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Candidates in this sector have as their main goal either giving back to the communities they are living in while abroad with us, or making a difference in those same communities. There are dozens of underfunded organizations run by passionate individuals looking to assist, typically a massively under-served population. Volunteers are always in demand. 

Medical and volunteer abroad programs in Mexico
Santo Domingo - Volunteer in Mexico - Adelante Abroad

Make an impact, boost your resume, and volunteer abroad!

To Adelante Abroad, a “volunteer placement” is the same as an “internship placement”, but with a more socially conscious approach to the work being done. A volunteer works just as hard as an intern: their daily tasks might be with drug addicts or abused women or street children, whereas our interns daily tasks will be within a private sector corporation, sports team or law firm, for example.  Candidates who chose this sector want to make a difference while abroad as well as fully ramp up their language level and Resume.  There are SO many options here…. we offer this volunteer field in nearly all of our program cities; however, it is most developed in the Oaxaca, Mexico program.

In Ecuador, volunteers will work together with the teachers in all the subjects but they can be of extra help and support in English and Computer, for example. They will reinforce with their knowledge and also they will do a great deal helping with pronunciation and spelling in English. As most English teachers in Ecuadorian public schools can’t really speak English, they have a hard time to teach the students in the best way and just do what they can. 

Uruguay has a small but important sector of non-profits dedicated to serving where service is lacking. Public health especially. In a clinic or hospital setting, volunteers assist with community work in the OB/GYN sector; outreach to populations that might feel comfortable coming to a hospital; pediatrics and family events to educate, serve and assist both psychologically as well as technically/medically.

Another favorite in Montevideo is a group that helps unemployed locals find and then secure jobs. Volunteer within a Vocational Education Social Project, with a group that focuses on vocational training providing youth shelters, and creating school presentations to extremely poor areas around Montevideo. With this international internship centered around volunteer work, the goal is a career or job for everyone; be part of a grass roots, local community setting inside of this growing social project.

International Volunteer Programs

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