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We recently had a chance to catch up with our former intern abroad candidate Jasmine Wilson for our alumni candidate spotlight. Jasmine was a Speech Pathology intern in Seville, Spain with Adelante abroad in 2019. Find out about her experience in Madrid and what advice she has for future candidates below.

Speech Therapy Intern with Adelante

My name is Jasmine and I’m from Harrisburg, PA. I applied to intern abroad with Adelante after a positive study abroad experience in Seville, Spain. During my time in Seville, I also lived in an apartment in Trianna with two women from the area and another student from the US. The Adelante staff were so supportive and helpful. I had an awesome time and didn’t want to leave when the experience came to an end.

Did you have any plans for your career before your internships abroad? Did they change after your internship experience?

Before my internship abroad, I planned to return to grad school to become a speech pathologist. My plans expanded to become a bilingually certified therapist. This opened me up to a new market of job opportunities and is a direct result of the cross-cultural experience and language development I gained from interning abroad.  I plan to work as a bilingual speech pathologist after I graduate this summer.

intern in speech therapy

What experiences from your time in Seville helped you in your career/school?

During my time in Seville, I interned with a speech pathologist at a local charter school. My time with Adelante provided an opportunity to utilize Spanish in an immersive environment while gaining experience in my field. It was a win-win all around! The confidence I gained during this experience carried over to graduate school and work experience. 

speech pathology intern in Seville

Your most memorable experience from your Intern Abroad program?

I reconnected with an old friend from my time studying abroad. Long story short we really hit it off, and are married now! We live together in the United States and are considering moving back to Spain in the future. I also made lifelong friends in Seville who I keep in touch with to this day. Needless to say, my experience with Adelante changed my life for the better.

jasmine wilson seville intern

What is your current Career / school?

Currently, I work as a speech pathologist at a local public school. I am also finishing up a M.S. degree in Communicative Science and Disorders. My experience with Adelante provided valuable experience within the field and ultimately contributed to my acceptance to graduate school.

Seville Speech Pathology candidates

Any advice would you give to current / future Adelante Abroad candidates?

I would suggest remaining open and positive about the experience and the culture around you. Make it a point to reach outside of your comfort zone and try new things (ie: Going to a local cafe to try something new instead of going to a chain you have access to in the United States. Practicing your foreign language skills instead of only spending time with other Americans). This can open you up to new experiences, new friends, and a new perspective of the world.

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