Internships in Ecuador

   Adelante Abroad has launched our newest program in Quito, Ecuador.  Medical internships, Veterinary internships, Equine Veterinary internships,  Womens’ Issues and Human Rights placements, Marketing internships, Working with Street Children and Teaching English internships are all available and ready for qualified Interns. We’ve made an effort to make sure that participating companies and organizations both want & need our interns and have enough structure to handle them was paramount when building this new program.  We are proud of what we have to offer qualified intern candidates!

Things to Do in Quito

Spend your Intern in Ecuador program living the colonial blended with indigenous Andean culture, situated in the mountains with plenty of greenery and beautiful 17th-century monasteries found in the old historic district. Quito has about a two million + population right now and is a big, capital city.  Our housing and classes are in the “La Mariscal” district, which is modern and urban, with a multitude of restaurants, hotels, banks, businesses, cafes and finance and government offices.  

Cotopaxi National Park - Internships in Ecuador - Adelante Abroad

We discovered that our favorite area, though hard to actually live in, is the old historic center. As one of the first and longest standing Unesco heritage world sites, this is a treasure trove of churches, palaces, Plazas and Museums and killer cultural walking routes.  For those interested in the nightlife, this area also contains vibrant culinary scenes mixed with modern clubs, though pretty strictly controlled so by about 1 am, most are closed up.

Internships in Ecuador

Internships in Ecuador
Nadja K - Equine Veterinary Internships in Ecuador

What's Included

The Intern in Ecuador program includes airport pick-up, two weeks of intensive Spanish classes, your own room living with a local family (meals each day included!) and a contracted internship, four hours per day/ 5 days per week,  in one of the sectors listed below.  (Check those prices again, folks, you just cannot beat our cost, with all of this included!) All placement companies or organizations are hand picked by our General Manager here at HQ and by our local, 24/7, on-site Directora of Programs in Quito, and are all locally owned and run.  Candidates will learn the South American work ethic, which includes plenty of time to get to know co-workers.  A rapid increase in your Spanish language level is a guarantee.  Apply now and be one of the first to experience this newest Adelante program.

This is a very rewarding program, where candidates work within the community like a local and assist companies and organizations in various areas. On your days off, discoveries are limitless:  the Galápagos Islands (a huge and growing surf culture at uncluttered beaches in the Montanita area) and the mouth of the Amazon is in Ecuador too.

Hear What Our Candidates Have to Say

"So far, I’ve gained linguistic abilities I didn’t have before, friends I didn’t have before, and eye opening, mind-expanding realizations that come from living in a different country. One sees how different everything is, which makes one re-examine his or her own country, instead of taking all institutions, values, cultural identities, political processes, etc., for granted. Living in a different country is an exercise in critical thinking."
Conner S. - University of Washington
Law & Human Rights Internship
"The internship has been extremely great so far. There is one girl from Sweden who lives near me and is interning at the center as well, she is in Ecuador for a total of 7 weeks. Additionally, there are four other Italian volunteers who are at the Center for the entire year (October to October). Everyone has been extremely welcoming and kind and the children at the center are wonderful as well."
Keesha M. - New York University
Social Work Internship