Health & Safety Abroad

In all Programs,  Adelante Abroad ensures 24/7 local emergency support and educates in pre-departure orientation materials to help participants prepare for the challenges of living in a new location. Earthquakes in Chile, a stolen backpack in Barcelona, a broken ankle in Uruguay, a nasty stomach bug in Madrid – many types of situations can come up while interning abroad and our team has close to 20 years’ worth of experience providing quick and experienced support to each of our participants as needed, whether that be finding the right medical care or navigating evacuation routes. It is our head office in California that also keeps our university partners and parents informed should issues arise during a program. Part of that is keeping an eye on recommendations from the U.S. Department of State’s travel warnings, local law enforcement in our overseas destinations, NAFSA, NACE and the World Health Organization.

Candidate Conduct Policy

Adelante Abroad participants are over the age of 18 and are, for the most part, intelligent travelers and superstar individuals who are legally responsible for their own behavior while abroad. We expect a certain standard of Behavior and Personal Responsibility from our candidates as they are a representation of Adelante. Our structured programs come with an added responsibility of being a good representative of your home country, university, and yourself. To ensure the personal safety of all participants, Adelante Abroad requires that all candidates sign a Candidate Conduct Policy as part of the program process.

Safety Tips

  • Emergency Contacts – As part of the application process, each candidate is required to list an emergency contact whom Adelante Abroad can always reach in case of emergencies. It is equally as important that each intern keep their contact information updated and have the on-site Director of Programs contact information on-hand.
  • Read Adelante’s Safety Protocol & Stay Updated – We require candidates to read and know our Safety Protocol and policies prior to departure.  We encourage our participants to read the local and world news to stay informed about potential safety concerns and travel alerts in their host country.
  • Keep Copies of Travel Documents – All candidates will make copies of their passport and keep them on their person and in another place, while leaving the actual passport in a safe place in their housing. Interns should also keep any travel and medical insurance information with them.
  • Be Smart – Candidates are given extensive pre-departure information about their host city and safety procedures, but it is up to each individual to make smart choices such as learning local laws and customs, telling others where they are going, avoiding walking alone late at night, and keeping valuable items in a safe place.