Spring Internships Abroad

There are plenty of reasons to do a Spring internships abroad; better weather, better internships opportunities, and the fact that you won’t be fighting summer crowds. Apply for a Spring international internships today!

Featured Spring Program: Intern in Chile

The beautiful weather in Vina del Mar/Valparaiso makes this South America location the perfect destination for an international internship in Chile. Chile offers a little bit of everything as it is one of the most diverse climatic regions in the world. Here, you’ll be provided housing and a professional internship placement in your desired field so you can work on your Spanish language skills, enhance your career, and experience a new culture all at the same time. On the weekends, feel free to do a bit of traveling on your own! Our past Chile candidates have made traveling to Peru and seeing Machu Picchu a must-do in their time there. Chile is definitely our pick for the best Spring internships abroad.

Top Intern Placements for Spring:

  1. Event Planning
  2. Winery
  3. Ecology, Horticulture, Conservation Sciences
  4. Sports
  5. Fashion
  6. Psychology/Social Work
  7. Pharmacy

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