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Astronomy Study Abroad in Chile

New Astronomy Program Coming to Chile

Explore the breathtaking world of astronomy in the heart of Chile, home to some of the world’s most advanced observatories and renowned universities. Chile possesses 40% of the world’s Astronomy Observatories and is positioned as “the world capital of Astronomy”, due in large part to the natural climate conditions where the Observatories are located.  A dark sky exists here most of the year and it is extremely dry, which is important when it comes to observing other planets at a molecular level.

Adelantes’ new Astronomy Study Abroad Program in Chile offers a unique and immersive experience combining Spanish language and astrophysics classes for students passionate about the cosmos.

During this three-week study abroad program, you’ll receive 30 hours of Spanish language classes and 20 hours of astrophysics classes at one of the most prestigious universities in Chile. These classes will cover concepts and theories of the universe, observation techniques, use of astronomy software and tools such as telescopes, and more. Program will cap off with a 5-day internship at an Observatory

In addition to academic pursuits, students will be able to participate in excursions / activities in Valparaiso and Elqui Valley

Program Pricing & Dates

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Program Dates:

  • 1st session
    May 18 - June 8, 2024
  • 2nd session
    October 5 - October 26, 2024
Deadline to Apply: 60 days prior to session start date
20 Total Spots
program requires minimum 10 caniddates to run

General Astronomy Learning Objectives

In this Astronomy study abroad program, participants will learn following objectives in the field of science & astronomy. Each class will be divided in to 1.5 hour blocks. The first block consists of an expository lecture, and the second block will be practical applications.

  • Understand the nature of different objects existing in the Universe and how information is obtained from them.
  • Understand the importance of light and its analysis.
  • Dimension physical quantities (size, mass, luminosity) and distances in the context of the variety of astronomical objects.
  • Recognize the importance of protecting the skies for astronomical observation.
  • Use of astronomical tools and technologies, such as telescopes and astronomical simulation software.
  • Lunar observation & Astrophotography.
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Astronomy Study Abroad Class Structure

Astronomy program will consist of 6 classes and that will total 20 course hours. Classes will take place Monday, Wednesday, Friday withing the first two week.  

astronomy study abroad stduents learning

Class 1 

Introduction: Objects in the universe, distance, scalers, etc.
Stellarium use.

Class 2 

The importance of light, electromagnetic spectrum.
Diffraction slit or similar experiment.

Class 3 

The Eyes of the Universe: Techniques and Instrumentation.
Parts of a telescope, assembly and calibration with bright objects.

Class 4 

Spectral and photometric analysis.
Using a CCD, recognize the field of view of objects.

Class 5 

Stellar evolution.
Astrophotography with smartphones on telescopes.

Class 6 

Glaxies and Classification.
Planisphere, Laser and Night observation.

What's Included in Your Astronomy Program?

Astronomy study abroad program in Chile includes many features. Here are a few key points:
  • 30 hours Spanish classes in Viña del Mar / Valparaíso
  • 20 hours Astrophysics classes at one of the most prestigious Universities in Chile
  • Astronomy classes taught in English or Spanish
  • 5-day internship at a Observatory
  • A certificate of completion from University and Spanish school.
  • Airport pickup - once you arrive, you will be taken directly to your accommodation
  • Lodging: Homestay with a Chilean family (laundry included)
  • Breakfast and Dinner included from Monday - Friday
  • Four social events / excursions/ activities in Valparaíso and Elqui Valley
  • English speaking Adelante staff is available to you 24/7!
What's Included
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