Architecture & Design Internships Abroad

Interested in Architecture and Design? Want to Travel Abroad? We’ve Got an Internship for You.

Are you looking for an architecture and design internship abroad that will allow you to travel and gain valuable career and travel experience? These internships are offered in Europe (Spain) and Latin America (Uruguay and Chile) throughout the year.

Candidates can work with Commercial projects (such as Clubhouses, Hotels and also residential clients) as well as Corporate clients, whereby a company hires the architecture firm to design their office and meetings spaces.

Some firms specialize in renovation of existing buildings – many projects are hotels trying to keep historical standing or a certain number of star ratings, still others are building facades that the city does not want to be altered, but updated.

Madrid Arch - Adelante Abroad Internships

What to Expect

Architecture and design interns work in a busy, professional setting, where they are expected to know their way around CADD software at a minimum. Furthermore, candidates rarely will shadow a partner in the firm; rather they will work under a Senior Manager or Project Manager or a Senior Architect/Designer.

The architecture and design field is a little more stringent in its requirements than most, it seems, largely because firms are so, so busy and have little time to teach basics. Past internship and students in the field require an intermediate level of Spanish.

Due to similarities in the fields, many of our Interior Design candidates also choose this Sector to intern in abroad.

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Architecture & Design International Internships