Journalism & Media Internships Abroad

Journalism & Media Internship Programs

Live abroad like a professional correspondent. Apply for a Journalism and Media Internship Abroad! You’ll have the opportunity to attend and report live events, conduct interviews, be a part of weekly team brainstorming sessions, and more! All of this work will be done with guidance from a supervisor/editor.

Looking to gain journalism experience abroad?

What better way to deepen your pool of topics to cover – and how to cover those topics – than with a journalism internship abroad!  These are fast-paced, deadline-oriented placements.  Intern in a Spanish-English language lifestyle magazine, an online publication catered to students, or even in the famed Dow Jones & Company (Barcelona only).

With the world of SEO being so important to all companies, and fresh content driving that SEO plan, copywriters are in greater demand than ever before.

Journalism & Media Internships Abroad
Media Internships abroad

What to expect from a Media Internships abroad

Media placements are usually in Broadcasting — think local TV stations and some radio station options. Get placed at a fast-paced internship at one of the world’s top 24-hour news channels. We even have interns working for game show channels, filling audiences and grooming guests (watch out Ellen!)

Internship programs offered in multimedia companies in Madrid include audiovisual services for advertising or corporate production. Candidates will be exposed to all aspects of producing TV programs, corporate videos, and/or advertising spots from beginning to end, including scriptwriting, photography and illumination, broadcasting, technical assistance, shooting, editing, and post-production.

If you’re interested in a journalism internship abroad or a media internship abroad and want more details on what your placement would look like, feel free to reach out to us!

Journalism & Media Internship Locations

Intern in Barcelona, Spain
Intern in Madrid, Spain
Intern in Seville, Spain
Intern in Vina Del Mar & Valparaiso, Chile
journalism & media intern during her Internship in montevideo uruguay
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