graphic design internships abroad

Graphic Design Internships Abroad

Embrace Your Creativity With A Graphic Design Internship Program in Spain or Latin America

In our graphic design internships, candidates are handed international opportunities and responsibilities that shine on any resume. Internship candidates can expect a variety of graphic design roles such as creating web pages and promotional materials such as catalogs, brochures, logos, special promos, and more! The intern can be placed in graphic design firms or in-house graphic design departments. There’s plenty of graphic design internships available in all our program locations in Europe and Latin America.

Looking for an internship opportunity in Graphic Design?

Nearly every company in each sector needs daily social media content which requires visual components; we have multiple graphic design international internship placement opportunities. Graphic design interns, you have options!

Want to work with special events? Work with a company that organizes conferences, fairs, and conventions. Create booths and stands all related to public relations materials for participating companies at fairs or conventions. This involves banner creations and graphic design.

If you’re looking for programs in Europe, there’s plenty of graphic design internships in Spain in three popular Adelante program cities. For expample, there’s an International Events Management corporation in Madrid that always needs flyers, posters, cards, promotional items galore for everything from bridal showers to automotive shows.

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Graphic Design Internships

graphic Design Internships abroad that help you transform your career

In Latin & South America, graphic design internships are available Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and in Uruguay. 

There’s a family-run printing company in Chile that loves our interns.

Then there is a publicity firm in Uruguay, housed in the very cool Pocitos neighborhood, whose client is the city itself – they use our creative interns’ talent wisely and in many different ways. Intern for a printing company specializing in brochures, corrugated figures, product packaging, business cards, etc. It’s an actual printing facility and the front offices are in downtown Montevideo.

In Oaxaca, Mexico; intern at an alternative university program focusing on education of community-based social development and research groups. Developing, designing, and/or translating web pages and logos for NGOs, local artisans, and small family businesses, within a network of Graphic Design Studios in Oaxaca City. 

graphic design internships abroad

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