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Chile, the longest and narrowest country on the planet, boasts dramatic and contrasting landscapes, an abundance of natural beauty, and bustling metropolises. In the north of the country you’ll find the driest desert on earth – the Atacama. At the southernmost part of the country you’ll find beautiful fjords, glaciers, and the iconic, jagged mountains of Patagonia. 

At the heart of the country lies the capital city of Santiago, one of the economic capitals of Latin America, and just an hour and a half drive west from Santiago sits the pride of Chile – the beautiful seaside towns of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. Chile caters to all sorts of travelers – from those looking for a mountainous adventure, to those who want to lounge on the beach and sip wine, to those who want the hustle and bustle of city life. Explore our internship opportunities in the beautiful sister cities of Viña del Mar and Valaparaiso and find the right experience for you!

Internships in Chile

Program Pricing

  • 1 Month$2,920
    (Teaching English Only)
  • 6-Weeks$3,325
    (Mid-May Only)
  • 2 Months $3,625
  • 3 Months$4,375
  • 4 Months$5,010
  • 5 Months$5,740
  • 6 Months $6,520

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Internships in Chile

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Our programs in Chile operate in Viña del Mar – Spanish for “Vineyard by the Sea,” and simplified to Viña by Chileans – and Valparaiso. Viña and it’s sister city, Valparaiso, are just an hour and a half west of Chile’s capital city, Santiago. Viña Del Mar is often called the “Garden City” due to the surrounding large parks and green areas alongside the city. Chileans have dubbed this city the ideal community to live and work in the country. Valparaiso goes by the phrases of “Little San Francisco” and “The Jewel of the Pacific” due to its historical significance. Valparaiso is one of the most important seaports of the South Pacific region. Today, the port city is a major educational center with several vocational colleges and four traditional universities.

A turreted granite castle called Castillo Wulff and a huge floral clock greet visitors who arrive by boat. It’s easy to get to different places from this point. The ski resort Portillo, old hippie beach town, Horcon, and Casablanca Valley wineries are all a short ride away. Don’t forget Patagonia – this one a bit more off the grid. Additionally, Easter Island is unforgettable and a once in a lifetime visit, but it may cost a bit to get there.

(Winery Study Abroad Program)

Closer to “home” is Quinta Vergara, a large public park on the top of a hill overlooking Viña. The park is similar to a  cultural center of its own – think Song Festivals, Summer Concert series, international Arts Fairs. La Serena is a quiet coastal town, near a number of observatories offering stargazing in the Atacama desert. Lastly, the beach. We can’t forget the beaches! Long, winding, and populated by a wide, paved boardwalk that stretches for miles. Joggers, moms walking strollers, stray dogs, public exercise areas, and more, make this a go-to part of town, even in winter. In this location, you have the ocean in front of you and incredible mountains right behind you.

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I truly loved my experience in the program. I’m still kind of astonished at the amount of software development knowledge I gained in just over 3 months. Learning how to speak technical jargon in Spanish also made me confident that I can work in the software industry in any Spanish-speaking country in the future. I’m grateful to Adelante for creating such an awesome internship abroad program, and I think the experience beat studying abroad by miles.

Lydia C., Davidson College

I did the medical internship in Viña del Mar, Chile. First of all, it is a beautiful city to live in, with lots to do and with Valparaiso just a 20 minute metro/bus ride away. The location of the house is perfect and in a safe place, just a few blocks from the beach and about a 30 second walk from a supermarket. I lived with other Adelante candidates and got along with all of them exceptionally well. The staff at the language school are welcoming, and my classes really helped me get accustomed to living in my new city. I learned about the unique spanish spoken in Chile, and my professor also took me out of the classroom to explore Viña as well as Valparaíso and learn about their history and culture. In order to meet new people, I recommend going to language exchanges in Viña or Valparaíso – these can be found through MeetUp online, and it’s a great way to meet natives and practice spanish! Living in a new city with no familiar faces and a language barrier can be daunting, so these really helped me at first! When I started my internship at a local physical therapy (kinesiology) office, it was challenging of course due to the new environment and the language. Within a few weeks, however, I was effectively communicating with patients, leading several patient sessions, and carrying out physiotherapy. My spanish improved dramatically and I also learned technical vocabulary that will help me in my future career. The employees were great teachers and always made sure I understood what was happening, the patient’s affliction, and what techniques they were using and why. The last month of my stay, there was political unrest in Chile but Adelante staff made sure we stayed safe, and maintained communication with us. I would not change anything about my experience in Chile, as it helped me grow as a person and greatly increased my skills and confidence in Spanish. The people in Chile are very welcoming and kind, even though Chilean spanish can be hard to understand at first! I’ve come to love Chile so much and I will definitely be coming back! I could’t recommend this Adelante program more.

Medical intern in chile
Zoe S., North Carolina State University, NC
Medical Intern,

I was an English-teaching intern in Viña Del Mar, Chile for a month. The city was an amazing and beautiful place to be and I felt quite safe. It was relatively expensive to live during the month I was there as my roommate and I had to provide our own food and transportation. However, the work that we were during was great. I had never taught English before until this internship, and I learned a lot about myself; how well I work in a position of authority, and my planning skills. The program had a lack of guidelines on what we were supposed to be teaching, and although that was a challenge, it provided us with the opportunity to create an entirely new lesson plan that catered to the needs of the students. We taught four amazing adults who were eager to learn from us and it felt great! I’d encourage future interns to take as many weekend outings as they can in Chile. The city has so many amazing activities and sights that will keep you busy in between your working hours. The only downside of the program was that I had to find my own transportation back to the airport at the end of the program which was expensive and difficult to navigate. But my experience in teaching in Chile outweighed any cons that arose!

Teaching English Internship
Kelsey W., Spelman College
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