Fall 2020 Internships Abroad

There are plenty of reasons to participate in a Fall internship abroad: lower costs for travel, more internship placements, and the fact that you won’t be fighting busy crowds. Apply today and start as early as September 2020.

Fall Internships in Spain

Internship - SPAIN (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville)

We’ve got plenty of options for fall international internships in Spain: you can intern in Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville. Each city has its own distinct flavor and professional opportunities. For example, Madrid is best known for its great medical placements. Barcelona feels like its own country with the heavy Catalan influence while Seville has the charms of a large metropolis without as much hustle and bustle. No matter what your travel or career goals, we guarantee that we can provide an experience for you where you can enjoy an amazing city, gain career experience, and improve your Spanish language skills!

Check out our internships in Spain and FULL PROGRAM DETAILS by clicking on your desired destination: Madrid, Barcelona, or Seville.


Intern in Chile during the warm fall months. Take advantage of the beautiful Chilean weather you’ll enjoy over the course of your internship program. Chile is known for having it all in terms of weather and climate; the region’s terrain is among the most diverse and unique in the world.

September is generally temperate but as you approach the December and January months, it begins to warm up resembling a North American summer. To us, experiencing this beautiful weather makes Chile an ideal internship location for the fall.

Fall Internships in Chile
Fall Internships in Uruguay


Montevideo is one of our newest internship destinations and every intern we’ve placed here has admitted to a sort of undeniable charm that this city and country possesses. We couldn’t agree more.

Uruguay is such a well-kept secret in South America but it is a fantastic place to intern. We offer unique internships here like Spanish Equestrian and Marine Turtle Conservation, for example, among others.


Opened in 2017, our Internships in Ecuador provide very rewarding programs, where candidates work within the community like a local and assist companies and organizations in various areas. On your days off, discoveries are limitless. The Galápagos Islands (a huge and growing surf culture at uncluttered beaches in the Montanita area) and the mouth of the Amazon is in Ecuador too.

We’ve made an effort to make sure that participating companies and organizations both want & need our interns and have enough structure to handle them was paramount when building this new program.  We are proud of what we have to offer qualified intern candidates!

Fall Internships in Ecuador
Fall Internships in Mexico


Volunteer in Oaxaca – Our Volunteer in Oaxaca, Mexico programs are growing in popularity. Even though this is technically a “volunteer” program, make no mistake, you’ll still be able to gain valuable experiences in fields like Law, Business, Education, and Medical/Healthcare.

We also offer less mainstream opportunities like Theatre, Women’s Studies and Health, and Archaeology, among others!