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Summer 2018: What’s Happening Right Now?

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Candidate Selfie Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the Adelante Selfie Contest, Jessica C.!

Jessica attends UC Santa Barbara and is currently participating in a Fashion internship in Madrid. A $150 Amazon Gift Card is on your way!

Thank you to everyone who submitted their travel and internship pictures. It was a difficult decision but keep an eye out for the next candidate contest coming soon.

Scotland 2019 Summer Program

Summer Equine Program 

May 19- June 15, 2019

Observation & Research in Scotland

May 19- June 29, 2019

Applying early is strongly encouraged, as only a limited number of spots are available in each program.

Apply for the 2019 Program – NOW!  

Join the only Equine program in Europe. Observation and Research in Scotland have been developed with an experienced university specialist who has secured student internships in Scotland and throughout Europe for almost 20 years.

Candidate Spotlight

Candidate Spotlight - Fiona E.

Meet Fiona E.! 

Fiona attends the University of Pittsburgh and participated in Non-Profits internship in Seville. She was an ideal candidate and worked diligently at her internship while improving her Spanish speaking skills.

“I told Adelante my field of interest and they found a perfect internship for me in Sevilla. The two weeks of Spanish class prior to the internship were also excellent; the school had wonderful professors and organized free, fun cultural excursions we could participate in after class. The Adelante staff was incredibly supportive and checked in with me regularly. They care a lot about each individual intern and were very helpful in resolving any questions or concerns. The program is perfect for people who enjoy independence with accessible support when needed.”

Internship & Study Abroad News, Events, and Updates

Learn from Our Candidates

Scotland - Natalie M.

Natalie M. – Scotland Observation & Research Program 

Natalie currently attends the University of Texas at San Antonio and participated in the Observation and Research Program in Scotland this summer. She was a part of the Speech Therapy program and it was a mind opening experience.

Check out Natalie’s blog and read about her experiences in Scotland! Who knows, you might want to sign up ASAP…

Intern & Travel This Fall 2018

Join any of our Spanish-speaking programs this Fall, with over 30+ sectors available. Choose between 2 to 6 months.

Housing, Spanish language courses, and exciting excursions are all included in your program.

Lower costs for travel, more open internship placements, and the fact that you won’t be fighting busy crowds.

Apply now and we can confirm your acceptance within 4 -5 business days. What are you waiting for? Apply today and start as early as September.

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Hear From Our Candidates

The internship has been an enjoyable experience. My favorite part of the job is how trusting and comfortable my supervisor is with me! I joined the local gym and have been working out after work. I have also traveled to Milan, Lake Como, Lisboa, Sintra. Paris, Madrid, and London are left on my list before heading back to the states.

Luis S. - Architecture Internship in Barcelona

I´m doing several different tasks right now and enjoying them, and I´m learning about some different systems and terminology that will undoubtedly help me in the future! When I’m not at my internship, I´m doing all sorts of exciting things, like visiting Paris, Lisbon, and Morocco, and making friends.  I´ve attended some intercambios, a Spanish cooking demonstration, and I am looking at taking salsa classes!

Jaci Z. - Business Internship in Seville

“I like that [my internship] is allowing me to dabble with different positions in the company (HR, Marketing, finance, etc.) and, as the internship continues, I can choose what I want to focus on primarily.”

Sophie - Business Internship in Madrid

“Everything’s great here, I absolutely love my roommates who are also here through Adelante, and we are having a good time. Angel, the director, is always there to assist us if anything’s required. The internship’s going well too. They involve me in various projects so I get to learn a lot of different aspects to architecture in Spain. I definitely do not feel like going back after such a great experience here!”

Taral - Architecture Internship in Madrid

Work is going great, I’ve actually already been working there for 2 weeks so luckily I have some friends! I really really love my internship. [I’m working] with the third print I’ve ever made – wood reduction print with 6 different colors/layers.

Ella - Graphic Design Volunteer in Mexico

During my internship, I got the chance to have a hands on experience learning how to take blood, administer IV’s, attend wounds, and have an up close experience observing simple surgeries.”

Adrien - Medical Internship in Ecuador

The Spanish classes are super fun and helpful. When I’m done for the day with work and classes, I like to go for a walk round Madrid and explore the city.

Marta - Teaching English Internship in Madrid

I just wanted to let you know that I had the best time here in Madrid, Spain. The internship worked out perfectly because I learned a lot from the doctors and nurses.”

Michael - Medical Internship in Madrid

“This program was so great! I learned so much and had such amazing opportunities. I was able to enter the operating room and converse with the actual surgeons about different techniques and procedures.”

Abigail - Nursing Internship in Madrid

Adelante was very efficient in finding me the perfect internship position with a mental health organization that works with people who have schizophrenia.”

Valerie - Psychology Internship in Madrid

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