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Thinking of interning abroad with an international non-profit? Travel abroad and get involved in bettering your new community. Interns are placed within both grassroots organizations and larger international non-profit organizations.

Interested in working at an NGO? Want to travel abroad? We’ve got an internship for you!

Travel abroad and get involved in bettering your new community. Interns participating in non profit internships are placed within both grassroots organizations and larger international non-profits. This sector is huge: choose to aid a political causeabused womendrug addictionstreet childrencancer awarenessLGBTQ issueshealth education, massively underserved populations, both local and immigrant, and many more.

Unlike a for-profit company, oftentimes there is less structure in NGO placements, so these organizations are searching for good candidates who are flexible and can see the bigger picture. These amazingly diverse international non-pfrofit internship placements look good on any resume and tend to change a person for the better.

Candidates placed in NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) in Spain often do legal, social, marketing, and other administrative work. Past Non-profit internship placements include C.EA.R (Comision Espanola Ayuda al Refugiado), Proyecto Hombre, Amnestia Internacional, A.C.U.L.C.O. among others. These organizations re ante from immigrants’ rights services to assisting drug addicts to integrate back into society.

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Non-profit internships abroad

Work alongside wonderful Non-Profit organizations abroad

Non-profit internship placements in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain last from two to six months. The program goals are 50% work experience, with work assignments 20 hours per week, and 50% cultural / language acquisition and immersion.

Non profit Internships in Oaxaca, Mexico offer a host of work for non-profit organizations in fields like environmental/ecology, business development, medical/health, social and economic development, social work, women’s studies, and women’s health.

Montevideo has a small but important sector of non-profits dedicated to serving where service is lacking, especially public health. In a clinic or hospital setting, volunteers assist with community work in the OB/GYN sector; outreach to populations that might not feel comfortable coming to a hospital; pediatrics, and family events to educate, serve and assist psychologically and medically.

Work within a Vocational Education Social Project, with a group that focuses on vocational training, providing youth shelters, and creating school presentations to extremely poor areas around Montevideo. Be a part of this grassroots, local community setting inside of this growing social project.


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