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Speech Therapy Programs

If you are interested in speech therapy and hearing sciences, Adelante has programs in Seville and Scotland, where you can gain valuable experience and learn from experts in the field. You will also have the opportunity to explore the culture and history of these beautiful locations.

Speech Pathology in Sevilla

In Seville, candidates will shadow a Doctor / Audiologist in her private Clinic. And will learn to conduct hearing evaluations for babies, children and adults; tonal audiometry & speech audiometry; provide functional tests including tests of auditory behavior in infants and young children to complement the results of other objective electrophysiological tests such as otoemissions and brainstem evoked potentials.

This Clinic is a Baha Official Center: official Cochlear Baha osseointegrated implant center, for people who are not susceptible to using conventional hearing aids or cochlear implants due to problems with their middle ear, perforations, suppurations, malformations or unilateral hearing loss. (Baha can be placed with a small surgery in which a titanium abutment is fixed to the temporal bone or without surgery, using a band or soft pad adapted to the head, which allows the processor to transmit the acoustic vibrations to the ear.)

2 month minimum program duration and low intermediate Spanish level or higher required.

Seville Summer Study Abroad Student

Speech & Hearing Sciences Summer Research porgram in scotland

Each summer we offer 2 spots in the Speech and Hearing Sciences in our Observation & Research Program in Scotland

This is a unique opportunity to join a 6-week observation & research program in the summer, where you will work with phD faculty, Audiologists and language experts in the field of hearing and speech sciences. You will be involved in ongoing research projects collecting new data and analysis of existing data across several active topics such as bilingualism, dialects, why we stutter and other speech phenomena, at a prestigious University in Scotland. The program is competitive and is conducted in English.

It fills EARLY, so if you are a serious candidate, submit your application now. Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable, international experience and skills in speech, hearing & language sciences – all while exploring and living in the rich capital city of Edinburgh, Scotland!”


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