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Ready to take your passion for law to the next level? Apply for our Law Internships Abroad for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Experience in a Spanish-speaking law firm will not only enhance your Spanish abilities and bolster your resume, but will also make you a valuable asset wherever you go.

Gain international experience with a Law Internship Abroad

Law internships abroad require candidates to be on the legal track (pursuing law school, and better yet, to have taken the LSAT prior to their program with us, although this is not a requirement) plus a high-intermediate level of Spanish language proficiency. Work assignments will vary from country to country. Placements range from small to mid-sized, privately owned law firms to in-house legal departments of larger companies.

Law candidates gain work experience in a variety of legal fields including but not limited to: Corporate and Business Law, Contract Law, Civil Law, Maritime and Aviation Law, International Business Transactions, General Litigation, Immigration, and others. Plan on doing everything from errands to courthouses to translating legal briefs to shadowing a specific lawyer for your program length.

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My Law internship in Spain was a phenomenal one. I feel that by taking this internship I was able to see things more clearly with what I wanted to accomplish. My internship was extremely unique because not only did I learn a lot with a lawyer at his office, I got hands-on experience by attending court proceedings and elections for the lawyer society of Madrid. He took me in as his ward and introduced me to countless attornies, businessmen, and people who share a similar mentality of professionalism as we do, which was much appreciated.

Christian S. law intern in madrid
Christian S., California State University Long Beach
Law Intern,

I spent 3 months in Uruguay, interning with a law firm in Punta del Este. The firm I interned with was the first firm to receive recognition for its continuous improvement and quality management by the National Institute of Quality (INACAL). It was an honor to collaborate with a firm with such recognition. My internship placement was flexible, and I received university credit for my internship. My firm was happy to accommodate my hours and fill out all forms I needed for the university.

Jae H., University of Miami, OR, USA
Law Intern,
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