Summer Programs Abroad

Summer is short, but it may be the only time you have to intern or study abroad.

Fitting an international internship or an intensive study abroad program into your summer schedule is a great plan. In our industry, “longer is better” rules for obvious reasons, but if all you have is a few weeks, it’s better than not going abroad at all. Check out our individual programs by duration and location and see which one fits your interests!

Scotland Equine Study Program May 20, 2018 – June 16, 2018
Scotland Ecology Study Program May 20, 2018 – June 16, 2018
Scotland Observation & Research Program May 20, 2018 – June 30, 2018

3 Week Programs

Summer in Seville

Save an additional $1,000 USD this summer when you sign up for both programs.

4 Week Programs:

Costa Rica





Internships Abroad in Scotland | Adelante Abroad

5 Week Programs:

Costa Rica 

Excursions - Study in Costa Rica | Adelante Abroad

6 Week Programs:


Save an additional $1,000 USD this summer when you sign up for both Seville programs.


Intern Abroad – Observation & Research Programs in these fields:

  • Ecology and Horticulture (2 spots available)
  • Veterinary Medicine (1 spot available)
  • Equine Clinic, work with Equine Veterinarian (1 spot available)
  • Psychology (4 spots total, 3 spots filled for 2018, 1 spot available)
  • Agricultural Business & Marketing (1 spot available)
  • Agricultural Economics (1 spot available)
  • Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (2 spots available)
  • Animal Welfare (1 spot available)
  • Child Development & Education (2 spots available)
Psychology Research in Scotland | Adelante Abroad

8 Week Programs:

Costa Rica

Internships Abroad

If you have 8 weeks available in Summer, then you are now eligible for most of our International Internship Program options! Pick a country & city and click for more information and an extensive list of available internship sectors.

Internship fields include: Marketing, International Business, Healthcare, Graphic Design, Psychology, Law, Social Work, IT, Art, Sports, Social Media, Journalism, Tourism. Click here for links to all Fields.

Shayan V - Internships in Madrid - Adelante Abroad