Adelante Abroad Alumni Updates


CURRENT JOB: E-Commerce Project Manager, RAIL EUROPE, Paris, France

Emily C. – Intern in Madrid (2012) Education Internship

CURRENT JOB: Campaign Manager at Centogene AG, Berlin, Germany

Dinora A. – Intern in Madrid (2011) Psychology Internship

CURRENT JOB: Community Builder at GasPedal, Austin, TX

Nicole F. – Intern in Madrid (2012) Human Resources Internship

CURRENT JOB: Program Coordinator at Eclipse Foundation, Ottawa, Canada

Kasandra D. – Intern in Chile (2012) Human Resources Internship

CURRENT JOB: Private Practice – Allergy Specialist, North Carolina

Colin F., MD – Intern in Spain (2001) Medical Internship

I thought I’d let you know that since my internship with Adelante, I have completed countless interviews in my career.  And while I feel that my CV could take an interviewer in any number of directions, almost every interviewer has asked me, “I see you interned as an EMT in Spain; tell me about that.”  For whatever reason, it has been a talking point that has saved me on so many levels throughout my career.  Brian (another Adelante Abroad alum) and I have talked about this over the years, and he has expressed the same experience in interviews.

Just wanted to say thanks!

CURRENT JOB: Study Abroad Specialist

Julia C. – Intern in Costa Rica (2016) Communications Internship

[Adelante Abroad] were so awesome in placing me in the best internship ever, which made me figure out my passion for sending students abroad. I totally owe it all to Adelante! I’m super excited to be in the field and looking forward to new and exciting travel opportunities.

CURRENT JOB: International Merchant Sales Specialist, MINDBODY, Inc., Syndey, Australia

Lynn T. – Intern in Barcelona (2011) Marketing Internship

Applying for a job was tough. Employers wanted experience, but in order to have experience, you needed experience. It was a never-ending circle. Internships were a great opportunity to gain more experience in the work field that you’re trying to get into. My Adelante internship is the internship that seems to stand out the most on my resume.

When I left Barcelona I had just finished my Master’s Degree. My resume now had 3 internships, a Bachelor Degree and a Master’s Degree yet the thing all employers wanted to discuss, was my internship in Barcelona.

CURRENT JOB: Activation Manager, J3 Studios/Universal McCann, New York, NY

Kerry L. – Intern in Barcelona (2010) Marketing Internship

When I arrived back in New York City, I kept my passion for travel and foreign culture, and pursued an internship position at a Travel & Tourism PR Communications firm. The defining and proudest moment of my interview was when the President looked up from scanning from resume and said “You worked in Barcelona for a few months? ¡Que interesante!” I replied “una experiencia maravillosa.” I got the internship, which ultimately lead into a full time position at the agency. A wonderful experience indeed.

CURRENT JOB: Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher, Austin, TX

Amanda M. – Intern in Madrid (2012) Teaching English Internship

This internship gave me such an enriching experience as not only a person, but as a professional as well. Since my internship, I have had potential employers tell me that my resume stood out not only for my credentials, but because I had done an internship abroad! I’m so happy that I was able to have the opportunity to do an internship in a country I love, as well as in my own field as an early childhood development professional. What an amazing experience! I’ll never forget it!

CURRENT JOB: Associate Scientist, Biogen

Mike F. – Intern in Chile (2012) Teaching English Internship

My time in South America pushed the limits of my comfort and gave me a unique perspective on the world as a whole.  This perspective has proven very valuable while in college as well as after graduation when pursuing employment. I currently work as an associate scientist at a biotechnology company and I can confidently say that the free-thinking and multicultural environment I experienced while abroad positively affects the way I do my job now.