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Golf Recreation & Sports Management Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for General FAQs that pertain to ALL Adelante Abroad Programs.  Things such as eligibility, airfare, academic credit, insurance, and payment questions are the same for all programs.

Find Golf Study Abroad Specific FAQs Below

  • Will I receive transcripts at the end of my Adelante Golf Summer Study Abroad Program in Scotland?

    Yes –  Upon successful completion of the courses in your Adelante Summer Study Abroad program, a signed, fully transferable and sealed transcript will be issued, in your name, to the Adelante Abroad HQ offices in California.   We will then contact you and request where you would like the transcript to be mailed. Transcripts are issued to Scotland Rural College (SRUC)-Oatridge College, from the Scottish Qualifying Authority (SQA).

  • Can I receive academic credit for participating in this study program?

    Yes – Using the included, fully transferable Transcripts (see question above), candidates can choose to receive credit for participating in an Adelante Summer Study Abroad program. It is advisable to make sure early on that the international coursework offered in this program will be accepted by your home University, if you wish the credit to be applied to your current studies.  Adelante provides course lists and course descriptions and a detailed syllabi.

  • Do I have to be enrolled in a college or university to participate?

    No – This program is open to students, and it is also open to recent graduates or those currently un–enrolled. It is also open to people who simply want to learn about the history of golf, improve their game and enhance their career opportunities in golf management and recreation. The program also provides students the opportunity to experience the culture of this fascinating country.  Gap year students are welcome.

  • Is my $500 holding deposit refundable?

    No – Except in cases of medical emergency. This deposit secures your spot as there are only 16 spots total and the program fills quickly. The deposit is also deductible from the program price, not an extra amount due. Do not pay the Holding Deposit until you are certain you are going to participate.

  • Are excursions included?

    No – Excursions can be arranged to local cultural sites and events but are not included in the program fee. However, the college staff are available to assist students with individual requests, such as extra golf outings, trekking in the Highlands or other activities on weekends.

  • How much should I budget for living expenses per month, above and beyond what is included in the program fee?

    This program includes all meals during the week, Monday thru Friday. Since your weekends are free to explore Scotland, you should budget for Saturday and Sunday meals, personal travel by bus or train, and extras like coffee, snacks, etc. for your room.  We suggest about $175 USD per week.  The price goes up when you start going out at night more and when you begin to travel further abroad, which we do encourage!  For example, you can get to London, all parts of England and Ireland, and even other parts of Europe from Scotland.

  • Is there an in-country Orientation upon arrival?

    Yes – An orientation is held on the first Monday, on campus. Plan on about 2 hours for this. Prior to arrival, Adelante also provides an in-depth Orientation Packet. In addition, the Adelante Director in Scotland is available upon arrival.

  • What should I pack?

    In terms of dress code, a combination of golf attire and casual. A shirt and tie may be required when you participate in the week’s placement at Gleneagles or St. Andrews.  More details will be included in the Orientation Packet.

  • If a friend or family member comes to visit, can they stay with me at the College?

    No. College accommodations are normally booked during this time.  Several B&B’s and guest houses are in Cupar.  However, most visitors usually stay in Edinburgh.

  • Is there an ATM machine on campus?

    The College does not have an ATM machine. However, several ATM’s are in Cupar, which is a 10-minute walk from campus. ATM machines also are available throughout Edinburgh, including the airport.

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