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Semester Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for General FAQs that pertain to ALL Adelante Abroad Programs.  Things such as eligibility, airfare, academic credit, insurance, and payment questions are the same for all programs.

Find Seville Semester Study Abroad Specific FAQs Below

  • Will I receive transcripts at the end of my Adelante Semester Study Abroad in Seville Program?

    Yes – Transcripts from our internationally accredited participating university abroad, the Universidad Pablo de Olavide (UPO), are included in the program price.  Upon successful completion of your Adelante Semester Study Abroad program, signed,  fully transferable and sealed transcripts will be issued, in your name, to the Adelante HQ offices in California.  We will then contact you and request the exact address, registrar or home, where you would like these to be mailed.

  • Can I receive academic credit for participating in this study abroad program in Spain?

    Yes – Using the included, fully transferable Transcripts (see question above), candidates can choose to receive credit for their courses taken in their Adelante Semester Study Abroad program. It is advisable to make sure that the international coursework chosen for this program will be accepted by your home University if you wish the credit to be applied to your current studies.  Adelante provides course lists, course descriptions and syllabi, as needed to assist with this process.

  • Is a student Visa required?

    Yes – Student visas are only required for programs longer than 3 months in duration. Our Semesters in Spain are usually a little longer than 3 months.  So, first step is to contact your nearest Spanish Consulate or Embassy now to find out their specific requirements for a STUDENT VISA. You can locate the Spanish Consulate nearest you ( and contact them to set up your STUDENT VISA appointment via email or by fax, sometimes phone. It sounds more complicated than it is — just give yourself enough time to get the documentation required together. If you are serious about studying abroad, you should begin that process now, as many times the only way to get in touch with your embassy / consulate is by email and often time hours of operation are 9-12 only. Once you have applied for the Adelante program, been accepted and paid your Tuition, we give you an Acceptance Letter (written in Spanish and addressed to your Consulate) that will enable you to obtain the Student Visa you need for this program. Click here for more information on visas.

  • Is there an Adelante Director in Seville?

    Yes – Macarena Perez-Tinao is the Adelante Director for both our International Internship Program and the Semester and Summer Study Abroad in Seville Program. Macarena is a Spanish native and has worked in the education sector for her entire professional career. She has studied and later taught in the US, has published several doctorate articles on multilingualism and professional development of teachers.  Our Co-Director is Catherine Anner, another leader in the field of international education. She is American, and has lived and worked in Seville for over 15 years now. She is fully bi–lingual and brings, in a very helpful way, both the American and Spanish cultures together when she works with and assimilates our students.

  • Are there any kind of organized sports and/or sports facilities?

    Yes – A Sports ID Card is included in the program (you’ll need to provide 2 passport-sized photos), and to join the gym on campus is about $11 per month or $22 for 3 months. There are Intramural sports organized for indoor soccer, basketball, softball and table tennis.

  • Can I provide my own housing in the Semester Abroad program in Seville?

    Yes –  but it is not recommended. If you choose this option, we will need your address abroad and you will also sign a Waiver of Liability (document stating that you will not need Adelante housing for the duration of your program abroad.) We can assist, pointing you in the right direction: air bnb, reliable housing agencies we have used in the past, advice on good areas of the city,  possible contacts with other foreign or local students looking for shared rooms, etc.

  • How much should I budget for living expenses per month, above and beyond what is included in the program fee?

    This program includes most meals, so we suggest approximately $125 USD per week, to cover normal expenses like metro/taxi money, some going out at night and one or two nearby excursions a month. The price goes up when you start going out at night more and when you begin to travel further abroad, which we do encourage!  (For example, you can get to Portugal, France, Morocco or Andorra very inexpensively from almost anywhere in Spain.)

  • How Much do books and materials cost for the semester?

    Approximately 90 – 140 Euros for a 4-course semester, payable once abroad in Sevilla and once the final drop and add period is over.

  • Are only Americans admitted to this program?

    No  Our only requirement is that you speak English, to be able to communicate with both Adelante Headquarters and our in-country staff who are required to speak both their native language and English. We have placed candidates from all over the world, including Britain, Japan, Australia, India, Canada, Jordan, El Salvador and more. Please check any visa requirements for your nationality.

  • Are there any extracurricular activities or trips planned?

    Yes – For semester students, there are 4 organized events per semester ranging from a boat ride down the Guadalquivir to an outing at the theatre in Seville. We recommend these activities as they enhance language acquisition and give you a chance to see the many aspects of Seville and the surrounding areas.

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