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Boost Your Resume with an Internship in Uruguay

Ssshhhh! Best kept secret for young travelers right now is Uruguay, Montevideo and the beaches in particular.  And the seasons are reversed!  So when it is freezing here, it is gorgeous there – high season (summer) starts in December. We have to mention the beaches, have to.  Montevideo itself is surrounded on three sides by beaches, connected by a wide, paved Boardwalk.  Excellent, safe place to jog, bike, stroll, water gaze and people watch.

Next is Punta del Este – think Miami or as one blogger put it, “Monaco of South America”, but we think this place is too pricey and too overdeveloped now. Then there is the polar opposite, Cabo Polonio – no roads and hard to get to but worth it, if you like your beach time very natural and rustic.  Best bet is Punta del Diablo, nearer to the border of Brazil.  It is probably what Punta del Este looked like 20  years ago and hits just the right note of beach perfect.

Montevideo is where you will live and intern  in the Adelante Abroad program.  Our favorite neighborhoods are Pocitos and Parque Rodo, Ciudad Vieja to go out at night. There are so many green spaces in this colonial, capital city!  The sounds of trees rustling is near constant.  A striking national obsession to note is yerba mate, a herbal almost tea-ish infusion that locals add hot water to and drink, all day, everywhere.  Even public officials – think police officers, librarians, government workers, everyone! –  have their mate gourds with them, sipping their mate out of their bombillas (curved metal straw) Lastly, the public art in and around Montevideo is hard to describe in words, and completely unforgettable.

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Internship Details

Programs begin with three weeks of intensive Spanish courses. Then, your internship assignment begins. Internship sectors include Law, Accounting and Finance, Tourism (Hopsitality and Travel Agency), Equestrian, Graphic Design and much more! Our Director in Uruguay is a renowned entrepreneur boasting connections across a variety of professional sectors making this intern experience an ideal resume builder!

Take the plunge and invest in your future at one of the best kept secrets on Earth.

We can say with confidence that we offer the most affordable internship programs in Uruguay, do your research.

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What’s Included in Our Programs

  • The amount of time you choose to intern is flexible, with program lengths ranging from 1 to 12 months, all begin the first Monday of the month, year round. Or take advantage of our mid-May start date.
  • Program can be done for academic credit
  • Lodging is included. Live like an Uruguayan in your own room in a shared apartment with other Adelante candidates/international students or elect to live with an Uruguayan family  (inquire for price difference for homestay option as this includes meals and laundry).
  • Come with a friend and live together during your adventure in Uruguay.
  • You will be met at the airport when you arrive in Montevideo, Uruguay, taken directly to your lodging (this is about a 20 minute drive)
  • Internships are for 4 hours each day in a growing variety of locally owned businesses and corporations.
  • You will gain real, international work experience to add to your resume.
  • Some great excursions are included during your intensive Spanish coursework — think interior country tours, sailboat trips to nearby islands, “trekking” (a bit less effort than hiking), 3-hour driving tour of Montevideo, horse-back riding & cultural trips. (There may be some small additional fees such as museum entrance, drinks etc).
  • We also organize other events each month, which you are welcome to participate in — some have a small fee, others are free. This program is meant to be 50% work experience and 50% cultural / language acquisition and immersion. To that effect, we help cultivate the cultural side of the program for you by offering these events.
  • The Adelante Director in Uruguay speaks English and she is a native of Montevideo — he will be one of your most important resources.
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Hear What Our Candidates Have to Say

Uruguay is a place like no other. I may have come here at the wrong time of year (it’s winter), but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to work at a place that really enjoy. I’m a college student, and most internships that are out there for people at this level just have you shredding papers and getting coffee. At [my internship] I got the polar opposite. They had me observing classes, working with teachers, running workshops, and substitute teaching. I actually have teaching experience now, which is amazing and surprising from an unpaid internship. It helped that I’m a native English speaker, but they actually had me working and were using my abilities and asking for how I felt about the classes and what my feedback was about them. I actually felt like a valued member of the school. How often can you say that you feel valued at an internship? Overall, it’s been a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Calyx M., Lawrence UniversityEducation Internship

Montevideo is an awesome city and Uruguay as a whole is a wonderful destination. Their culture is beautiful and I fell in love with all of the street art. However I felt 6 months was way too long of a time period. The city is small-ish and after two months I felt I had seen all there was to see. There are many beach towns up the coast that I would highly recommend traveling to. That being said Uruguay outside of their summer months is very bleak. My housing arrangements were with a family that I became very close with and felt like my own.

Madison B., University of IndianapolisInternational Business Internships