Internships Abroad

Pharmacy Internship Programs

Candidates looking for Pharmacy internships abroad usually want some international professional experience to add to their resume. Pharmacy internships abroad include working in a locally owned and run pharmacy, interning for a pharmaceutical company or working for a Public Health organization, to name a few.  Pharmacy placements mean candidates will attend to the public, help Spanish pharmacists diagnose and then dispense medicine, and assist Doctors on staff.

Pharmacy Internships Abroad
Pharmacy Internships Abroad

Interested in a pharmacy placement abroad? We've got an internship for you.

Public Health internships for pharmacy majors include, as an example, working for organizations on Nutrition projects or for Free Clinics that advocate about sexual health and offer free testing. These Pharmacy internship placements in Spain require at least a low-intermediate level of Spanish and studies in the medical, nursing or pharmaceutical fields.

Pharmacy internships are offered year-round, including Summer for candidates wanting to intern in between semesters. Candidates looking to invest in a PharmD internship abroad can also take advantage of this program. This is an amazing opportunity to experience first-hand how the Pharmacy profession operates in a foreign country, and to appreciate how the policies and procedures differ in Europe as compared to the United States.

Pharmacy internships in Madrid vary. Intern with a large, national organization whose mission is to serve the Spanish population via education, networking and direct access to pharmaceutical products and services: as an umbrella company connected with both pharmacies and service providers, this is a broader placement. 

With this international internship in Madrid, the main goal is the sustainability of the Spanish Health System. Pharmacy internships in Madrid also include working in a locally owned or run pharmacy, which means a lot of face time with the Spanish public. More and more, local pharmacies there are focusing on alternative or more “natural” medicines and prevention (intermediate Spanish and a minimum 2 month program duration required). 

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