Sports Internships Abroad

Take on a Sports Internships Abroad and gain work experience with the pros!

Adelante Abroad’s international sports internship program is targeted at sports enthusiasts – candidates may choose to intern for an actual team (through a sports management internship) or inside the world of sports marketing and community relations.  The team placements are within Futbol (Soccer), first and second division teams, and Baloncesto (Basketball), first division teams.

These sports internships are highly sought after, so our goal is to get our candidates in the door at the stadium. Then, you may be doing a variety of things: assisting practices, working in the marketing department, helping with translation work or being a summer camp counselor at a sports summer camp with kids.

The private sector placements are usually working with companies that use players or teams to market products or events. Here, our interns market, organize, translate, help with publicity, etc. If you see yourself working in the world of sports, this program is for you!

International Sports Internships

The main reason why my experience was unique is due to the type of company I worked for and activities that I was able to perform. When I discovered that my university program required me to work for a full school year in a foreign country I was worried that I would have had to take part in one of those classic, mundane and monotonous 9-5 jobs which involved performing tasks while sat at a desk in front of a computer screen. This is basically the equivalent of suicide to someone like me who loves living his life outdoors performing sporting activities. Thanks to Adelante’s program, however, I was able to find a football club in Madrid that allowed me to actively participate in their training sessions, as well as help out coaches in as many ways as possible during the sessions. My university accepted the program and I was able to spend these 7 months here about as well as I could have ever hoped for.

Mattia F., London, UKMadrid