Top Spring Internships - Adelante Abroad

Top Spring Internships Abroad 2017

Top Spring Internships - Adelante Abroad

It’s not too late to apply for a Spring internship abroad and even stay through the Summer months! The application for an internship beginning April 1st is actually February 15th, so applicants still have a chance to get a head start going abroad!

Spring in general is the best time to be abroad for an internship program for a plethora of reasons; it’s technically summer in South America, Q2 (April, May, June) is beginning for those publicly traded European companies, the crowds are far more comfortable compared to the summer months, etc. Here’s a list of some of the top programs that our candidates have been asking us about. While some of our programs have remained at the top since 2016, we have added new site locations and programs this year for new candidates and interns.

1. Event Planning Internships Abroad  (Ecuador, Spain, Uruguay)

Event planning in the spring for a number of reasons. Not only are companies gearing up for the influx of summer events but spring is a prime time for events in their own right. For example, May kicks off wedding season in Spain so the prior months will be all about getting ready, interns will definitely be needed!


2. Winery Internships Abroad (Chile)

Chile is somewhat thought of as the California of South America due to the diverse climate zones in the country. This temperate climate has lent itself to Chile becoming more prominent in the wine industry in recent years. Spring time is obviously one of the most ideal times to be among the vineyards and learning the art of fine wine making.


3. Ecology, Conservation and Horticulture Internships Abroad (Chile, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay)

In this field, there are a slew of opportunities depending on what your specific interests are. Low energy consumption in Barcelona, solar power in Chile, wind power in Madrid, and soil conservation and water management in Mexico are among the options. It goes without saying spring is perhaps the best time of year to intern in a field rooted in the environment.


4. Sports Internships Abroad (Barcelona and Madrid, Spain)

For a handful of sports, the season really starts to heat up in the spring time as teams are making their push for the playoffs. The same is true in Europe, particularly in Spain. Spring time is when things get interesting in the top professional basketball and soccer leagues in Spain; Liga ACB (Liga Endesa) and LFP (Liga de Futbol Professional). Internships can be for the teams themselves or in the realm of sports marketing and community relations.


5. Fashion Internships Abroad (Spain, Uruguay)

Spring in the fashion forward cities of Barcelona and Madrid. You have opportunities to do work in design houses and with independent fashion designers. In Montevideo, Uruguay you’ll have the opportunity to intern in a high-end retail store based out of Buenos Aires with stores in Madrid, Miami as well. This is meant for an individual looking to own their own store one day and is heavy on the business/retail side of fashion.


6. Psychology & Social Work Internships Abroad (Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay)

There are many opportunities for interns in Psychology and Social Work. This is a particularly good program to do in the spring mainly due to the fact that most mental health professionals in Spain go on lengthy vacations in the summer. Spring is the best way to make the most of your intern experience!


7. Pharmacy Internships Abroad (Spain)

Pharmacy is an extremely popular internship placement, particularly in the summer time. Intern in pharmacy during the spring time to beat the crowds and ensure your placement! Pharmacy internships abroad are particularly valuable to do as candidates will dispense medicine and assist doctors on staff among other key responsibilities.


8. Equine Veterinary Internships Abroad (Ecuador)

This is a brand new program in our new Ecuador site. Based on Quito, you will work with a local equine veterinarian who works with horse owners all around the city and surrounding area. While the majority of work is through scheduled vet services, about 20% can include emergency procedures.

We also provide internships in animal clinics with a lead Veterinary Surgeon in Quito, where candidates can assist with assisting stray dogs and homeless animals as well as domestic pets. The lead doctor at this clinic did his undergraduate work in Houston and speaks flawless English, so even candidates with a lower level of Spanish may be considered for this placement.

Click here if you’re looking to apply for any of our featured Spring internships abroad!

Shayan V - Candidate Spotlight - Adelante Abroad

Adelante Internship Abroad is “Definitely Worth It!” – Candidate Spotlight with Shayan V.


Shayan V - Candidate Spotlight - Adelante Abroad

Here’s an article written by one of our recent candidates, Shayan, who just came back from her internship in Madrid! We offer year round internships in several countries for our candidates so that they have the opportunity to travel and intern any time of the year between one to twelve months.

Internship in Madrid – Definitely Worth It!

Let me start off by saying the decision to intern abroad has turned out to be the best decision I have made in my personal, professional and educational life. It’s hard to believe I was so nervous and scared at first but after support from my family and the staff at Adelante, I embarked on a once in a lifetime journey that changed my life.

Prior to this internship, I attended school at San Jose State University before taking a semester off in order to transfer schools. However, I did not want to waste the semester, and since I had always wanted to go abroad once I found out about Adelante, I was sold. I’m currently studying communications hoping to one day find a job working with a major sports organization. Since I’ve always been a huge fan of sports, especially Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, having this internship under my belt will definitely help me with my future career goals.

Why I Chose to Intern in Madrid

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with Spain. My dad lived in Madrid when he was younger so growing up he would always tell me stories about his adventures which made me fall even more in love with Spain, especially Madrid. I also learned a lot about Spain in my history classes which prompted me to do my own research and learn about the rich culture and beautiful scenery.

Finally, after years of obsessing over this beautiful country, my mom surprised me with a spring break trip to visit the place I wanted to see more than anywhere else in the world. I remember my mom specifically telling me to not get my hopes up because I’ve built up this amazing place and she doesn’t want me to be upset if it doesn’t meet all my expectations but as I expected, it exceeded all my expectations and she had to drag me back to America kicking and screaming. On the trip back home I told my mom that I would be back so I started planning my return the second I landed.

I’ve travelled around the United States, a few countries in Mexico and the Caribbean but nothing compares to Spain, particularly Madrid. There is a different atmosphere in this city and it welcomes every visitor with open arms. Madrid is the perfect mixture of old Europe mixed with modernization. The buildings rocket into the sky with the architectural design of the 19th century and the technology of the modern day. Around every corner is a plaza or square commemorating Spanish history and of course, an endless supply of museums to visit. Down every cobble stone street you will find an array of restaurants and bars serving a variety of tapas and drinks, and within those establishments you will not find a single person engulfed in their phone but instead they are enjoying each others company.

In case the history, the views and the food wasn’t enough, the city has some of the best shopping in all of Europe with an assortment of shops all over the city. It’s impossible to have a boring day in a city where you could spend a lifetime but still not see everything. However, the absolute best part of Madrid is the people who live there and I’m convinced the kindest, most generous people inhabit this city. Madrileños, as residents of Madrid are frequently referred as, are always willing to help recommend a place to eat, guide you in the right direction or simply help with your Spanish. The kindness of this city is the first thing a visitor will be exposed to which makes everyone who visits this city fall in love.

A Typical Day in Your Internship

As far as the internship, I was fortunate enough to intern with the Real Madrid Foundation | Real Madrid CF which turned out to be the greatest experience for my career goals. A typical day at my internship involved hopping on the Metro to Retiro Park in order to get to the practice field. I would meet with the coach of the team and we would discuss the plans for practice that day. The Real Madrid Foundation have many youth teams that play all over the city of Madrid and Retiro park just happens to be one of their practice grounds.

The coach would tell me her plans for practice and in order to help improve my Spanish I would be the one informing the young players. The practices usually consists of 3-5 exercises and a scrimmage at the end, once I finish explaining the exercises I would help guide the players making sure they were completing it correctly. Each practice is roughly 90 minutes and we work with two teams a day which made my schedule Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-8:30pm with occasional games on the weekends. Not only was the schedule easy to adapt to but every single person whom I encountered at the foundation and park provided me with support and assistance anytime I needed anything. They were all so welcoming and made the experience even better than it already was.


Living in Madrid

As excited as I was for this internship it was still rather difficult to adapt to in the beginning. The entire time I was speaking only in Spanish and even though the classes helped, I was still not extremely confident but after a few days and help from the coaches, it improved daily. Like I mentioned, the people in Madrid are extremely kind and helpful so if they see you’re struggling, like I was in the beginning, they are more than happy to help you.


What I Gained from My Internship Abroad

This was an opportunity that I would have never received in America. Being able to intern with such a respected foundation and having the ability to network provided me with professional relationships that I can potentially return to after I finish school. Living in a foreign country, being surrounded by a new culture and interning gave me a new perspective for my career path, encouraged my independence and the need to push myself to achieve my goals, and to put it simply, it was a fun adventure unlike anything I had ever done before. Regardless of what you do or where you go, you will grow from your experience and it will look amazing on a resume. For me, the ability to be submerged in the culture, learn Spanish, travel, and meet new people all while experiencing a once in a lifetime internship will forever shape the person I am.

– Shayan V. (Internships in Madrid, Spain)

Shayan V - Internship in Madrid - Adelante Abroad


It’s not too late to apply for a spring internship! Apply now for an internship starting in April 2017 by Wednesday, February 15. We offer several summer internship and study abroad opportunities in other parts of the world as well. Summer study abroad programs are available in Spain, Costa Rica and Scotland.

Apply for a Spring Internship - Adelante Abroad

Why You Should Apply for a Spring Internship

Apply for a Spring Internship - Adelante Abroad

Adelante Abroad has several internship opportunities throughout the year, but we believe that spring is one of the most advantageous times to apply for a program, especially one that offers international internships.

Why are spring internships better, you might ask? Here are some reasons why:

Gain more experience

Regardless of when you begin your internship, you will gain so much experience in your program. While many internships local to where you live provide a way to build a better resume and skill set, an internship abroad provides all of that AND gives an experience of a lifetime for years to come.


Get ahead of the competition

While the majority of internships are offered in the summer, it becomes harder for students and candidates to find open positions. The high demand for summer programs also causes a stressful application process that often ends in not getting accepted. So if you don’t have much work experience or a 3.0 or higher GPA, you could end up at the bottom of the hiring pool.

Taking a spring internship could benefit you by May to getting a head start in your career. You will also start summer with more insight on what field and industry you want to work in. So, while all of your friends are spending their summer in an office 4-5 days per week, you can spend it focusing on your future (and maybe even traveling more if you’d like).


It’s a great way to end your school year

Who said you had to take on an internship AFTER school? This is perfect for anyone who is completely done with classes by the end of fall and has a few months until their graduation ceremony to grab some work experience.

Even if you’re not graduating in May or June, taking some time off to intern abroad may actually SAVE you some college time! An internship can help you figure out where you truly want to study in college, especially if you’re still undecided or unsure if you like your major. We have even had past candidates who went for an internship in the spring and then decided to continue living where they interned and study at an international college for the remainder of their academic years. Who knows, maybe you find the program of your dreams while abroad!

Regardless of what you find in spring, you get to end your school year with plenty of stories to tell your friends and family back home!


Start “Summer Vacation” early

An internship in the spring is no different than one offered in the summer. If you’re traveling abroad, then countries like Chile and Uruguay during the spring months will actually offer you the summer sunshine that you were waiting for back at home.

Flights to international cities are also much more expensive during the summer vacation months than spring time. Hotels and accommodations are not any better. If you want to travel abroad but can’t take on the fees in the summer, then taking advantage of an internship during the cheaper months may help you have a more luxurious vacation!

So really… what are you waiting for? Adelante offers several programs in various countries and fields, and you can choose to stay for 1 month, 2 months, or even 6 months. Take advantage of these benefits and apply now!

HowToAdult Realities - Adelante Abroad

6 #HowToAdult Realities When Going Abroad

HowToAdult Realities - Adelante Abroad

We All Have Had Those #HowToAdult Moments

Whether you’re 13 or 30, you’ve been through some kind of stage in your life where you had to start doing things without the help of your family. It’s definitely tough in the beginning, and you may not even realize how tough it was going to be. But eventually, it starts to become second nature.

The same reality goes with travelling abroad. Whether you choose to intern or study abroad for a few months, here are the realities on #HowToAdult when going abroad.

#1: You’re in Charge of Everything

Unfortunately, your parents or guardian can’t come with you to your abroad program. I mean, they could, but is that really what you want? Weren’t you trying to travel so that you could get away and explore on your own? Sooner or later, you’ll learn that you have to take charge of everything while abroad; fortunately, many programs provide you with some helpful resources prior to your travels.

Did you know that Adelante Abroad gives you a pre-departure orientation (PDO) packet a couple of months before your trip? That packet provides plenty of information on the area that you’ll be living in, plus helpful tips on going to different places. It can be a great resource to show you the next step in your travels.

#2: You Need to Learn How to Cook

While some internships are based in large urban cities, many programs are centered in rural areas, where grocery stores and restaurants are not as close by. What does that mean for you? It just means that you’ll have to experiment with local ingredients and mix them up in a kitchen pot. Yup, that’s right. You’ll need to cook.

Never cooked before? That’s alright. It is strongly advised to practice some basic cooking skills before travelling. Even if you’re not interning or studying abroad and just travelling on your wanderlust journey, cooking could save you hundreds of dollars on your trip.

You don’t have to be a culinary major to understand the foundations of cooking. Check out this WikiHow on cooking, or check out these 30+ dishes that anyone can make (quick tip: pasta is a great dish for starters).

#3: You Won’t Have a Cleaning Maid

You may have a host or hostess who comes in every so often to fix leaks or cracks where you’re staying, but they won’t be picking up dirty laundry for you. Although many of our parents teach us the importance of keeping a clean room or doing the dishes in early adolescence, not having someone remind you to clean up on your own may be a new experience.

Even the most seasoned college students and those who have lived alone for years can often forget a pile of clothes on the floor or even to vacuum the carpet from food crumps and dirt. Did you really think it just vanished magically?

Cleaning does not have to be difficult. Set up a reminder once or twice a week and dedicate a couple of hours to straightening up the house. You’ll be surprised what 20 minutes a day can do for an apartment. Look up “life hacks” online for quick tips on keeping your place looking nice and organized with little effort, too.

#4: Without a Budget, You Probably Won’t Last Too Long Abroad

If your parents have given you money before, and you’ve spent it all in less than a day, then this trip may be the best thing for you. Travelling abroad means being away from family, meaning being away from your constant cash flow that you were used to back at home.

It’s completely okay if you’ve never set up a budget for yourself before. Do you know how many adults in their 30s and 40s STILL don’t know how to budget? There are some easy ways to ensure that you don’t spend your entire savings halfway through your trip.

Do some research before you leave to determine how much money you need to save up. This includes cost of food (groceries and going out), transportation (bus and train passes, etc.), and souvenirs for yourself and your family.

Add some additional funds for emergencies (you never want to go without a backup). Then decide how you will split up your money each week. Write down what you spend and try not to go over your weekly budget.

If for some reason you end up spending more than planned, or there was an emergency, do not be afraid to contact your family for help. They may have extra money saved up for situations like these. However, this, of course, is a last resort.

#5: You Will Make Friends from Different Cultures

Here’s a shocker – you’ll probably meet other people just like yourself when you travel. And you’ll also probably meet people NOT like yourself when you travel. And that’s totally okay!

As you continue with your travels, you are going to meet people that you like a lot and people that you don’t like a lot. Your journey going abroad will bring these obstacles, but you will learn how to make friends with people from all over the world, many of which you might have not attempted to be friends with if you stayed at home.

You’ll learn different cultures and languages (especially if you’re in one of our Spanish countries), and those friends will be helpful as well in your journey as you learn to adjust to your solo travel life.

#6: You Will Learn How to Be Independent

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you will probably have to do everything on your own. Congrats! You’re officially “adulting”!

By all means, we encourage you to be as independent as possible. Not only will you master your adulting skills faster, but you will have a far better experience once you learn the ropes. And if you still need help, you can always ask your family (and your Adelante Abroad team) for some assistance. We’re always here to help and want to make this “adulting” abroad experience the best one ever.

5 Bad Travelling Abroad Advice - Adelante Abroad

5 Bad Travelling Abroad Advice You Might Receive

5 Bad Travelling Abroad Advice - Adelante Abroad

Travelling abroad is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is looking to try something new in their life and engulf themselves in a different culture. Many of our candidates have heard from family and friends about why they shouldn’t travel, and we’re sure that you will start hearing that as well when you begin your plans. Here are common advice that you will receive before travelling abroad – ignore them!

There’s Not Enough Time

pocket-watch-adelante-abroadThere’s only 24 hours in a day. Perhaps you’re only travelling for a week or two, and you’rebeing told that you won’t be able to do everything that you want during your travels. Make every moment the best moment when abroad.

Plan your trip ahead of time with things that you would enjoy the most. If you believe that your time may be limited, stick with what you’re the most interested in. You can even take advantage of making friends with locals by asking them for suggestions on great places to visit.

You Don’t Have the Money


There are several ways to save money or make extra income for your travel plans. Did you know that you could save almost $2,000 a year on average for opting out from buying Starbucks every day?

Many travelers have taking extra part time work to save up for their trip. Others have budgeted all of their expenses for savings and even held garage sales for items that they no longer need. There are even some jobs that will allow you to work remotely while travelling – you could get paid while travelling!

You Won’t Finish School on Time

Fall 2016 International Internships

There are several ways to travel while continuing your studies! You can look into study abroad programs for a semester or part of summer, or you can look into an intern abroad program related to your major area of study. This may even help speed up your college program, rather than prolonging it!

Even if you choose not to do either program, you can spend summer or spring break travelling abroad, which is a peak time of travel for several other students your age!

You’ll have to Travel Alone


So what? Solo travel has had many positive stories from veteran travelers. Not only are you able to do whatever you’d like without asking someone else, but it helps you learn how to enjoy being by yourself.

If your family is worried and does not want you to travel, remind them that eventually you will have to leave their nest and be on your own – so why not now? Research all of the ways to stay safe during your travels, and check in with them when you have a chance to lessen their worries while you venture out on your own.

It’s a Different Language


There are several resources, both online and off, that can help you learn a language. What’s the quickest way to learn a new language? Go to a country that speaks it, grab a language book, and start a conversation with a local! You will make many mistakes in the beginning, but you will be an expert in no time! Plus, you might even make a new friend or two!

So what’s stopping you? Apply now for one our internship programs!

Dealing with Loneliness Abroad - Adelante Abroad

Dealing with Loneliness Abroad

Dealing with Loneliness Abroad - Adelante Abroad

Considering studying or interning abroad and worried about being away from home for too long? Loneliness abroad is a completely normal feeling, and anyone can have some discomfort while in a new place, whether it’s culture shock or being on your own for the first time.

Here are some ways to ease your transition when living abroad:

Put Yourself First

Allow yourself enough space and comfort when adjusting, and give yourself a break if you need to. Your physical and mental health are the most important; taking care of yourself always comes first.

If you’re feeling under the weather in any way, give yourself some time to rest – use Adelante Abroad’s resources provided during your trip if you feel the need to visit a local doctor in your city. Use common de-stress methods such as breathing exercises, yoga, writing in a journal, or even soaking up in a bubble bath. Do whatever you can in order to feel “at-home” in your new place abroad.

Search Online for Other Expat Blogs

Chances are that someone else has travelled to the same city that you’re going to (okay, pretty high chances). Our team provides you with as much information as we can about the neighborhood you’re staying in and the resources available to you with your package; however, there are several websites and blogs made from expats currently living or have experience living in the same area.

Adelante also provides you with access to a private Facebook group before and during your travels so that you can network and potentially meet up with other Adelante Abroad candidates staying in your city.

Join the Club

Outside of working or studying within your program abroad, you can join fun clubs or groups in your neighborhood area, where you can mingle and network with locals who share a common interest with you. Try looking for a group on Meetup, for example; you might even discover a new hobby while abroad!

Take a Class

You may sign up for any classes offered locally during your free time while abroad. Take up an art class with other like-minded locals, or even take tours in nearby museums to learn more about your city’s culture. You can learn something new while also meeting someone new!

Get Uncomfortable

If the above ideas are not available, you can go out and introduce yourself to new people in the city. While this may be a scary thing to do for you, getting out of your comfort zone may be the solution to your homesickness. Ask the locals about the best places to purchase lunch or dinner, offer to spend time with someone, or even give a simple gesture to a stranger.

Please note: Make sure to follow any resources provided to you before and during your trip about safety when going out alone in the city. By staying safe and following city guidelines and tips, you’ll have no problems meeting new people and having a happy experience.

Get Used to Being on Your Own

Being homesick is a feeling that should be taken seriously, but it can also be temporary. Many candidates abroad experience this for a couple of weeks and then adjust to their environment soon after.

Set weekly and daily goals for yourself, such as creating a routine before your internship or classes, or making at least one new friend each week. Focus more on absorbing your new environment and less on reminiscing with people back home (maybe call your family here and there to let them know you’re okay).

Going abroad is an amazing opportunity, but it is okay to go through regular ups and downs while travelling. Remember that this is only a temporary part of your once-in-a-lifetime experience!

PSYCHED About Scotland: Psychology Research Abroad


Taylor A.: 2018 Candidate

The perspective of an independent, problem-solving candidate. 

Program Reflection

“Living and working in a new environment is definitely a good experience – provided that you are personally ready for it. This program is best suited to individuals who are self-motivated and are independent workers who can work for periods of time without supervision responsibly. I took part in the Psychology program and found the work to be straightforward and relatively clear. The biggest challenge for future participants will be learning to adjust to a new living environment – be prepared to make mistakes and learn to problem solve for yourself.” – Taylor A.

Read what other candidates have to say on GoOverseas.

How to Become a Candidate Like Taylor

Research placements at a major university in Edinburgh are available for psychology students interested in eyewitness identification, forensic studies and visual-spatial working memory relating to short-term retention and manipulation of information. To learn more about our programs, check out our Observation & Research page.


Psychology Research in Scotland | Adelante Abroad

Our summer Observation and Research Assignments in Scotland program is underway! This year we have four students doing Psychology Research Abroad in Edinburgh. Each student is working closely with faculty members at a research lab in Queen Margaret University for six weeks.

Psyched about Scotland

Upon sharing that I study psychology, most people respond by asking, “Oh so you want to be a psychologist then and help people with their problems?” While the clinical route of psychology is certainly important and as challenging as others, I prefer a different path- the route of psychology research. I thrive on the opportunity to learn new things, and making abstract, theoretical ideas turn into concrete and tangible studies. This is something I’ve found as enticing as it is rewarding. That’s why when I found the opportunity to work in a psychology research lab abroad, I could not let the opportunity pass.

I’ve only began traveling within the past year, but the second I started I couldn’t stop. In the past year I’ve been to Italy, Greece, a brief visit to Turkey, Costa Rica, and now Scotland. Cross-cultural psychology, or the study of how human behavior differs across assorted cultures, has always been a fascinating subject for me. What better way to get acquainted with assorted worldly cultures than visiting them myself?

The internship here in Edinburgh is usually open for two applicants, however, this year there are four of us. Skye & Karen are originally from China but are currently international students studying in Wisconsin. Melissa, my roommate here in Edinburgh, is originally from Turkey but currently studies in Lebanon, and then of course there’s me- from little ol’ Minnesota, USA. We talk about the cultural variances across the four of us all the time and it’s so fascinating to be surrounded everyday by a plethora of culture different from my average surroundings in the US.

Psychology Research in Scotland | Adelante Abroad


We generally wake up around 8/8:30 in the morning and begin getting ready for the day. We make breakfast in our flat (I usually make eggs or oatmeal) & make our way down 41 stairs to the outside alley, then back up another 40 stairs to reach the Royal Mile where we head to our bus stop. The bus ride to Queen Margaret University is about 40/45 minutes depending on the amount of stops, but the ride has become a wonderfully relaxing part of our day: we pass through many towns- my favorite is Portobello, the seaside community of Edinburgh, and get to see the waves of the North Sea crashing against the shore every morning.

Psychology Research Site | Adelante AbroadThe bus finally reaches Queen Margaret and we enter the Academic Building through automatic sliding glass doors and make our way to the third floor. We have ID cards that have to be scanned to even open the door into the psych lab and then the four of us each head to “our” desks, respectively. The thing I love so much about this internship is that there are constantly different projects to be working on; “routine” is the last word I’d use. The four of us work underneath two professors, Jamal & Steve, and we assist them with different parts of the research process in a seemingly infinite flow of studies. So far we’ve had the opportunity to code experiments on software we’ve only recently learned how to use, organize & run participants through assorted studies, and even had the opportunity to begin building our own ideas for studies that run synchronous with some of the research Jamal & Steve are currently doing.

After we’ve completed a day’s worth of work, we head to the door and press the green exit button to unlock the door allowing it to open; the amount of times we’ve tried to open the door without pressing the exit button is a continuous stream of laughter for us. We again ride the bus home, walk down the 40 stairs to reach our building, and back up another 41 to reach our flat. We can be found spending our evenings differently depending on the day. Some evenings Melissa & I, both enjoying physical fitness, make our way to a recreational center where we’ve been attending pole fitness classes every week. Other evenings, we can be found sorting through photos and videos, updating diaries & social media, or simply walking around the city enjoying what Edinburgh has to offer. The sky stays light for so long in Scotland and the darkness doesn’t generally nestle in until around 11:30 or so in the evening, but eventually around midnight or so we finally lay our heads down and lay to sleep for the night.

Psychology Intern Abroad in Scotland | Adelante Abroad

Living a Life in Scotland

It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been here three of the six weeks our internship lasts, I can’t believe time is flying by so quickly. However even such a short period of time has allowed for many cultural differences to emerge-

Though we’re in an English speaking country, almost every measurement in the UK is different: money is pounds not dollars, distance is kilometers and meters rather than miles and yards, temperature is Celsius not Fahrenheit, and time is 13:00 rather than 1:00 pm. You would be amazed how often you use measurements in your life once you no longer can understand even a simple weather broadcast or bus schedule. The bar, or should I say pub scene, is still prominent here in UK, but it’s so strange meeting people at bars who are only 18 or 19 years old rather than the minimum of 21 they have to be in the US. The Netflix options are different as well, that one caught me a little off guard! I’m not a tech wiz so I’m not sure how Netflix knows, but I’m only able to watch shows that are available on UK Netflix- one of which is the Big Bang Theory, not available on US Netflix, and is also on cable here almost 24/7.

Aside from cultural differences, some things remain constant worldwide. News about the American political season is published in the Newspapers almost daily, and native Scots talk to me all the time about my political beliefs (which is a stimulating topic for me to get into, to say the least). I still get lightly ridiculed at for how I say the word “bag” and “tag” by not only other Americans but by Scots as well, and the daily chore of doing dishes and laundry is just as tedious abroad as it is at home.

It’s been so wonderful to get acquainted with the other interns, the professors at QMU, and just the general city of Edinburgh itself- sometimes I forget that I don’t actually live here permanently. So far we’ve been to the Royal Mile, the Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Gardens, Portobello Beach, The World of Illusions, Dynamic Earth, and a haunted Ghost Tour, as well as a handful of restaurants, art galleries, grocery stores & pubs. This weekend we’re hoping to make it up to Arthur’s Seat as well as a trip planned to the Highlands, Glencoe, & Loch Ness. Next week we’re heading down to southern UK for trips to Manchester, London, & York, and the following weekend we have a tentative trip planned for the Isle of Skye. I can’t wait to see what the next three weeks of learning and adventures will bring, and I can’t wait to check in again near the close of our program. As the Scots would say, Cheers!

– Jenni M. (Psychology Observation and Research in Scotland)

Psychology Intern in Scotland | Adelante Abroad


Interested in doing a program like Jenni’s? Check out our Psychology Observation and Research in Scotland program. We also offer other internship opportunities in other parts of the world, check out our internships abroad page. 

An Equine Study Abroad Experience in Scotland

Equine Studies in Scotland | Adelante Abroad

One of our most popular programs, Equine Studies in Scotland, is currently underway in Edinburgh, Scotland. Hear from Rachel, one of this year’s Equine students abroad as she reflects on life in Scotland and her experience in the program so far. 

Waking up to baby sheep playing in the field, the horses waiting to come in for the morning, and the birds chirping outside the window still doesn’t feel real. We have been here in Edinburgh, Scotland for two and a half weeks so far, with just ten days left until we leave to be stateside again. Even in this short time, we are still adjusting to the time schedule. With Jordan being from Kentucky and me being from Georgia, Scotland is 5 hours ahead of home for the both of us. Food, sleep, even talking to our family has been a very big change due to the fact that most of our college friends are only waking up when we are about to finish our classes for the day! This adventure has definitely been one for the books!

Equine Study Abroad Scotland | Adelante AbroadBeing a horse back rider, obviously riding was a big part of why my best friend Jordan and I chose this program. Getting to ride at the Scotland International Equestrian Center has been amazing with our trainers Sam and Liz, as well as the numerous horses we ride each day. Classes here are equally engaging, as we get full hands on experience doing things like labeling the anatomy, watching fitness training, and even equine massage techniques. We also had the privilege of meeting some of the students that go to this college as well, which was a HUGE culture shock. Yes, we are all in college, but we were on average about 2 years older than most of them. At home, we would be considered the young ones, here they start early and finish even earlier. It was nice though, having them here to explain to us what all the Scottish phrases meant!

rachel-castle-scotland Aside from actually being on campus, we have traveled to many historic places in Scotland
including Loch Lomond (home of the “Paramount Mountain” otherwise known as Ben Lomond), the Highlands, Perth Races Gold Cup, and countless castles. We plan to journey to Loch Ness this weekend to see the place where the myths began, and possibly get a glimpse of the famous Loch Ness Monsters for ourselves;) We will also get to explore the ruins of the 500 year old Urquhart  castle. If there was one thing that I could bring home to the States with me so far, it would definitely have to be one of the Highland Cows, or as they are traditionally called, Hairy Coos (although my dad is dead set on having me bring home a kilt for him to wear, no mom, I wont put you through that). Oh well… he will have to settle for a coffee mug.

Is it really almost time to go home?

– Rachel C.



Equine Study In Scotland | Adelante Abroad

Interested in participating in this amazing program next year? Check out all the details here for our Equine Studies in Scotland study abroad program.  As an alternative, we also offer veterinary studies for six weeks in Scotland as well!