Alumni Spotlight – 2012 Intern in Chile

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 Mike F., Former Intern in Chile (2012)

From time to time, we like to catch up with our former intern and study abroad candidates. Of course, many have used their experience with Adelante Abroad as a stepping stone onto bigger and better things in their lives. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing about how their experiences affected and impacted them. The following is an example of this.

When I arrived in Viña del Mar, Chile in July of 2012, I had no idea my experience in South America over the next 5 months would shape where I am today. The language I learned and experiences I had will stick with me forever. Myself and the friends I made along the way (whom I still keep in touch with) climbed a volcano in Southern Chile, camped in the desert in Northern Chile, took jeeps across the salts flats of Bolivia, visited the floating islands of Lake Titicaca, volunteered at a medical clinic in Cusco,  and made a 4-day trek to Machu Picchu. The list goes on…


My time in South America pushed the limits of my comfort and gave me a unique perspective on the world as a whole. This perspective has proven very valuable while in college as well as after graduation when pursuing employment. I currently work as an associate scientist at a biotechnology company and I can confidently say that the free-thinking and multicultural environment I experienced while abroad positively affects the way I do my job now.

I now have the ‘travel bug’ after making another trip abroad to  Europe this past summer and with plans to visit South America again in the near future. I would encourage anyone considering going abroad to stop considering and just do it! It is an experience that will change your life and one that you will never forget!

 – Mike F.

Then: Biology Major, Northeastern University

Now: Associate Scientist at Biogen

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