Internships in Uruguay

Gain valuable internship experience, boost your resume, and live like a local in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Uruguay may be the best kept secret in South America. Clean, serene, and safe, Montevideo is the nation’s capital and a refreshing departure from other heavily industrialized cities in South America. Dive into the friendly culture and mingle with the Uruguayan locals or spend time on the warm sandy beaches. No matter what, we guarantee you’ll love the lifestyle in this scenic city.

Internship programs in Uruguay begin with three weeks of intensive Spanish courses. Then, your internship assignment begins. Our Director in Uruguay is a renowned entrepreneur boasting connections across a variety of professional sectors making this intern experience an ideal resume builder!

Montevideo - Uruguay Internships with Adelante Abroad
Local Food in Uruguay during internship

Take the plunge and invest in your future at one of the best-kept secrets on Earth.

We guarantee this is the most affordable internships in Uruguay program you’ll find on the market today! We offer internship sectors in Law, Accounting and Finance, Tourism (Hospitality and Travel Agency), Equestrian, Graphic Design and much more! Help us assist you in creating your internship experience by applying now.

NOTE** For most international internships in Uruguay some Spanish language skills are required. 

Important News on Internships in Uruguay

What's Included in Your Uruguay Program?

Our program has some key features, here are just a few:

  • The amount of time you choose to intern is flexible, with program lengths ranging from 1 to 6 months, all begin the first Monday of the month, year round. Or take advantage of our mid-May start date.
  • Program can be done for academic credit
  • Housing is included. Live like an Uruguayan in your own room in a shared apartment with other Adelante candidates or elect to live with an Uruguayan family  (inquire for price difference for homestay option as this includes meals and laundry).
  • You will be met at the airport when you arrive in Montevideo, Uruguay, taken directly to your housing (this is about a 20 minute drive)
  • 3 weeks of Intensive Language Class including orientation.
  • Internships in Uruguay are for 4 hours each day in a growing variety of locally owned businesses and corporations.
  • You will gain real, international work experience to add to your resume.
  • Some great excursions are included during your intensive Spanish coursework — think interior country tours, sailboat trips to nearby islands, “trekking” (a bit less effort than hiking), 3-hour driving tour of Montevideo, horse-back riding & cultural trips. (There may be some small additional fees such as museum entrance, drinks etc).
  • The Adelante Director in Uruguay speaks English and he is a native of Montevideo — he will be one of your most important resources.

To see a more comprehensive list of what’s included in our program click here.

Is This Program Right For You?

Answer the following questions:

  • Are you an independent-minded individual?
  • Will you be Age 18 or older by the time you begin your program?
  • Do you speak fluent English? (This program is open to candidates worldwide)
  • Do you desire the opportunity to live and work alongside local people abroad?
  • Are you flexible and open to situations outside of your comfort zone (i.e. public transportation, new environment, different customs, etc.)?
  • Are you looking for a program duration between 1 to 6 months?

If you answered YES to these questions, then this program is right for you!

For many programs, Spanish skills are required at least at a low-intermediate level, but placements can be found in some sectors for complete beginners (e.g. Teaching English). Certain fields may have specific requirements for prior experience or studies.

Our program works, for the right candidate, even if you haven’t yet begun your international travels. We’ll create a customized once-in-a-lifetime program for you!

Why Should You Choose Adelante Abroad?

  • Internship programs offered in NINE International Locations
  • Over 30 career fields available – Guaranteed Placements
  • 2 – to 6 – Month programs available year-round
  • Gap Year opportunities for high school grads, freshmen & sophomores
  • Affordable programs for students, recent grads & more

Hear From Our Past Candidates

Application Process

The application deadline is 60-90 days prior to your chosen start date.

Late applications are accepted on a case by case basis and are subject to a $250 late fee.

Program Flyer

List of Fields Available in Our Uruguay Internships

MANUFACTURING / COMMERCIAL RESALE / IRONWORKS: Iron works manufacturer of custom doors, windows, decorative railings for homes… anything made with or from iron. Industrial plant and manufacturer and also a retail, commercial outlet open to Designers and now, to the general public. They represent a German firm who imports to Uruguay outdoor and indoor intercom systems as well, for custom homes and businesses. 8 person office in this international internship in Uruguay.

Our international business internships in Uruguay are mostly within the accounting sector.  Interns work for small accounting firms, with possible availability of legal department work in larger companies also. For accounting work, a degree in a related field is required. Interns will be trained it current CPA and accounting practices used in Uruguay.


Work in a Marine Turtle Institute in rural Uruguay. For animal science majors or anyone interested in ecology and marine life in South America. 
OPTION 1: Available to start December, January or February
2 or 3 months only
Live with the Turtles in a designated “National Protected Area” in Uruguay, close to the border of Brazil. The area for this study is a rocky formation atop the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by smaller sandy beaches. Duties include:
 Capturing and tagging young green turtles in coastal areas, Documentation of turtle activity during nesting and hatching, Analysis of dead or killed turtles for results and attempts at prevention, Helping with guided tours at the Turtle Center / Sanctuary, Assistance with rehabilitating injured, sick or lost turtles
First, candidates will participate in a 3 week Intensive Spanish Study Module, while living in Montevideo. After the course candidates then move to the work assignment site. Candidates will live on site in very basic, shared accommodation. Three simple meals per day are provided plus all transportation within the protected park area to the various turtle centers. Lots of international internship exposure here working alongside other volunteers from around the world.

OPTION 2: Available year round

Volunteer at a turtle research station within the main Zoo in Montevideo. The research centre’s main objective at present is to observe and determine the approximate numbers and general habits of juvenile green turtles in the zone, and the volunteer’s role is to participate in the daily collection of data, following the guidance of the research co-ordinators.  This might involve:

    • Assisting the researchers conduct post mortem examinations on turtle remains
    • Helping to care for the recovering and rescued turtles and their pools
    • Guiding visitors around the research center and explain its work
    • Participating in talks and workshops with local people and tourists on turtle release days
    • Keeping the research center clean and tidy, and cooking for the researchers and other volunteers
      • Representing the turtles project in public events like Carnival (early February) and the annual Save the Sea Turtle festival (late March)

SPECIAL EVENTS: Intern for a company that organizes Conferences / Fairs / Conventions in Montevideo. Creating booths and stands and all related PR materials for participating companies at Fairs or Conventions. Banner creations and graphic design. Set up and break down of large events. We also have an international event planning internship placement in a fairly unique family-owned prestigious Cheese manufacturer. This large facility / company has grown to not just exporting their famous goat cheeses, but also to a tourism destination in its own right (think strolling along through farm like pastures, watching their goats, while trying an amazing Dulce de Leche crepe made right in front of you) Interns here will organize daily and weekly on site Events – people are even getting married here now!

This fashion international internship placement is for those who one day want to own their own clothing store.  Heavy on the Retail side of things and selling of different designers’ clothes, intern in a high-end retail store. The main office is based out of Buenos Aires, with stores in Uruguay, Miami, and Madrid. Clothes and accessories primarily for women, the latest international styles. Past retail experience a plus.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – PRINTER: Printing company specializing in brochures, corrugated figures, product packaging, business cards, etc. Actual printing facility and front offices in downtown Montevideo with this graphic design international internship.

SPECIAL EVENTS / CONFERENCES AND GRAPHIC DESIGN / CREATIVE: Company that organizes Conferences / Fairs / Conventions. Creating booths and stands and all related PR materials for participating companies at Fairs or Conventions. Banner creations and graphic design. Set up and break down of large events.

LAW: Work in a government attorneys busy office, located in the city center of Montevideo. The office is a prestigious one and our candidate will be the only foreign intern there, with plenty to absorb and much to learn. Specific law international internship sectors include Maritime Law, Contract Law, Labor, and Union Law, International Law.  Candidates must have intermediate Spanish level or better and have taken their LSAT exams. 3 months or longer is the stated minimum for this placement. However, 2-month candidates may be accepted on a case by case basis.

Each company we work within Uruguay needs marketing.  Interns in this field can and do work across sectors, from Marketing in an actual Marketing and PR firm to Marketing for a medical Clinica to Marketing for Real Estate office or Language School, to Marketing for an NGO, and so on. Everyone needs Marketing.  For this marketing and public relations international internship, candidates should love writing and events, and be ready to completely build from the ground up participating companies Social Media platforms.

MEDICAL SECTOR – HOSPITAL / AMBULANCE SERVICES / ER: Shadow a  doctor within the public medical sector, with the opportunity to rotate between the Emergency Rooms of two hospitals, Ambulance service, and private practice. Like in the US, doctors in Uruguay do a little of everything each day – they have set office hours, then days they schedule for surgeries (For example, your medical international internship schedule might be 3 days in one hospital, 2 days in another and the following week with the Ambulance service) Shifts are 12 – 24 hours so the day/hours for this internship will be different than most. Excellent opportunity for pre-med, nursing or ER.

SOCIAL WORK – lots of options for international social work internships in Uruguay:  candidates work for primarily ongs or non-profit charity organizations that cover things like building emergency housing for homeless,  to assisting with small loans for local entrepreneurs to help families earn a living,  to community educating on social and youth issues, to working at a live-in Residence for long term disability care of adults and teens who live full time there.  Most often, this is hands-on work and interns are face to face with the public their group is assisting or serving.

We also have access to a project where interns integrate within an existing state-run project that educates and helps prevent sexual and physical abuse of minors.

PSYCHOLOGY – international psychology internships in Uruguay are more limited.  Interns in this sector will also likely be in the non-profit sector, not in private practice or clinical setting.  There are several ones that work with children, homeless or with certain disabilities or at-risk youth, that have on-site Psychologists who will take our interns. The projects are varied and wide-ranging:  think a bus project that sends an air-conditioned bus into bad areas for kid to be able to rest and shower, or a home built just for at-risk youth to be able to sleep up to 30 days safely or a vocational center that works with adolescents to teach them a skill so they can secure a paying job.

SPANISH EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE IN URUGUAY: Like some of our rural and agricultural Tourism placements, the Equestrian work assignments are outside of the Capital city, Montevideo. Candidates will do the three weeks of Spanish classes in Montevideo, living there first, then follow up on the fourth Monday with a bus ride about 45 minutes up the coast to begin their internship. The work environment is very rustic, on a ranch where horses are taken care of there by a “gaucho”. This person will train the horses for endurance and prepare the foals. With this equestrian international internship, candidates will work the ranch and the stables, helping to train the horses. Living here is in a studio apartment with your own bath, at the ranch.

Requirements: 3 months minimum. Experienced rider and a good basic knowledge of the Spanish language.

There are many options in this field in Uruguay!  Interns that work in a private language institute setting teach adults and children in structured, small group settings. All training is provided and since the people you will teach are the institute’s clients, they will make sure you are ready before you begin. Interns that work in Community Center and in after-school program settings will also be trained, however, there tends to be less existing structure:  in fact, many times these groups will form a class around our intern & the time he or she is with us in Montevideo! There are plenty of Teaching English international internship placements here that provide great opportunities.

TOURISM / TRAVEL AGENCY: Busy, downtown travel agency run by a woman who needs a fast-paced helper – duties are everything from airport pickups to Tour Guide, to marketing, to trip planning to group plans for this tourism and hospitality international internship placement.

TOURISM / HOSPITALITY:“Estancias” are bed and breakfast type facilities located in the countryside of Uruguay. Each one is unique and most are family-run. They have a ranch or agriculture or nature feel to them. Interns here will see all aspects of Hotel / Agri-Tourism work, from food services to accommodations to concierge help to tour guide. Candidates will take the three weeks of Spanish classes in Montevideo, living there, then move to the Estancia and live on-site for the duration of their programs.

In this veterinary international internship program in Uguruay, animal science students and those interested in working with animals will work within either small to mid-sized veterinary clinics or within local Animal Shelters.  Animals are treated well in Uruguay for the most part, although there is an overpopulation of both dogs and cats, evident in the many strays found on the city streets.

Montevideo has a small but important sector of non-profits dedicated to serving where service is lacking. Public health especially. In a Clinic or Hospital setting, volunteers assist with community work in the OB/GYN sector; outreach to populations that might not feel comfortable coming to a hospital; pediatrics and family events to educate, serve and assist both psychologically as well as technically /medically.

Another favorite is a group that helps unemployed locals find and then secure jobs.  Volunteer within a Vocational Education Social Project, with a group that focuses on vocational training, providing  youth shelters, and creating school presentations to extremely poor areas around Montevideo.  With this international internship centered around volunteer work, the goal is a career or job for everyone; be a part of a grass roots, local community setting inside of this growing social project.


Our international internship field placements are not limited to the above list.  We can work with you in finding a placement in other sectors, using you as the first student – we have no problem with this, and are usually successful, given enough lead time.  While Uruguay is a capital city, it does not have nearly the amount of industry as say Madrid.  And your experience will be highly individual and memorable as simply put, not many have discovered this amazing country.  We know and love it as a viable place to visit and intern. Contact us and inquire about other placement opportunities! We’ll do our best to work for and with you in finding your desired placement.

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