Culinary Internships Abroad

Culinary Internship Programs

So you want to be a chef? Or maybe you just love to cook and want some international flavor to add to your repertoire? How can anyone who wants to be in this field NOT intern abroad at some point – using saffron and sage, heritage tomatoes from ancient seeds, cutting-edge European cooking concepts (remember El Bulli?), and eating tapas so late that soon it’s morning and fresh from the ocean!

Gain international culinary experience with an internship abroad

Our culinary interns have many options to choose from.  Intern in an institutional kitchen in Madrid that has large hotel clients; or work in a historic luxury restaurant in Barcelona; learn how to make Oaxacan Mole from a celebrated Oaxacan chef; or one of our favorites, work in a busy, fast-paced all-night restaurant in Sevilla and learn what service really means.

Interning abroad grows you as a cook and expands your palate in ways you have never imagined. Discover new foods and fall in love with the culinary industry all over again. 

Work within the foodservice industry, cater for private schools, airlines, weddings, conferences, private catering companies, or larger foodservice departments. Prior experience working in the industry is helpful, and low-intermediate Spanish proficiency is required. 

We guarantee a culinary international internship will give you the career and travel experience of a lifetime. Click on the apply now button or view program details in the links below.

Culinary Internships Abroad

Culinary Internship Locations

Intern in Madrid, Spain
Intern in Barcelona, Spain
Intern in Oaxaca, Mexico
Culinary internships abroad
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