abroad launched our new internship program, operating in Quito and Ambato, Ecuador for candidates looking to improve their Spanish while interning in Latin America…all for a VERY low price.

Medical internships, Architecture internships, Veterinary internships, Equine Veterinary internships,  Womens’ Issues and Human Rights placements, Marketing internships, Working with Street Children and Teaching English internships in Ecuador are all available and ready for qualified Interns. 

Internships in Ecuador are offered year-round with guranteed placements. Housing is included in program pricing with homestay options available. 

We’ve made an effort to make sure that participating companies and organizations both want & need our interns and have enough structure to handle them was paramount when building this new program.  We are proud of what we have to offer qualified intern candidates!

Program Pricing

  • 1 Month$2,810
    (Teaching English Only)
  • 6-Weeks$3,170
    (Mid-May Only)
  • 2 Months $3,470
  • 3 Months$4,000
  • 4 Months$4,670
  • 5 Months$5,170
  • 6 Months $5,730

See full descriptions of internship sectors available in Ecuador in the Tabs below. These organizations and companies are small to mid-sized and locally owned and run.

This is a very rewarding intern program, where candidates work within the community like a local and assist companies and organizations in various areas. 

On your days off, discoveries are limitless: the Galápagos Islands (a huge and growing surf culture at uncluttered beaches in the Montanita area), volcanic craters, and the mouth of the Amazon is in Ecuador too.

Frequently Asked Questions
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What's Included in Your Ecuador Program?

Our Intern in Ecuador programs include some key features, here are just a few:
  • The amount of time you choose to intern is flexible, with program lengths ranging from 1 to 6 months, all begin the first Monday of each month, year round.
  • Intern in Ecuador program can be done for academic credit (240 contact hours for a three month internship program, for example)
  • 2 weeks of intensive Spanish language classes are included in the fee.
  • A contracted international internship work assignment is guaranteed, and you will know where you are interning long before you arrive. Candidates gain real, international work experience to upgrade their resume.
  • You will be met at the airport when you arrive in Ecuador, taken directly to your housing.
  • Housing is included. Live in your own room with a homestay family – MEALS ARE INCLUDED!
  • Our Directors in Ecuador are very well connected and this is how we build or create a tailored internship placement for each of our candidates.
  • Some excursions are included during the 2 weeks of Spanish courses (Galapagos Islands anyone? Surf trip?)
What's Included
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Is This Program Right For You?

Answer the following questions:
  • Are you an independent-minded individual?
  • Will you be 18 years of age or older by the time you begin your program?
  • Do you speak fluent English (This program is open to candidates worldwide)?
  • Do you desire the opportunity to live and work alongside local people abroad?
  • Are you flexible and open to situations outside of your comfort zone (i.e. public transportation, new environment, different customs, etc.)?
  • Are you looking for a program duration between 1 to 6 months?
If you answered YES to these questions, then this program is right for you!

For many Internships in Ecuador, Spanish skills are required at least at a low-intermediate level, but placements can be found in some sectors for complete beginners (e.g. Teaching English). Certain fields may have specific requirements for prior experience or studies.

Our program works, for the right candidate, even if you haven’t yet begun your international travels. We’ll create a customized once-in-a-lifetime program for you!
Have Questions About the Program? Ask Us!

Why Should You Choose Adelante Abroad?

Internship programs offered in eight International Locations

Over 30 career fields available – Guaranteed Placements

1 to 6 Month programs available year-round

Gap Year opportunities for high school graduates, freshmen & sophomores

Accommodations included with your own private room

Affordable programs for students, recent grads & more

List of Internship Fields Available in Ecuador

  • Architecture & Design

    Interns will have the chance to work in commercial and corporate projects in and around the city of Quito.    


    Interns will work in legendary organizations advocating equal rights for the LGBTQ community. With this international internship, there are older, well-established groups, almost political in nature now, and many newer organizations, all working towards educating, advocating and making more visible any and all LGBTQ issues in Ecuador.

  • Marketing/Public Relations

    Interns will work side by side with the rest of the staff in using their creativity to achieve the goals of the company´s client.  The intern can, for example, start with marketing research to identify the market opportunities of each client.

    Do not forget that technology plays an important role in the marketing business and using Facebook, newsletters, twitter might not be uncommon for you and this is why we recommend a good knowledge of computers.

  • Medical/Nursing

    Interns will work side by side with doctors and nurses in a clinic or hospital. Normally it takes a couple of days or a week to get to know the staff, the work, and to get familiar with everything. Of course, the doctors and nurses want to get to know the participant before they start to give them more tasks that they can do by themselves. In this way, it`s hard for a quiet and shy intern to get to do things sometimes.

    Interns need to be alert and show interest, ask questions, ask what they can do to help, ask how to do things, ask what’s wrong with a patient, etc. If you are working in the emergency area and they don’t have too many patients and you see a long line of patients in another department, show interest and offer help there instead of just standing against the wall. In Ecuador, an intern is expected to show initiative.

    Depending on what patients there are etc. candidates might help with taking vital signs, removing stitches, getting records for incoming patients, minor suturing, giving shots and vaccinations and IV’s, assist in operations, etc. In some locations, the hospitals have programs to visit different communities in the area to help people with check-ups, first aid and to talk about hygiene etc. and interns might join the doctors and nurses on this.

    Hospitals and clinics in Ecuador still lack a lot of equipment and therefore they also work differently in the way that there are not always machines to just plug in to get blood pressure, oxygen level etc. so this has to be done manually but it can vary a lot form hospital to hospital as well as between different departments as the health care system is changing with the current President.

  • Non-Profits/Associations

    Associations / Non-profits: International internship opportunities in Ecuador for non-profits include – Women’s issues, under-served children, “third age” issues, Immigrant rights groups, Addiction and rehabilitation groups,  and more.
    Requirements: Vocation, experience with desired group or association, good language skills & computer skills, marketing, desire to assist and advocate for others.

  • Teaching English

    Our international internship program in Ecuador works with various companies teaching English. Inquire with us today to find out more details!

  • Volunteer

    Volunteers will work together with the teachers in all the subjects but they can be of extra help and support in English and Computer for example.

    They will reinforce with their knowledge and also they will do a great deal helping with pronunciation and spelling in English. As most English teachers in Ecuadorian public schools can’t really speak English, they have a hard time to teach the students in the best way and just do what they can.

    Thinking about this volunteers need to prepare themselves before arriving with ideas of word games, flash cards, songs, bring books etc that will keep the children interested and to make sure that it is fun to learn. As the schools most lightly don’t have too much materials, volunteers have to count on that they might need to arrange copies, papers and pens for games and tests etc all of this by themselves and of course to plan a small budget for this.

    Except for short local holidays and vacations for Christmas, Easter and similar the schools in Isabela Islands have summer holidays from the end of January to the beginning of April. For someone that comes close to Christmas, it’s also important to know that schools normally take a lot of time before Christmas to prepare song and dance for the parents and close to summer holiday they often have many tests for the students.

  • Veterinary & Equine Veterinary

    Veterinary Interns will work side by side with the veterinarian in his clinic to take care of the animals that come in which can be anything from cats and dogs to tortoises and snakes as people have all kinds of pets.

    They will have the chance to work directly with the animals and learn for example how to examine animals, give vitamin injections, give medicine, give parasite medicine, assist in smaller surgeries, clean wounds, do checkups, etc.

    As the veterinarian also travels from time to time interns will have the chance to join to visit, for example, an animal rescue center or animal shelter to do checkups, parasite control, medicate, and give vitamin injections to domestic wildlife.

    Ecuador offers a unique equine veterinary internship program where interns will shadow an equine vet as he visits different stables around the city.

  • Work With Children

    Volunteers are needed to help with homework and especially English as the staff has little or no knowledge in this. They are of course welcome to help in any other subject like Mathematics or Geography depending on what the children have homework in.

    Volunteers are also very welcome to have their own ideas for the free time when children are finished with their homework. This can be to dance, play an instrument, sing songs, create things with paper, draw or paint or whatever skills they might have as both the children and the staff normally are curious and think it is fun.

    If they have any ideas on activities like games they might also help to write down the instructions for this in Spanish for the children and the staff to use later on as well.

  • Other Fields

    With international internships in Ecuador, the sky is the limit in terms of field placements! 

Hear From Our Candidates​

My two months in Ecuador was an incredible experience! I lived in Quito with an Ecuadorian family and completed 2 weeks of Spanish Language classes before beginning a 6-week placement at a veterinary clinic. Not only did I gain incredible skills and knowledge from my work placement that I can apply towards veterinary school in Canada, but I was also able to travel around Ecuador and get to know its culture and people. My main goal out of this experience was to learn to speak another language. I came to Ecuador with some basic Spanish but being immersed in it every day, both at home with my host family and at work, allowed me to accomplish this goal. I met so many amazing people during my time in Ecuador and I am so thankful for this amazing experience!

Claire B., University of Guelph
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