What’s Included

5 benefits of intern abroad - adelante abroad

What you’re getting with Adelante’s Programs:

  • Affordable pricing – both our Intern Abroad and Study Abroad programs are the cheapest you’ll find, period. Go ahead and check. This is easy to confirm.
  • Centralized Accommodations – Enjoy your own private room in a shared apartment within the city center. Live with other Adelante candidates, international students, roommates from the host country, or bring a friend from home to live with you! Some programs include living in a Dorm, on campus. Some programs also offer a homestay option where you can live with a host family.
  • Contracted Internship – for the Intern Abroad programs, receive a signed contract from the host company abroad. All companies are thoroughly screened, locally owned or managed, and are typically small to mid-size. Some placements are in larger, international corporations. However, we feel like the larger a company, the more chance there is of a foreign intern getting lost in the shuffle.
  • Guided Reflection Exercises – Often overlooked is how to help students quantify the many new skills acquired abroad.  Adelante has built specific prompts and reflection exercise worksheets for candidates to complete during and post-program. This helps specifically upgrade the candidates resume with concrete, quantifiable, defined skills and experiences.
  • Academic credit – The Study Abroad programs provide fully transferable, sealed transcripts upon successful completion. For the Intern Abroad program, nearly every candidate who has ever needed to receive credit for this program has done so. Your University probably has a particular process, and Adelante is used to helping students navigate the various requirements to secure credit for their contact hours abroad.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation – receive extensive relevant counseling and materials on everything from what kind of insurance to buy, what to pack, assistance securing a Visa, if needed, and much, much more.
  • Convenient Airport pickup – Once you arrive, you will be met at the airport and transferred directly to your accommodation.
  • Spanish Language course – For Spanish speaking destinations, participate in two or three weeks of intensive Spanish language courses prior to starting your internship.
  • On-site Adelante staff – English speaking Adelante Directors live full time in our program cities.  They are a huge resource, available during business hours and for emergencies, 24 hours/7 days a week. Their local phone number and email address will be provided prior to departure in all materials.
  • Matriculation at University abroad – for the Study Abroad programs semester and summer options.
  • Some Excursions – These happen during the first weeks of the Language Course. Adelante candidates sign up for these, and activities vary depending on the time of year and the number of candidates who sign up. Anything is possible, from a tapas crawl to a River tour, to lunch with a language teacher to an overnight Volcano visit. Day trips to local landmarks and historic sites are included for nearly all of our programs.
  • Letters of recommendation are available upon request.
  • Work experience, language acquisition, and cultural immersion:  all are key components of the Adelante Abroad programs.

IMPORTANT:  Adelante Abroad, LLC is not a “middleman” or “agent”.  Rather, we create proprietary, customized programs for our individual, screened candidates.  To do this we use long-standing contacts in our respective countries of operation and with negotiated rates for all services provided, including but not limited to airport pickup services, language coursework, excursion services, and housing services worldwide.  More importantly, our staff of Intern Advisors and Directors abroad are professionals in the international education and student exchange industry, used to working with foreign candidates and often times with complimentary professional careers in place as well as their service to Adelante Abroad.  For example, our Director in Madrid also owns the language school where International Internship Program candidates will take their Spanish coursework.  By design, these representatives are locals living, and many times born and raised, in the city where they work for us and speak both Spanish and English.  These are your contacts while in-country for most aspects of the program and all have both day and evening phone.