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social media internships abroad

Gain skills in digital marketing with our social media internships abroad.

Calling all social media junkies! Our companies in Madrid and Barcelona are looking for a new angle to stand out on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Candidates in this internship will be responsible for thinking up new ideas, then researching and gathering content around those new ideas, adding graphics/taking photos, anything that is needed to build up the brand. 

Almost all industries have or are building their social media presence, so interns will work in companies that vary. Think fashion to journalism to architecture to textile importers – all need or want to better their presence on social media. 

There will be opportunities to participate in marketing initiatives and business development. Sometimes candidates are asked to bring their own laptop and digital camera. Creative writing skills preferred with this international internship in Spain. Beginner speakers are also welcome here. 

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Until August Programs Start Date Deadline