Scotland Observation & Research Assignments FAQ

(Click here for General FAQs that pertain to ALL Adelante Abroad Programs.  Things such as eligibility, airfare, academic credit, insurance, payment questions which are the same for all programs.)

What Happens After I Apply to go to Scotland, Step By Step?

Once we receive your completed application packet (this is a straightforward online form + one email with required documents as attachments), we conduct an hour long Skype or phone interview, to go over your application and the placement abroad process. Be ready to take a lot of notes here! We then check two of your references. At that point, by approximately 5 business days after receipt of your application packet, you are formally confirmed into the Research and Observation program.

Next step is to send your file to our Director of Scotland programs.  He will begin presenting your file to our participating companies abroad.  Once the company accepts you, we then contract you with them for your assignment. You will sign this contract, too.  Concurrently, we coordinate the housing for you in downtown Edinburgh (shared apartment or residence hall in some cases).

We like to be done with the entire step by step process as soon as possible, and there are VERY limited placements in this particular program. So, candidates will know both where they are living and where their work assignment is long before they arrive abroad.

When does the Scotland Observation & Research program begin and when can I plan on arriving?

The Observation & Research in Scotland program runs just one time a year:  6-weeks long and in Summer (end of May to beginning of July each year).

Candidates arrive the Saturday just before the first Monday of their program start date. This allows time to unpack, get over jet lag and acquaint yourself a little with the neighborhood, e.g. finding the nearest ATM, grocery stores, cafes, post office, etc.  Plan on leaving the Saturday right after the last Friday of your program.

Is there an Adelante contact for the Scotland programs?
Yes – Our Director of Programs – Scotland, is Dr. Ray Barclay, who has more than 25 years experience placing students in international internships and study abroad programs.

Dr. Barclay is the architect of the three signature Scotland Programs (Equine, Ecology, and Observation & Research) and is an excellent resource. He has decades of higher education experience, specifically within abroad and international programming for university students

Candidates are given his contact information long before their scheduled start date, for access as needed during their program abroad.

Is my $500 holding deposit refundable?
No – except in cases of medical emergency. This deposit secures your spot as these are always limited placements (just one and two spots in each) and prestigious opportunities. It also signals our Director of Programs in Scotland to begin the placement abroad process with participating faculty  members.

Failure to pay this means that you may lose your spot in these competitive placements. This amount is deducted from the cost of the program, not an additional fee.

How much should I budget for living expenses per month, above and beyond what is included in the program fee?
For Edinburgh, Scotland we suggest approximately $150 – $200 USD per week, and this covers normal expenses like groceries, bus & train money, some going out and one or two nearby excursions a month.

The budget goes up when you start going out at night more and when you begin to travel further abroad (which we encourage!).