Environmental, Ecology, & Horticulture
Internships Abroad

Environmental, Ecology, & Horticulture Internship Programs

Adelante Abroad offers Ecology, Environmental, and Horticulture Internships Abroad, where candidates will travel and gain real international work experience. Think… Wind power in Madrid, solar energy in Chile, turtle conservation in Uruguay, a non-profit that advocates for lower energy consumption in Barcelona… these are examples of customized placements in this important field.

Environmental, Ecology, & Horticulture Internships Abroad

Interested in Environmental Science? Want to volunteer with ecology focused organizations? Love to travel? We have programs just for you.

In Scotland, students will participate in a variety of experiences in horticulture, plants and gardening at either a college or at a public garden, if available, in the Highlands. The college placement is in the countryside outside of Edinburgh. Students at this location will assist with the setup and displays related to Gardening Scotland, the premier Scottish National Gardening Show in Edinburgh. 

In Montevideo, Ecology candidates will volunteer at a turtle research station within the main Zoo. The research center’s main objective at present is to observe and determine the approximate numbers and general habits of juvenile green turtles in the zone, and the volunteer’s role is to participate in the daily collection of data, following the guidance of the research co-ordinators

Environmental science and ecology candidates interested in interning in Oaxaca will work with an established organization that focuses on water issues for the Central Valleys of Oaxaca. The main goal of this international internship is to merge modern knowledge and technology with the social structure and wisdom of traditional communities. Offices are located in downtown Oaxaca and projects are available for all levels of Spanish. Interns must be self-motivated, mature, and able to work independently as well as in a group. 

These are not your only options. There are a variety of options available for candidates interested in horticulture, environmental science, and ecology.