Adelante Abroad Internships in Scotland & Study Abroad in Scotland

Arthurs Seat, a dormant volcano that dominates Hollyrood Park is just a short walk from the downtown, and it, along with the iconic Edinburgh Castle, flank this great, ancient city. The Edinburgh Bay represents the third flank and in between there is so much to do!  Walking, of course, so many options for walkers and hikers in and around Edinburgh and The Lothians.  And each walk seems to have hidden monuments or 15th century chapels  or striking woodlands, and always, always the incredible views.  Then there is Vintage Shopping: sounds strange but Edinburgh is kind of known for its Vintage, so head over to West Port Street and Grassmarket Street.  You will nab seriously one – of – a – kind finds to bring back home, that will remind you forever of your time with us in Scotland. We have to note here an Adelante HQ favorite, if not over-visited now, café, The Elephant House.  A haunt over the years for many authors, most notably J.K. Rowling wrote much of her Harry Potter series here.  With that killer angled view of the Castle, it’s hard not to be inspired (don’t forget to go into the bathrooms, wiht pen in hand, and add your name to the “Dumbledore’s Army” list that now stretches up and down two walls and across the door frame!)