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Teaching English Internship Programs

Teaching English Abroad is one of our most requested intern programs. The best part is that no teaching credentials are required (appreciated, but not required), due to our longstanding relationships with the participating academies and language institutes abroad. This is an excellent placement for both aspiring teachers/professors and business owners-to-be. It is also one of our only work assignment where we accept beginner-level Spanish speakers.

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Work assignments may include teaching at private language institutesteaching at non-profit organizations that cater to families or children, teaching at private K-12 campuses and during the summer, working at camps with children or university students. Beginner Spanish speakers welcome!

Interested in volunteering in Oaxaca? There are a number of teaching English internship placements in Oaxaca including: in public primary schools; government offices for human rights and teaching employees; low-risk boys juvenile hall; government offices for social assistanceacademic and cultural activities for the youth of Oaxaca; teaching English to Artisans dedicated to the creation of wood carving figures and help with the marketing of their works.

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Teaching English Abroad

Travel and teach English abroad!

The options in Uruguay are endless! Interns that work in a private language institute setting teach adults and children in structured, small group settings. All training is provided and since the people you will teach are the institute’s clients, they will make sure you are ready before you begin. 

Interns that work in the Community Center and in after-school program settings will also be trained, however, there tends to be less existing structure; in fact, many times, these groups will form a class around our intern and the time they have with us in Montevideo. 

There are plenty of Teaching English internship placements in ChileEcuador, and Spain as well.  

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For programs two months or longer starting in November or December.

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