Adelante Abroad Observation & Research Assignments & Study Abroad in Scotland

Spend Your Summer in Beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland

Arthurs Seat, a dormant volcano that dominates Hollyrood Park is just a short walk from the downtown, and it, along with the iconic Edinburgh Castle, flank this great, ancient city. The Edinburgh Bay represents the third flank and in between there is so much to do!  Walking, of course, so many options for walkers and hikers in and around Edinburgh and The Lothians.  And each walk seems to have hidden monuments or 15th century chapels  or striking woodlands, and always, always the incredible views.

Then there is Vintage Shopping: sounds strange but Edinburgh is kind of known for its Vintage, so head over to West Port Street and Grassmarket Street.  You will nab seriously one – of – a – kind finds to bring back home, that will remind you forever of your time with us in Scotland. We have to note here an Adelante HQ favorite, if not over-visited now, café, The Elephant House.  A haunt over the years for many authors, most notably J.K. Rowling wrote much of her Harry Potter series here.  With that killer angled view of the Castle, it’s hard not to be inspired (don’t forget to go into the bathrooms, wiht pen in hand, and add your name to the “Dumbledore’s Army” list that now stretches up and down two walls and across the door frame!)

Observation & Research Placements in Edinburgh

Adelante’s Observation & Research in Scotland aims to match serious students with academic observational and research assignments in a variety of different sectors. All program assignments are full-time hours, 5 days a week. Weekends are free for candidates to travel and explore the beauty of Scotland.

Our programs in Scotland have been developed with an experienced university specialist who has secured student internships in Scotland and throughout Europe for almost 20 years. Placements are within prestigious Policy Centers and Academic Institutions and Private Veterinary practices.

Applying early is strongly encouraged, as only a limited number of spots are available within each field.

Wildlife Management - Observation and Research in Scotland - Adelante Abroad

Equine Summer Study Abroad in Scotland

Adelante continues to collaborate with a prestigious Scottish college specializing in animal care, agriculture and land-based studies, in order to offer a 4 week summer program in Equine Studies for Summer 2018. The campus is on one of the largest college estates, based in the rolling hills just outside the country’s vibrant capital, Edinburgh.

This special four-week summer program is available for animal science and pre-veterinary students, as well as those students who enjoy equestrianism. However, no previous equestrian experience is required. The achievement of these two units will give you 6 hours of US credit, fully transferable, towards your degree at your home University or College (see your own college advisor for confirmation).

In addition to classroom instruction, students will be involved in practical and hands-on experiences, with the opportunity to discover equestrianism ‘British’ style, and experience both classical and English-style riding skills.

Kelpies - Equine Study Abroad in Scotland - Adelante Abroad

Ecology and Wildlife Management – Study Abroad in Scotland

Through this exciting program, you will initially explore the range of habitats and wildlife found in the heart of Scotland, before venturing out to explore other areas of the country and its ecology and wildlife management. This new four-week summer program is available for students in environmental sciences and ecology, as well as any students with an interest in conservation and land management issues. Students can earn up to 6 hours of US credit, fully transferable, towards your degree at your home University or College (see your own college advisor for confirmation).

As an international student and resident on the college estate you will investigate a diverse range of habitats from freshwater streams to inland cliffs, woodlands and grasslands, and you will learn how to manage some of these habitats. You will learn to recognize and map the plant and animal species living in each habitat and understand the ecological processes that link these species together.

This course includes a substantial number of site visits to experience ecology in the field, talk with site managers, undertake field investigations and gain experience in a number of practical management techniques. The course is approximately 70% field based and 30% classroom based.

Rocky Shore Investigation - Ecology in Scotland - Adelante Abroad

Hear What Our Scotland Candidates Are Saying

I really enjoyed the Equine Summer Study in Scotland. The classes we took were challenging, but very interesting and enjoyable and I gained a lot of useful knowledge. I also really liked being able to horseback ride throughout the week, and liked the balance between classes and horseback riding. All of the professors and instructors were kind, caring, and helpful, and the community was very welcoming too. I also really liked the events planned, such as the Perth Races, and liked learning about the culture in Scotland. As an Equine Science major, this program significantly added to my learning and experiences, and I am so glad I chose to come.

Francesca S., Colorado State UniversityEquine Summer Study Abroad

I’m actually enjoying the Observation & Research way more than I thought I would. I have never done research in my undergrad, so this is all a new experience for me, but surprisingly my favorite part is definitely all of the research I have been doing. I am loving being able to have a project presented to me (like right now I am working on trying to figure out a way to increase the propagation rates of bamboo culm cuttings) and then researching more upon it, reading previous studies done, and then designing my own little experiment to try and possibly find a solution to the problem. I didn’t think I would find doing research projects this interesting, but it is actually kind of making me consider looking into more research positions after I am done here.

Kaitlyn R., University of Missouri - ColumbiaObservation and Research (Zoo/Horticulture)

Our day to day life during the four weeks was different everyday. We would spend some mornings in the field or in the classroom; this was different almost every week. All of the field trips were very educational and a lot of fun. We learned about different types of habitats in Scotland and learned how to properly manage them. We meet with different site managers and got to learn how they got their job, what they do at their job, and what they hope to see in the future for their site. This has been the best four weeks out of any summer I have ever had, I wish I didn’t have to go home yet! This program taught me a lot of new skills, and it was fun and exciting at the same time. The classwork wasn’t too tough, and if you sit down and do it, the work will not take you that long to do. There is a project at the end of the course that the group must participate in together, don’t worry it was actually really fun! I would recommend this program to anyone who loves being outside and learning about ecology and about the culture of a new place. This program was awesome, and I am sad to be leaving.

Amy F., University of ArkansasEcology Conservation Program in Scotland

I could not have asked for a better internship opportunity than the experience I had here in Edinburgh. All of the people who we interacted with for our program were so friendly and helpful- our landlord, the Adelante staff, as well as the professors at the University. Our living situation was spectacular- right off the Royal Mile! The actual [Observation & Research] program at the University was absolutely outstanding. We had the opportunity to learn new software, code data, run participants, research new literature, and I even had the opportunity to work with a professor to collaborate on a brand new study. Definitely the right program fit for me and has immensely grown the confidence and ability I have in my research skills. I had the opportunity to explore the highlands, Glencoe, Loch Ness, The Isle of Skye, Manchester, and was even able to take a weekend trip over to Venice. I would definitely recommend this program to anybody that wants to further their research experience in a unique and independent way.

Jennifer M., St. Cloud State UniversityObservation and Research (Psychology)