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Intern Abroad Starting December

Shayan V - Internships in Madrid - Adelante Abroad

Spend your Holidays abroad! Spend 2-6 months in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, or Uruguay. We have an assortment of fields to choose from and customized placements are also available.

This is the perfect opportunity for gap year, college students, post grads, and young professionals looking for international work experience. Apply by October 1st to start your program in December!

Summer 2018 Equine and Ecology Programs in Scotland

Kelpies - Study Abroad in Scotland - Adelante Abroad

Start your Summer 2018 in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland!

4-Week Equine Study Abroad (2 Spots Left) and Ecology & Wildlife Conservation Program (15 Spots left) May 20 – June 16, 2018

6-Week Observation & Research Assignments in Various Fields (Psychology, Equine Veterinarian, Ag. Business, Zoology, & More) May 20 – June 30, 2018

Spots are filling up – Secure yours ASAP!

Intern Wanted in Barcelona – Fall 2017 or Spring 2018

Sarria - Intern in Barcelona - Adelante Abroad

Work at a progressive, small, international K-12 school in Sarria, Barcelona.  This facility is turning 50 years old! Interns interested in School Administration, Teachers Assistant, Counselling and Social Media are welcome.

Because it is a multilingual school, we can place low or no-Spanish language levels here!

Apply now and we can confirm your acceptance within 4 -5 business days. What are you waiting for?

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Intern Abroad Update – Ecuador Candidates

Nadja K - Equine Veterinary Internships in Ecuador - Adelante Abroad

Nadja K. (Equine Veterinary) – “Spanish classes were great. Work is amazing so far. We’ve done a bit of traveling as well.”

Keesha M. (Social Work) – “Everyone has been extremely welcoming and kind and the children at the center are wonderful as well.”

Nadja is taking a 2-month Equine Veterinary internship while taking care of local horses and participating in their preventive care, and Keesha is working as an Assistant leader in an Education Center in Quito that provides a secure and safe place for children in hopes of keeping them off the streets.

Intern Abroad Update – Madrid Candidates

Gwen V - Translation Internship in Madrid - Adelante Abroad

Gwen V. (Translation) – “The internship has been really great thus far. I mainly help to coordinate volunteers for projects that [my internship’s NGO section] has going on. But I have also helped with revisions in Spanish, French and English, and have translated a few articles into English. It’s been really interesting learning about all the programs, software, and how other people translate.

Michael H. (Medical/Healthcare) – “I just wanted to let you know that I had the best time here in Madrid, Spain. I met new people that have become my BEST friends and I have traveled a lot while being here. The internship worked out perfectly because I learned a lot from the doctors and nurses.”

Intern Abroad Update – Seville Candidates

President of Art Museum - Adaeze - Internship in Seville - Adelante Abroad

Adaeze C. (Art) – “I am learning so much and really cannot wait to implement what I have learned when I return home. I am truly inspired. Spain is a magical place overflowing with love and appreciation for its culture. I believe I am well on my way and eternally grateful to Adelante Abroad for making it possible.

Ariana S. (Marketing) – “Andalucia overall has a strong sense of culture and the locals are so friendly and proud to be from there. My internship was really great since that I had a lot of important work to do and I was able to network with a lot of successful people.

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Testimonials from Adelante Abroad Candidates

I participated in the ecology and countryside management branches at the SRUC Oatridge campus. The lecturers that provided me with projects were so incredibly helpful. Anytime I needed help or had a question there was ALWAYS someone there who went above and beyond to make sure my question was answered. Throughout my time there, I learned a lot about the ecology of Scotland and how it differs from the environment that I am used to at home. I also made some lasting friendships with some of the locals that I met while staying in the dorms. Scotland is full of experiences for any type of person, and it was an experience that I would urge more people to take part in.

Jordan S., University of Arkansas- Fayetteville, USA
Jordan S., University of Arkansas- Fayetteville, USAObservation and Research in Scotland - Ecology

Loved this experience! Going abroad is something that is on everyone’s bucket list, so why not learn something while you’re at it? Adelante does a fantastic job providing a great experience abroad along with a great internship. The Spanish class that came with my program was a surprise but definitely my favorite part.

The internship itself (medical) was great as well- very enlightening. The one suggestion I would give is to make sure to get a visa! Traveling in Europe is fairly affordable and with all the extra time you may have from work, it’s worth it to get out and explore! I would do this program all over again!

Brianna C., Northeastern University, USA
Brianna C., Northeastern University, USAInternship in Madrid, Medical

My internship assignment [97.3 FM Radio Valentín Letelier] was spot on. Marcela made sure I knew how to get there and who to talk to (although the beautiful madness of Chilean Spanish made it difficult to chat at first). I was allowed to work [Journalism internship/reporter] at my own pace and take as many tourism days off as I needed. The staff was endlessly cool… if you end up in the area, I recommend you tune in to Radio Valentín Letelier for a (really) broad mix of alternative music.

Adelante is trustworthy and Chile is indescribably worthwhile. Buen viaje, folks. Pick up a slang dictionary on your way.

Arlo B., Morehead State, Owingsville, KY, USA
Arlo B., Morehead State, Owingsville, KY, USAInternships in Chile

Hear From Past Interns After Their Adelante Program

I thought I’d let you know that since my internship with Adelante, I have competed countless interviews in my career.  And while I feel that my CV could take an interviewer in any number of directions, almost every interviewer has asked me, “I see you interned as an EMT in Spain; tell me about that.”  For whatever reason, It has been a talking point that has saved me on so many levels throughout my career.  Brian and I have talked about this over the years, and he has expressed the same experience in interviews.

Just wanted to say thanks!

Colin F., MD, Duke University
Colin F., MD, Duke UniversityNOW: Private Practice - Allergy Specialist, North Carolina

Applying for a job was tough. Employers wanted experience, but in order to have experience, you needed experience. It was a never-ending circle. Internships were a great opportunity to gain more experience in the work field that you’re trying to get into. My Adelante internship is the internship that seems to stand out the most on my resume.

When I left Barcelona I had just finished my Master’s Degree. My resume now had 3 internships, a Bachelor Degree and a Master’s Degree yet the thing all employers wanted to discuss, was my internship in Barcelona.

Lynn T., Azusa Pacific University
Lynn T., Azusa Pacific UniversityNOW: International Merchant Sales Specialist, MINDBODY, Inc., Syndey, Australia

When I arrived back in New York City, I kept my passion for travel and foreign culture, and pursued an internship position at a Travel & Tourism PR Communications firm. The defining and proudest moment of my interview was when the President looked up from scanning from resume and said “You worked in Barcelona for a few months? ¡Que interesante!” I replied “una experiencia maravillosa.” I got the internship, which ultimately lead into a full time position at the agency. A wonderful experience indeed.

Kerry L., Ithaca College Graduate, Ithaca, NY
Kerry L., Ithaca College Graduate, Ithaca, NYNOW: Activation Manager, J3 Studios/Universal McCann, New York, NY

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