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Adelante Abroad Ecuador intern program offers distinct and enriching opportunities for students and young professionals. Our internship programs, which encompass a wide range of sectors, allows participants to gain valuable hands-on experience in their chosen field while immersing themselves in Ecuadorian culture.

Adelante intern placements are primarily in the capital of Quito, Ecuador as well as few placments in the city of Ambato.

Quito is clearly special.  It is the world’s first UNESCO Heritage Site, and wears this honor proudly. It is also the highest-altitude capital city in the world.  At 9,100 feet (2,800 meters), just walking up some stairs can get you winded during your first days there.  It is secluded in the Andes, between two volcanoes, and sits on the Equator. This place is seriously special.  

There is a reason it is called “the most beautiful big city in South America, “ and big it is, too!  The historic downtown is 300 square blocks of Plazas, churches, museums and Palaces.  We have chosen to base our language school and most of our housing in the “La Mariscal” district – the University is located here, as are plenty of market streets, lots of nightlife, internet cafes, and good foodie places. Apply now, Latitude 0 degrees is waiting for you!

Internships in Ecuador

Program Pricing

  • 1 Month$2,810
    (Teaching English Only)
  • 6-Weeks$3,170
    (Mid-May Only)
  • 2 Months $3,470
  • 3 Months$4,000
  • 4 Months$4,670
  • 5 Months$5,170
  • 6 Months $5,730

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Internships in Ecuador

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Spend your Intern in Ecuador program living the colonial blended with indigenous Andean culture, situated in the mountains with plenty of greenery and beautiful 17th-century monasteries found in the old historic district. Quito has about a two million + population right now and is a big, capital city.  Our housing and classes are in the “La Mariscal” district, which is modern and urban, with a multitude of restaurants, hotels, banks, businesses, cafes and finance and government offices.  

We discovered that our favorite area, though hard to actually live in, is the old historic center. As one of the first and longest standing Unesco heritage world sites, this is a treasure trove of churches, palaces, Plazas and Museums and killer cultural walking routes.  For those interested in the nightlife, this area also contains vibrant culinary scenes mixed with modern clubs, though pretty strictly controlled so by about 1 am, most are closed up.

Whether seeking professional growth or simply a unique cultural experience, Adelante Abroad’s Ecuador programs cater to diverse interests and aspirations.


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My two months in Ecuador was an incredible experience! I lived in Quito with an Ecuadorian family and completed 2 weeks of Spanish Language classes before beginning a 6-week placement at a veterinary clinic. Not only did I gain incredible skills and knowledge from my work placement that I can apply towards veterinary school in Canada, but I was also able to travel around Ecuador and get to know its culture and people. My main goal out of this experience was to learn to speak another language. I came to Ecuador with some basic Spanish but being immersed in it every day, both at home with my host family and at work, allowed me to accomplish this goal. I met so many amazing people during my time in Ecuador and I am so thankful for this amazing experience!

Claire B., University of Guelph
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