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Are you interested in a psychology internship abroad that offers travel and valuable career and field experience? Pure psychology internships abroad are, for obvious reasons, mostly observing. We have limited spaces each year for shadowing psychologists in their private practice.You can work in the sector or within a non-profit. Work as a psychology intern within non-profits that work with: at-risk youth; battered women; immigrant rights; refugge rights; LGBTQI+ community; homeless; and many more.  

Psychology Internships
Psychology Internships

Interested in traveling and working with psychology and mental health program abroad? We've got an internship for you.

This option is available in Madrid, Seville, and in Chile. See the links below for more detailed descriptions.

Psychology internships are available with a prestigious, award-winning and published Spanish psychologist. With offices located in one of the most central neighborhoods in Madrid, this doctor has international internship possibilities for those looking to take part in a private practice assisting patients struggling with stress, mental abnormalities, marital conflicts, family issues and more. This position requires prior studies in the psychology sector and an intermediate level of Spanish.

Psychology summer internships are also offered in Scotland and are a part of our Observation and Research Program – this placement is in a clinical research lab setting at a prestigious University in Edinburgh. Scotland candidates, only two allowed each year, work alongside a psychologist and her team of graduate students. These are hand-picked lab projects that vary each year.

For those interested in psychology work experience abroad, we’re confident we’ll have a spot for you! Find out more about what’s included with our international psychology internships.

Learn More About the Psychology Observation & Research Program in Scotland

Research on eyewitness witness identification and face recognition. Researchers are looking at 

1. How the decision processes of eyewitnesses are affected by cognitive conditions (e.g., presence of a weapon during the crime) and social conditions (e.g., police interactions)

2. How we can improve lineup procedures (e.g., what should we fo when a suspect has a tattoo?) 

3. Methods of collecting eyewitness confidence to maximize its ability to predict identification accuracy (e.g., can we use a technique without numbers or words?). 

Students can expect training and experience with experimental designs, the preparation, and maintenance of research projects (e.g, creating stimuli, editing images and videos, programming experiments), and coding data. Depending on the year, students may also have the opportunity to assist with data collection and/or data analyses and to do a presentation.  

Research in the area of educational psychology, with two key research strands. One strand concerns bias-based discrimination in elementary school children and interventions that may help to reduce this. The other strand concerns the role of student identity and social justice on student performance outcomes and wellbeing, in the higher education sector. Adelante students interested in these areas would begin by working on existing data sets and literature reviews in order to address key research questions. 

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