Internships in Chile

Internships in Chile

Now is your time to explore a new country! Go intern in the land of fire and ice and live like a local.

If you don’t know much about Chile, that’s OK! After more than a decade of placing interns here, there may not be a better place to do your internship abroad. Our International Internship Program runs in the neighboring cities of Viña Del Mar and Valparaiso.

Take advantage of one of the most affordable programs! Housing, intensive language classes, and guaranteed internship placements are included with your program costs! Internships in Chile are offered year-round — a great opportunity for those who cannot go in the summer.

We guarantee this is the most affordable internships in Chile program you’ll find on the market today. Located in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar, we offer placements in Architecture and Construction, Arts, Business, Engineering, Graphic Design, Human Resources, Information Technology (IT), International Business, Journalism and Media, Law, Marketing, Public Relations, Medical/Healthcare, Non-profits (NGOs) , Photography/Film & Video/Digital Art, Psychology, Social Work, Teaching English, Tourism and Hospitality, Volunteer, Winery, Work with Children, and more!

Program Pricing

  • 1 Month$2,920
    (Teaching English Only)
  • 6-Weeks$3,325
    (Mid-May Only)
  • 2 Months $3,625
  • 3 Months$4,375
  • 4 Months$5,010
  • 5 Months$5,740
  • 6 Months $6,520

Housing and Chile Internship Program Information

Upon arrival to the Intern in Chile program, you’ll be picked up at the airport and taken directly to your housing (which is included in our fee). You’ll stay in a downtown shared apartment or small house with your own room.

You can also choose to stay with a Chilean family (this homestay option includes meals and laundry — inquire about the price difference).

Two weeks of intensive classes are also included right upon arrival. Full-time Adelante staff live in Viña Del Mar and Valparaiso and are there to support you as needed. You will benefit professionally, personally, and culturally, as a candidate in our Intern in Chile program.

We can almost guarantee we offer the most affordable internship programs in Chile. Do your research!

Internships are approximately four hours each day in sectors ranging from federal government entities, to Chilean-owned companies/corporations, to non-profit organizations. You can choose to intern in fields such as medical and OT, entrepreneurship, human resources, technology, marketing, teaching English, accounting, engineering, financial analysis, event planning, education and more. To get started, apply today!

NOTE** For most international internships in Chile, some Spanish language skills are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included in Your Chile Program?

Our Intern in Chile programs include some key features, here are just a few:
  • The amount of time you choose to intern is flexible, with program lengths ranging from 1 to 6 months. All programs begin the first Monday of each month, year round.
  • Intern in Chile program can be done for academic credit (240 contact hours for a three month internship program, for example).
  • Two weeks of intensive Spanish language classes are included in the fee.
  • A contracted international internship work assignment is guaranteed, and you will know where you are interning long before you arrive. Candidates gain hands-on, international work experience to bolster their resume.
  • You will be met at the airport when you arrive in Chile, taken directly to your housing.
  • Housing is included. Live in an apartment or small house, in your own room; all housing is close to the Pacific ocean – within a 10 minute walk, some with ocean and city views!
  • Our Directors in Chile are very well connected and this is how we build or create a tailored internship placement for each of our candidates.
  • Some excursions are included during the 3 weeks Spanish course— think wine-tasting, “trekking” (a bit less effort than hiking), walking tours, and visits to the amazing National Parks.
Our programs are meant for independent travelers who don’t need hand-holding or strict itineraries -- a nearly impossible guarantee in an international setting. For a comprehensive list of what’s included, click below!
What's Included

Is This Program Right For You?

Answer the following questions:
  • Are you an independent individual?
  • Will you be 18 years of age or older by the time you begin your program?
  • Do you speak fluent English? (This program is open to candidates worldwide).
  • Do you speak Spanish and want to improve?
  • Do you desire the opportunity to live and work alongside local people abroad?
  • Are you flexible and open to situations outside of your comfort zone (i.e. public transportation, new environment, different customs, etc.)?
  • Are you looking for a program duration between 1 to 6 months?
If you answered YES to these questions, then this program is right for you!

For many programs, Spanish skills are required at least at a low-intermediate level, but placements can be found in some sectors for complete beginners (e.g. Teaching English). Certain fields may have specific requirements for prior experience or studies.

Our program works for the right candidate, even if you haven’t yet traveled internationally. We’ll create a customized once-in-a-lifetime program for you!
Have Questions About the Program? Ask Us!

Why Should You Choose Adelante Abroad?

Internship programs offered in eight International Locations

Over 30 career fields available – Guaranteed Placements

1 to 6 Month programs available year-round

Gap Year opportunities for high school graduates, freshmen & sophomores

Accommodations included with your own private room

Affordable programs for students, recent grads & more

List of Internship Fields Available in Chile

  • Architecture

    Architecture: Projects, Courses, Associations, Consulting

    Requirements: Relevant studies, computer skills

    Design / Decorating: Design association, consulting, individual design client needs

    Requirements: Relevant studies, past experience, marketing, creativity

    Apply for an Architecture and Design international internship in Chile today!

  • Arts

    Art Galleries: Art Consulting, Exhibits, Marketing for local and foreign artists
    Requirements: International internships in the arts require relevant studies, ability to present in front of groups, and previous experience is helpful

  • Business

    Accounting:  Future CPAs, this is the international internship placement for you! Candidates learn routine duties related to accounting: databases, inputting expenses and payments (A/P, A/R), billing, banking, financial procedures, budgeting in accordance. Work with firms that provide legal and tax advice. Intern in the accounting department of a company or for an accounting / financial firm that provides these services to its external clients.

    Banking / Financial Sector: Smaller investment firms take our interns too, work with stock market & bonds analysis, individual investment planning and more. Requirements: Studies at the university level, strong language skills, strong computer skills, past finance internship helpful, desire to have a career in this field.

    Consulting: This international internship will require studies in the field of Law, Economics, Political Science or similar and a minimum intermediate level of Spanish. Duties related to corporate strategies: consultation regarding changes or bettering corporate culture to ensure productivity, helping to set benchmarks and make sure they are met, testing of corporate culture, as well as coaching. Duties related to corporate organization: organizational design, analysis, diagnosis and implementing then tracking of procedures. Duties related to Marketing: marketing plans, research, relational marketing, and satisfaction studies of existing clients. Duties are related to investments: auditing, financial advice, fiscal and labor issues. 

  • Engineering

    Lots of international internship opportunities for engineering candidates in the fields of mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering in Chile. Candidates could be working on projects for airports, hotels, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings or urban developments.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design: Creation of web pages and promotional materials such as catalogs, brochures, logos, info CD’s, special promos, etc. The intern will be placed graphic design companies that are hired for their services, or also at in-house graphic design departments.

    Graphic Arts: Studios, Printing firms, Graphic Design, Marketing, Logistics

    Requirements: Experience in Graphic Design, relevant studies, good computer skills

  • Human Resources

    International internships are available in the HR departments of companies and other entities such as non-profits and government offices in Chile. Assisting in salary calculations and wage payments, insurance issues for employees, hiring and firing new employees, updating paperwork when new laws are put into effect, helping with the various corporate taxes paid by Chilean corporations, and other HR duties.

  • Information Technology

    These international internships in Chile may include programming, software design, development and testing, IT user support, and system maintenance. Candidates may also be involved with maintaining and improving internal processes at different corporations/organizations, digitalizing processes and planning new technical products. Candidates may be placed in IT companies dedicated to creating programs or providing services for other companies, in the IT Department of a larger company, or in an NGO.

    Information Technology: Product distribution (new software), firms that outsource their IT staff to clients needing help in this area

    Requirements: Good computer skills, relevant studies, prior experience, imagination

  • Journalism & Media

    Interns will participate in editing and publication of content, including marketing, communications, design, writing and correction of articles, photography, research, web design and more. 

    Publishing / Press: Book preparation, economic books, textbooks, catalogs, billing, Library. National, regional, local press, writing, ads/announcements
    Requirements: Marketing, experience in the sector, good computer skills, persistent

    TV Journalism: Fast-paced internship at one of the world’s top 24-hour news channels. Limited spots are available for the right candidate. Interns must be able to follow instructions and work independently. Advanced Spanish skills and Journalism or Communication Studies are required.

    TV – Radio: Local and regional and some national station spots available.
    Requirements: Past experience in the sector, good language skills, good computer skills, and extroverted personality

  • Law/Legal Internships

    This sector is often times the most complicated to place: the actual law firms in Chile require not only a high level of Spanish but also that candidates have taken their LSAT’s and / or are already enrolled in law school. 

    Law – Legal: Labor, Criminal, Administrative law. Project and case assistance
    Requirements: Previous legal studies or experience, LSATs preferred, good computer skills, advanced Spanish language skills

  • Marketing/Public Relations

    This international internship can take place in distinct firms and organizations in Chile. In the larger corporations, the candidate will work in a specific department usually focusing on managing  projects/clients, attending to specific client and company needs. In the smaller organizations and companies, the objective may be to create and maintain new marketing/ad/PR strategy to garner new clients/results. The candidates will do their internships in private companies, corporations or in non-profit agencies or organizations.

    Communications: Communications Sector to include business in Tourism, the Press, magazines, insurance, automotive, health services
    Requirements: past experience or internships in the sector, good language skills, the field of study, creativity, enthusiasm

    Event spokesperson / Company Rep: Public Relations, Corporate Fairs / Expos, Product Launches

    Requirements: Able to speak and be in front of groups, language skills/aptitude, “people person”

  • Medical/Nursing

    This medical international internship in Chile program will provide the candidate the opportunity to shadow a nurse, doctor or surgeon, visiting patients in a major medical center. Initially, the candidate may do minor tasks associated with patients and patient care, and will be given more responsibility once his/her capacity is determined. For some, this will be mostly observation. For others, this can be the realization of medical duties.

    Logically, much depends on the candidate, his/her level of Spanish, past internships, etc. This is an amazing opportunity to experience first-hand how the medical profession operates in a foreign country, and to appreciate how the policies and procedures differ in Chile as compared to the United States. A minimum of low-intermediate to intermediate Spanish is required for this sector.

  • Non-Profits/Associations

    Associations / Non-profits: International internship opportunities in Chile for non-profits include: women’s issues, under-served children, “third age” issues, immigrant rights, addiction and rehabilitation, employer groups, downs syndrome, LGBTQ issues, and more.
    Requirements: Vocation, experience with desired group or association, good language skills & computer skills, marketing, desire to assist and advocate for others.

  • Photography, Film/Video, & Digital Art

    The interns can work for different companies, institutions and organizations in the areas of communication, design, marketing and public relations. They can also work for art galleries and museums and urbanism projects. They can compile their material to be used for business marketing and press. For international internships in photography we can place in a university setting or in a newspaper / magazine publication setting.

  • Psychology & Social Work

    Interns will work shadowing a psychologist (space based on availability – doctors can usually only take one intern at a time), or work in the private sector or within a non-profit. Many placements lean heavier towards Social Work simply because most of our interns are not ready or capable of handling their own clients or caseload.

    Private sector examples are centers dedicated typically to a subset of issues such as cognitive rehabilitation.

  • Teaching English

    Teach English: Candidates interested in international internships in the world of languages can participate in internships collaborating in language classes for children, creating instructive lessons / new ideas for learning, designing materials, developing new activities that will be used during classes, both theoretical and practical. In summer there are opportunities to intern as a language assistant with university students taking intensive summer English courses. Our international internship program in Chile works with various companies teaching English. Inquire with us today to find out more details!

  • Tourism & Hospitality

    Candidates who choose international internships in Chile in the sector of Tourism and Hospitality are placed in hotels, where they “float” through a variety of departments depending on their skills/abilities. We also place in travel agencies, where candidates help with marketing their products, client services, reservations and more. There are many companies in this sector, including special event management firms, interchange groups (very similar to Adelante but sending Chileans abroad), and more.

    Hotels: Hotel industry, work in 3-, 4-, 5- star establishments, will do a rotation in all departments, depending on language ability
    Requirements: Field of study, good public relations skills, and language skills

  • Volunteer

    Candidates in this sector aim to aid and give back to the communities in which they live abroad. There are dozens of underfunded organizations run by passionate individuals looking to assist, typically, a massively under-served population. Come join them! Able-bodied, curious, giving volunteers are always in demand.

  • Winery

    Winery international internships:  This industry in Chile is booming and is quite advanced for how young it is. Winery interns will be helping with many aspects, mostly depending on the time of year they are there (e.g. the “crush” is March – May, for example, bottling is in July and August, etc).

    This additionally makes for excellent “International Relations” internships doing tours and events for visitors from Chile and all over the world. Remember that these positions will be at the wineries which are located in the valley area near to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, not in the downtown living areas – a good 40 minute bus ride, and the winery will sometimes offer to pay for monthly bus passes or set up a carpool with a local employee.

  • Work With Children

    Associations / Non-profits: Work with underserved children or children with Downs Syndrome in a non-profit setting Requirements: Vocational experience, experience with desired group or association, good language skills & computer skills, marketing, desire to assist and advocate for others

    Kindergarten and Pre-Schools: Attention and teaching to young children Requirements: Field of study, license would help, past experience and patience

    Teach English to Kids / Languages: Candidates interested in international internships in the world of languages can participate in internships collaborating in language classes for children, creating instructive lessons / new ideas for learning, designing materials, developing new activities that will be used during classes, both theoretical and practical. In summer there are opportunities to intern as a language assistant with university students taking intensive summer English courses. Under this sector, we also offer translation internships, where candidates can assist translation agencies. There is also a good opportunity to serve as “host” or “hostess” at Conventions, Fairs and Expos for participating firms; event planning and other Interchange companies also seek this type of candidate for internships in Chile.

  • Other Fields

    With international internships in Chile, the sky is the limit in terms of field placements! There are too many for us to list them all out but such placements in Political Science, Archaeology, Auto Industry, Zoo, Photography, Veterinary, Surf, Hospitality, Culinary, and others do exist (even something like Poultry Sciences!)… if you don’t see your desired field on the list, it doesn’t mean that we can’t place you!

Application Process

The application deadline is 60-90 days prior to your chosen start date.

Late applications are accepted on a case by case basis and are subject to a $250 late fee.

Apply for an Internship Abroad

Hear From Our Candidates​

I truly loved my experience in the program. I’m still kind of astonished at the amount of software development knowledge I gained in just over 3 months. Learning how to speak technical jargon in Spanish also made me confident that I can work in the software industry in any Spanish-speaking country in the future. I’m grateful to Adelante for creating such an awesome internship abroad program, and I think the experience beat studying abroad by miles.

Lydia C., Davidson College

I did the medical internship in Viña del Mar, Chile. First of all, it is a beautiful city to live in, with lots to do and with Valparaiso just a 20 minute metro/bus ride away. The location of the house is perfect and in a safe place, just a few blocks from the beach and about a 30 second walk from a supermarket. I lived with other Adelante candidates and got along with all of them exceptionally well. The staff at the language school are welcoming, and my classes really helped me get accustomed to living in my new city. I learned about the unique spanish spoken in Chile, and my professor also took me out of the classroom to explore Viña as well as Valparaíso and learn about their history and culture. In order to meet new people, I recommend going to language exchanges in Viña or Valparaíso – these can be found through MeetUp online, and it’s a great way to meet natives and practice spanish! Living in a new city with no familiar faces and a language barrier can be daunting, so these really helped me at first! When I started my internship at a local physical therapy (kinesiology) office, it was challenging of course due to the new environment and the language. Within a few weeks, however, I was effectively communicating with patients, leading several patient sessions, and carrying out physiotherapy. My spanish improved dramatically and I also learned technical vocabulary that will help me in my future career. The employees were great teachers and always made sure I understood what was happening, the patient’s affliction, and what techniques they were using and why. The last month of my stay, there was political unrest in Chile but Adelante staff made sure we stayed safe, and maintained communication with us. I would not change anything about my experience in Chile, as it helped me grow as a person and greatly increased my skills and confidence in Spanish. The people in Chile are very welcoming and kind, even though Chilean spanish can be hard to understand at first! I’ve come to love Chile so much and I will definitely be coming back! I could’t recommend this Adelante program more.

Medical intern in chile
Zoe S., North Carolina State University, NC
Medical Intern,

I was an English-teaching intern in Viña Del Mar, Chile for a month. The city was an amazing and beautiful place to be and I felt quite safe. It was relatively expensive to live during the month I was there as my roommate and I had to provide our own food and transportation. However, the work that we were during was great. I had never taught English before until this internship, and I learned a lot about myself; how well I work in a position of authority, and my planning skills. The program had a lack of guidelines on what we were supposed to be teaching, and although that was a challenge, it provided us with the opportunity to create an entirely new lesson plan that catered to the needs of the students. We taught four amazing adults who were eager to learn from us and it felt great! I’d encourage future interns to take as many weekend outings as they can in Chile. The city has so many amazing activities and sights that will keep you busy in between your working hours. The only downside of the program was that I had to find my own transportation back to the airport at the end of the program which was expensive and difficult to navigate. But my experience in teaching in Chile outweighed any cons that arose!

Teaching English Internship
Kelsey W., Spelman College
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