Spanish internships abroad

Spanish Internships

Adelante Abroad provides Internship programs in multiple sectors in Spain, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico. All Adelante Abroad programs except for Scotland program requires low-intermediate level Spanish language skills. Beginner spanish internships available.

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Spanish Speaking Internships in Spain

Spanish internships are available in three unique cities in Spain as well as in four Latin American countries. Intern in Barcelona, Madrid, or Seville. Or explore South and Central Americas by interning in Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, or Mexico.   

Spanish Internships in Barcelona

Barcelona is the second longest running location of all of our Spanish internships and holds some of our most popular programs. Past interns in Barcelona frequently talk about falling in love with the city; there is so much to do and see. Indeed, Barcelona is one of the most unique cities in Spain; they even speak their own unique Spanish dialect! Some of our top internship program placements include: business/international business, law, architecture and design, social media/marketing, culinary, sports, and more!

Spanish Internships in Barcelona

Spanish Internships in Madrid

Welcome to our longest running location and most popular program hands down. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the epicenter of economic and cultural activity. From the architecture to the beautiful parks, there is so much this city has to offer. Being in such a centralized location makes your weekend travels a lot easier as well! Some of our top internship program placements include: medical/healthcare, education, theater, working with children, psychology/social work, nursing, pharmacy, information technology, and more!

Spanish Internships in Madrid

Spanish Internships in Seville

Seville serves as the cultural and financial center of southern Spain, Andalusia. The architecture and colors of Seville are nothing short of breathtaking; if you’re looking for a unique cultural experience, opportunity to explore and an ideal place to live, this internship destination is perfect for you. As Lonely Planet has so aptly described; some cities have looks, others have personality… Seville has both! Notable placements include: art, ecology/conservation/environmental, horticulture, event planning, graphic design, LGBTQ, women & gender Studies, journalism, and more!

Spanish Internships in Seville

Spanish Internships in Latin America

Explore the vibrant and diverse cultures of Latin America while gaining valuable professional experience through our Spanish internships. Adelante offers internship programs in four captivating Latin American destinations: Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and Uruguay. Our internships provide a unique opportunity to work with local Spanish organizations, enhancing your global perspective and cultural awareness. 

spanish internships in latin america

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