Intern in Vina del Mar & Valparaiso FAQ

Click here for General FAQs that pertain to ALL Adelante Abroad Programs.  Things such as eligibility, airfare, academic credit, insurance, payment questions which are the same for all programs.

Find Intern in Chile specific FAQs below

What Happens After I Apply, Step By Step?
Once we receive your completed application packet (this is a straightforward online form + one email with required documents as attachments), we conduct an hour long Skype or phone interview, to go over your application and the placement abroad process. Be ready to take a lot of notes here! We then check two of your references. At that point, by approximately 5-10 business days after receipt of your application packet, you are formally confirmed into the Intern Abroad program.  Next step is to send your file to our team – Director and Intern Advisor – in your program city abroad.  They begin presenting your file to our participating companies abroad, in your desired sector.  Once the best company for your specific program parameters chooses your file, we then contract you with them for your internship. You will sign this contract, too.  Concurrently, we 1) coordinate the housing you have chosen (apartment usually, homestay in some cases); and, 2) enroll you in the two or three week intensive language course / module you will take upon arrival.  We like to be done with the entire step by step process by no later than about 30 days prior to your program start date. So, candidates will know both where they are living and where they are working long before they arrive abroad.

Is housing included in the price of the program?
Yes – You will have your own room in a shared apartment with other Adelante candidates/international students or you may choose to live with a family in a homestay. The homestay option provides you with true cultural immersion and includes laundry services and two meals per day. Inquire about the price difference for the homestay. If you choose an apartment, plan on doing your own food shopping and your own cooking, quite an eye-opener that first time in a Chilean grocery store! The apartments are in sought after, working neighborhoods in Chile, near to public transit. All apartments are fully furnished, with bedding, fully equipped kitchens, washing machine, sheets, towels, pots, pans are also included.  All apartments have Wi-Fi.

What Spanish language classes are included?
For the first three weeks, you are enrolled in an Intensive Spanish Language course for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week (approximately 40 hours). This course takes place at a prestigious private language institute and your level is determined by a placement test.  Each level course is no more than 10 students.

How much should I budget for living expenses per month, above and beyond what is included in the program fee?
For Chile we suggest approximately $125 USD per week, and this covers normal expenses like groceries, metro money, some going out and one or two nearby excursions a month. The price goes up when you start going out at night more and when you begin to travel further abroad (which we do encourage!).

Is there an Adelante contact in Chile?
Yes – We have two Adelante Directors for this program: Pamela Briceno and Oscar Berdichevshy. This team will coordinate your housing, internship placement, and whatever else you may require during your time abroad. You will be meeting with Pamela during your first week of classes before your internship starts. She speaks English and you will be given Spanish contact info and emergency contact info to reach her at any time. Both Pamela and Oscar have ample experience in the education abroad industry and are successful professionals.