Spring 2020 Internships Abroad

There are plenty of reasons to do a Spring internship abroad; better weather, better internship placements, and the fact that you won’t be fighting summer crowds. Apply today and start as early as January 2020!

Spring Internships in Chile

Internships in Chile

It is Summer in Chile! Making Vina del Mar/Valparaiso – where we operate our Intern in Chile program – an excellent South America location & the ideal destination for an international internship. Chile offers a little bit of everything as it is one of the most diverse climatic regions in the world.  So you can surf one day, then drive two hours the next day to go skiing! Here you’ll be provided housing and a professional internship placement in your desired field so you can work on your Spanish language skills, enhance your career, and experience a new culture all at the same time. On the weekends, feel free to do a bit of traveling on your own. Our past Chile candidates have made traveling to Peru and seeing Machu Picchu a must-do in their time there. Chile is definitely our pick for the best Spring internships abroad.

Internships in Spain

Throughout Spain there are massive centuries old cathedrals and palaces (what seems to never make it in print is that they are almost always under construction!)  There are beautiful museums to visit, as well as cooking and flamenco dance classes to take. And we can’t write about Spain without mentioning the iconic and legendary nightlife:  nothing really happens until midnight, at the earliest, and closing time is well after the sun comes up. Every club at some point will play songs from Grease and old Abba tunes, not kidding here, and there is no irony either. Our three program cities are Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville, chosen because we have found better internships in these cities.

Spring Internships in Spain
Spring Internships in Ecuador

Internships in Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador is Adelante’s newest program as of February 2017. Medical internships, Veterinary internships, Equine Veterinary internships, Womens’ Issues and Human Rights placements, Marketing internships, Working with Street Children and Teaching English internships are all available and ready for qualified Interns. We’ve made an effort to make sure that participating companies and organizations both want & need our interns and have enough structure to handle them was paramount when building this new program.  We are proud of what we have to offer qualified intern candidates!

Internships in Uruguay

Ssshhhh! Best kept secret for young travelers right now is Uruguay, Montevideo and the beaches in particular.  And the seasons are reversed!  So when it is freezing here, it is gorgeous there – high season (summer) starts in December. We have to mention the beaches, have to.  Montevideo itself is surrounded on three sides by beaches, connected by a wide, paved Boardwalk.  Excellent, safe place to jog, bike, stroll, water gaze and people watch. We can say with confidence that we offer the most affordable internship programs in Uruguay, do your research.

Spring Internships in Uruguay

Spring Internships in Mexico

Volunteer in Mexico

Our internship programs have taken off in Spain and parts of Latin America while in Oaxaca, we focus on the same program highlights but with an emphasis on VOLUNTEER work rather than internship work. Volunteer work has a more socially involved connotation, and the work most definitely gives back to the community.

We have used our years of experience sending candidates abroad to Spain to develop the same valuable and customized Volunteer program in Mexico! We offer placements in Archaeology, Arts, Business, Culinary, Ecology, Education, Graphic Design, Law, Medical /Healthcare, Non-profits (NGOs) , Psychology, Social Work, Teaching English, Theatre, Volunteer, Women’s Studies and Health, Work with Children, and more!