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Education Internship Programs

Here at Adelante Abroad, we think that people who intern and live and travel abroad make better educators.  In this field our interns can teach, assistant teach or work within education in other sectors (such as Special Education, Counseling or Study Abroad offices on campus). 

Thinking about interning abroad in 2022? Apply now and intern as early as August.  

Education Internships Abroad
Education Internships Abroad

Education Abroad Opportunities

 Candidates may teach or assistant teach to adults or to children, and in a private or public institutional setting – working with children happens more in summer time programs. This kind of exposure to different types of education systems around the world is priceless.

We guarantee an international internship in education will give you the career and travel experience of a lifetime. Click on the apply now button or view program details in the links below.

Interested in interning in Barcelona? We offer a variety of Education Internships in the most beautiful city in Spain. Intern at a kindergarten or pre-school and work with young children. Candidates interested in the world of languages can participate in international internship collaborating in language classes for Spanish adults or for children; creating instructive lessons/new ideas for learning, designing materials, developing new activities that will be used during classes, bother theoretical and practical. 

This sector is the most developed in Seville, with a large variety of internship offerings. Candidates interested in the linguistics, language aquistion or other apsects of language can collaborate as language specialists in the ESOL (English as a Second Language) classroom. In Environmental Education, candidates will engage in  a range of duties at a local alternative, organic farm dedicated to introducing young students to farming and organic natural products. International internship duties include assisting the monitors in the educational projects, such as making natural product or other art work, as well as farming activities, i.e. animal care, etc.

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