Top 5 Reasons to Intern in Barcelona

cadaques-barcelonaHaving trouble choosing which of our programs to embark on? Why not Barcelona? 
Barcelona, Spain is one of our favorite internship program destinations. It is Spain’s second largest city, with 1.6 million people. Barcelona is full amazing things to do ranging from a day at the beach to visiting breathtaking architecture. Here we list our top reasons to intern in Barcelona.


Food: Barcelona’s cuisine is just the first reason why you should intern there. Their food is based on a Mediterranean diet consisting mainly of vegetables, bread, and olive oil. Many restaurants serve an array of dishes from chicken to seafood to fresh fruit. You must try tapas, Spain’s signature smaller portion plates of all different types of foods. You can find these delicious meals in Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s main outdoor shopping center. If you are a foodie, Barcelona is a great internship location for you!


Unique Culture: Did you know Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia? Catalonia is a distinct and an autonomous region in Spain consisting of four provinces. Although Barcelona and Catalonia is a part of Spain, it really is it’s own entity in many ways, especially culturally. By visiting Barcelona, you’ll be exposed to a unique culture of its own. People in Barcelona even speak a unique variation of Spanish called Catalan. Why not visit a place with such a rich culture and unique history?

Events and Activities: Barcelona is a great choice for your internship because it is a bustling, metropolitan city. During the day you can ride a bike or walk to exclusive areas where mobiles are not permitted. You can travel to one of the many beaches along the coast, where you can tan, swim, surf, sail, and more! During the week there are plenty of activities to engage in after your internship. Like New York City, Barcelona is known as Spain’s city that never sleeps. Be sure to visit some of the most famous after hour districts like El Born, The Old Town, and Port Olimpic. Many weekends you will find one of the many festivals going on. These include world famous music festivals such as Primavera sound and Sonar. The never ending list of things to do is just another reason why Barcelona is one of our favorite internship destinations!

Weather: One of the reasons why we love Barcelona is the amazing weather that they experience. This city has wonderful weather almost all year round. They experience warm springs, hot summers, cool falls, and relatively cold winters. We can assure you that Barcelona will be humming with excitement no matter when you visit. With such beautiful weather, how could you not intern there?


Art and Architecture: Barcelona’s rich art and architecture is another reason why you should take an internship there. Being the capital of Modernism, Barcelona is filled with many buildings created by the famous Antoni Gaudi. These works of art include Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Casa Batillo, and Park Guell. These breathtaking buildings and locations can be found throughout the city and are easy to travel to. If art is your passion, Barcelona is home to many magnificent art museums. Some of the unforgettable museums include the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), The Picasso Museum, and the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC). Not only do these museums show their daily galleries, but they are constantly showing unique exhibitions. Obviously, if you love history, art, and architecture, interning in Barcelona is a must.


If you want more information on interning in Barcelona, click here

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A Weekend In London: Day III and IV


This summer, Adelante Abroad will be debuting our pilot program in London, Professional Placements in London. This six-week program runs in May and July with the goal of giving our candidates a valuable career and cultural experience in one of the world’s premier cities. Our Digital Marketing Specialist, Ryan, spent a week in the city to connect with our staff there and run through the program. Here is his account of his experience:

Portobello Road Market

Day III in London, Saturday: Jet lag was definitely a factor Friday night, my second day in London. For that reason, I decided to keep things local for most of Saturday. I elected to ignore the uber tourist heavy spots in London (Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Eye, etc). Luckily, for myself and future professional placement candidates who will be staying in Notting Hill, Portobello Road Market is a brisk walk away from the housing at Bowden Court. This is an awesome place to spend a morning or afternoon. You’ll find street vendors as well as merchants with actual shops along the street selling anything and everything. Art, souvenirs, clothes, electronics, farm fresh produce, food, drinks, you name it. The overcast skies and rainy weather made it truly feel like a London morning, too. In spite of the rain, the streets were filled with people perusing each shop and street vendor. Portobello Road Market runs the length of Notting Hill from the north to the south. Some notable places were shops selling the work of London street artist Banksy, vintage clothes shops, and Acklam Village. Definitely stop by Acklam Village for lunch. There are plenty of great food options here. There is even a full bar if you fancy getting a drink.

Acklam Village Bar

TIP: When you pack for London, definitely pack less than what you’ve originally planned. There are plenty of shops and markets here like on Portobello Road with enough bargains that you’ll need to make space for new clothes, souvenirs, or art work to bring home… and you’ll definitely need the luggage space. So pack lighter than you anticipate even if it gives you anxiety as you head out!

As mentioned before, jet lag was a real struggle. After Portobello Road Market, I snuck in a quick nap before heading back out to explore the surrounding area of Bayswater/Queensway along Hyde Park. Queensway, especially the stretch between the Bayswater and Queensway tube stations was lively. There was even an underground bowling alley, arcade, and ice rink on this street not to mention a slew of eatery options. Not a bad place to be for any of our future candidates who will be staying in the Bayswater area. Kensington Gardens was also nearby. Good opportunity for a photo op but served as a more functional area for the many locals who were jogging and getting exercise throughout.

As night began to fall, I headed over to the Shoreditch area to check out the City of London area. The area was pretty quiet, mainly filled with office buildings and expensive apartments. It was still worth checking out on foot. One of the great things about this city is that there are so many areas to explore on foot and get lost in. The tube makes it easy to get back to where you need to be from virtually anywhere in Zones 1 and 2. After wandering around for a while in this area and grabbing dinner, it was time to enjoy my Saturday night. I hopped on the tube and headed to a bar (The Dugout Sports Bar/Belushi’s) in the London Bridge area.  This bar is adjacent to a hostel (St. Christopher’s Inn Village London Bridge) making it a great place to meet other international travelers.  After a fun night mingling with some locals and other travelers it was time to find my way back home and call it a night/early morning.


Kensington GardensTIP: The underground/tube closes at midnight so if you’re planning on staying out late (and indulging in a bit of alcohol), it would be beneficial to plan your route home before hand especially if you elect to use the bus system. Do a bit of research and see what bus or buses you need/where you need to transfer. Certain bus lines operate 24/7. Another option is getting a taxi or requesting an Uber if you don’t mind shelling out the pounds. 

blog_day3and4_camdenDay IV in London, Sunday: After a late night out on Saturday, I was in need of good food and healthy drinks. Camden Market was the perfect place for that. I hopped on the Central Line heading east, transferred to the Northern line and exited Camden Town. Immediately upon exiting the tube station, I was met with a sea of people. Camden is as happening a spot anywhere in London, especially on a Sunday. On both sides of the street are tons of different shops selling souvenirs, clothes, electronics, and more. This is a great place to get gifts for people back home that isn’t too overpriced. Camden Lock, where the food stands and merchants are, was just a short walk from the station. If you’re a foodie, this is definitely the place for you. Fresh food, drinks, desserts are being made and sold here all day. Cuisine from around the world is represented here as well; Spanish, Jamaican, Filipino, Thai, Peruvian, Argentine, and much more. They even have a cereal bar there and it is exactly how it sounds. A bar that serves breakfast cereals, no joke. During my day there, I decided to go with a fruit smoothie, fresh coconut water, and a the best shrimp sandwich I’ve ever had… and it’s not even close. Camden Lock also has a ton of different shops and vendors selling clothes, books, records, jewelry, art, trinkets, and everything in between. You could easily spend the better part of your day there as I did. On the way back to Notting Hill, to finish off the day, I decided to take the bus back instead of the tube.

TIP: While the tube is quick, easy, and convenient, it is really a good idea to take a bus once in a while if you have the time. The one disadvantage of the tube is that, since it is underground, there’s not much to look at while you’re zipping around the city. Riding around on the bus lets you fully take in each neighborhood and borough. You may even discover some cool spots to come back to later!

Camden Lock Entry

Be on the lookout for my next entry where I wrap up my experience in London. Cheers!












Digital Marketing Specialist, Adelante Abroad

Adelante in London: Day I and II


Ryan, our Digital Marketing Specialist, spent a week in London ahead of our first ever Professional Placements in London program. This summer, we will be running two six-week pilot programs in London, England in May and July. The goal is for our candidates to gain valuable career experience in a field of their interest while experiencing life and culture in one of the world’s premier cities. Here is his account of his experience:



Day I in London, Thursday: I was met at London Heathrow in the early afternoon by the airport pick-up service enlisted to pick up our Professional Placements in London (PPIL) candidates. It couldn’t have been a smoother process. Immediately after baggage claim, I was able to spot my driver (the white board sign on it with my name definitely helped). The ride was a brisk 45 minutes or so made more enjoyable by my friendly driver, a pleasant man from Sri Lanka. During the drive, he even swung by and pointed out David and Victoria Beckham’s house. Not long after, we pulled up to my housing for the week located in Notting Hill (yes, the neighborhood made famous by the film of the same name starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant).


After checking in and getting settled in my room, I was immediately off to familiarize myself with what would be my surroundings for the next week. My first objective was to locate Notting Hill Gate, the nearest tube or underground station. Trust me, getting to know the tube and various lines traversing about the city will make your life a lot easier while in London. Upon arriving at Notting Hill Gate (only a 5 minute walk from housing), it was time to purchase and load up an Oyster card. Oyster cards are what you will use for the tube and bus systems; there are many different plans you can purchase depending on how long you will be in London. In my case, I purchased a 7-day pass allowing me to use my card on any tube/ bus for 7 days. At the tube station, I also made sure to grab a tube map. Your Oyster Card and tube map will be your best friend for the duration of your time in London. I can guarantee it.


After picking up your Oyster Card, if your plan allows as mine did, I recommend finding a place you want to go to and practicing navigating the tube, transfers, etc. In my case, I chose to head to the Picadilly Circus/Soho/Chinatown area. In my opinion, London is the most masterfully planned city as far as ease in navigating throughout the city, especially in Zones 1 and 2. They really make it easy with ample stops, stations, and lines. Once you get the hang of the tube, it will almost become second nature to you… That is if you have any sort of experience traveling or finding your way around big cities. If not, just practice visiting other areas in the city… Areas that require you to transfer lines if you can. You’ll be a pro in no time!

After ensuring I was comfortable with the tube, I decided to head back to Notting Hill and explore the surrounding area on foot. This is a good idea to do especially if you’ll be staying in one area for any extended period of time. Scope out where food options are, banks/ATMs, pharmacy, market, coffee shop, and anything else you need. Luckily, all this exists in Notting Hill! Once I got the lay of the land so to speak, I wandered around the surrounding neighborhoods on foot; Hyde Park, Kensington, Holland Park, and Kensington Gardens before finally making it back to Notting Hill. This wrapped up a lengthy and tiresome travel day and first day in London.


Day II in London, Friday: Friday morning I was picked up from my accommodation at Bowden Court by Charlotte, our London Director of Programs. We wanted to run through a sample orientation and all of the introductions our PPIL candidates will experience upon their arrival in London. I have to say, all of our candidates are in great hands with Charlotte. Her knowledge of the city and culture is expansive and will be a great resource for candidates if they need it… Not only with the city but their placements as well. After wrapping up business matters, I was lucky enough to have Charlotte take me around the city for a bit. Our first stop was an amazing restaurant/ bar in nearby Kensington called The Churchill Arms. This place is exactly how anyone would envision an English restaurant from the outside and inside decor, but it was actually an authentic Thai restaurant! This was a pleasant surprise. This is just one example of the kind of hidden gems to be discovered throughout the city.

Next, we took a quick bus ride to Knightsbridge to walk down to the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. On the way, we passed the Science Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. You could easily spend a day hopping between these three FREE museums which are all within a stone’s throw away from each other. After passing these museums we arrived at the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. This is an extremely affluent area with some of the most expensive flats in London. It was amazing to see all the prime real estate in this area. At the end of this tour of Kensington/Chelsea, my time with Charlotte had ended. It was time to head back to Notting Hill. For dinner, I took advantage of the meals included at Bowden Court (breakfast, dinner during the week; breakfast, lunch on weekends). I’m not going to lie to you, the food was ok. It definitely isn’t disgusting but wasn’t amazing either… but then again, London isn’t exactly known for its fine dining or unique cuisine. Regardless, the option to take advantage of a free meal is a great thing to have in your back pocket. After dinner, jet lag hit me like a ton of bricks. Depending on what time you get into London and how much you managed to sleep coming across the pond, jet lag will surely be a factor at some point so be prepared!

So in summary, my main takeaways from my first few days in London… Pick up your Oyster Card, get to know the tube, and you’ll hear it the entire time you’re there but MIND THE GAP!


Be on the lookout for my next entry where I recap what I did over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in London. Cheers!












Digital Marketing Specialist, Adelante Abroad

Staying Connected While Abroad

BudapestLosing connection with your loved ones is not something that has to happen while you are away. Having an international internship will be a great experience whether or not you decide to talk with friends and family back home.  Here are our tips for staying connected while abroad. 

First things first, bring your cellphone! You can use your phone any time wi-fi is available, which is almost everywhere! When you do this, make sure to avoid charges by turning off your data & turning airplane mode on. After this is done you can use your phone to contact friends and family wherever there is internet (at home, the mall, cafes, etc…). Also, avoid problems with theft by purchasing phone insurance and keeping it password protected. 

Free Applications: There are many international communication apps available for Apple and Android devices. After using these we have found the ones that work the best and those that still need some work. Our favorites include Viber, IMO, and Google Hangouts. All of these are easy to use and offer texting, calling, and video chatting through wi-fi. We suggest you use these to keep you connected with your family & friends as well as our program directors. Another form of communication that we use often is Skype. Skype was originally made for video chatting, making it one of the best. (Tip: If you are able to get to a computer, the quality on Skype will be much better than the other phone applications). An application that is still working out the kinks is Facebook Messenger. Through our experience, we have found that Facebook is harder to use than Viber, IMO, Google Hangouts, and Skype. We have experienced longer lags and louder echoes through this application. (Tip: Be sure to use headphones if you are going to rely on Facebook Messenger). Try all of these applications and find which one is best to help you stay connected while abroad.

Other Options: If you aren’t worried about spending some money, you can buy a cheap phone and the service to go with it. In some countries options are available to purchase just the service as long as you provide the phone. Types of service vary by price from affordable to expensive. The most basic service is usually for short distance calls within the country you are visiting. The more expensive service can include data plans in addition to long distance phone calls. When you purchase data, you will be able to use the international communication apps anywhere in the country. This may sound like a great idea, but be sure to keep your eye on the price. Fee’s for going over data or making long distance phone calls can be unpredictable and very expensive!Mail Abroad

Be Old School! A fun way to stay connected with family & friends is through mail. Many times people forget about our post system. Take advantage of it and write a letter or even find a cool postcard from your favorite place. Be sure to include where you have been, what your job is like, and how much you are enjoying your time abroad. Your family will be elated to get a surprise piece of mail from another country!

There you have it, keeping in contact with friends and family at home is easy! There are many options from free to expensive and electronic to old fashioned. Intern abroad with us to use these communication applications first hand!

3 Benefits of Traveling Solo

387314_10100119781997957_2071274435_nStarting your international internship means traveling by yourself to a destination where you have most likely never been before. This may be a daunting thought if you have little to no previous travel experience. Don’t stress because traveling alone is very rewarding! Together we will go over the top 3 benefits associated with solo travel.

1.You will broaden your life perspective – As you journey to your new destination, be excited about the unfamiliar city you will soon call home. Living in a foreign place allows you to integrate yourself within their environment and culture. You will challenge yourself to learn the language and adopt the culture & traditions. As you do these things you will begin to see life in a new way. Adapting to your new way of living will help you to become more empathetic towards other cultures as well as understand personal differences in a way you hadn’t before. This will not only help you in your personal life but in your career as well. Soon you will become more patient when dealing with strangers, friends, and co workers.

2.You will try things you never thought you would before! – A foreign culture means unfamiliar foods, activities, and experiences. Be prepared to try every new thing the country has to offer. These experiences can range from tasting authentic cuisine to conquering your fear of heights on a zip line. Do not think of separating from your family, friends, or partner as a negative. Although being without these people might seem like a disadvantage, it isn’t! Traveling alone means you can do what interests you, not your best friend or partner. Take advantage of your time alone and encounter something new!

3.It will help you to think on your feet – Things are destined to happen unexpectedly when traveling. Whether it is lost luggage, bad weather, or wrong directions, it is beneficial to know how to handle these situations. As you travel you will experience this first hand and end up with a new understanding of yourself. You will feel empowered as you learn the ropes of being abroad. Becoming more independent is inevitable as you learn to handle all the twists and turns that come your way. These occurrences will become vital to you when returning home and starting your career. Adding this critical skill to your resume will put you on the top of any prospective employers list.luggage-933487_1280


Many people who embark on our programs alone, return with a wealth of knowledge. See all of our internship abroad options to help gain these valuable perspectives.

Tips For Booking Your International Flight

Tips for Booking Your International Flight | Adelante Abroad

Booking an international flight can be quite costly if you’re not careful. Check out these helpful tips for booking your international flight so you can save as much money as possible. Our hope is to free up a little more cash for you so you can fully take advantage of all that your destination has to offer.

  1. Make sure your passport and visa issues are all squared away – Before you spend a dime or input your credit card information, make sure you’re good to go with your travel documents as it pertains to your trip. Remember, with passports, some countries require it to be valid up to 6 months AFTER your travel date. Example, if your trip to London is on April 10, 2016 and you return at the end of April but your passport expires on May 25. 2016… you definitely need to renew your passport.
  2. Research and buy tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – The best time to buy is typically on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Airfares tend to be the cheapest on these days of the week but do your research week to week if you have  time and are well away from your travel date.
  3. Look at and compare prices on as many websites as possible – There are a ton of places out there to get decent prices on airfare. A lot of the time, the best prices depend on how flexible you can be with departure times, days, and long layovers. Some of our favorite sites are cheapoair, kayak, skiplagged, Google flights, and Ryanair (for great flights in and around Europe). Kayak in particular does a good job of comparing the best flights/prices across several sites like Expedia, Travelocity, etc. Once you’ve found a flight you’re happy with, run it against Skyscanner as a last check to make sure you’re getting the best price.  
  4. Go Incognito during your search –  These days, search engines are pretty crafty and know when you’re trying to compare prices. As a result, since they know you’re searching, you may not always find lower prices especially when looking at the same dates/destinations over and over. Take measures like turning on incognito browsing, clearing your search history, deleting cookies, etc. You can even go so far as to search flights from different computers (library, school, friends laptop).
  5. Embrace the layover – Layovers can be a pain but they can significantly lower your airfare. Depending on the length and time of day of your layover, you can even get some abbreviated exploration at your layover destination. Travel experience within the travel experience.
  6. Buy well in advance – The farther in advance you buy your flight the better, in most cases. Booking around the holidays may be an exception as families/friends tend to be together and make plans to travel this time of year. Otherwise, the closer you get to your travel date, airfare will gradually increase. If you aren’t able to book months and months in advance, 6-8 weeks from your depart date is usually the best time to buy.
  7. Check out the baggage policies – Make sure to do your research about checked baggage policies. A lot of time, international flights have different policies than the ones we are used to on our domestic flights. It may be beneficial to pre-pay for checked baggage services in advance. A lot of airlines can jack up the price and hammer you with increased fees once you are at the airport.

Do you have any tips of your own for booking an international flight? Let us know if we missed anything!

If you’re looking to do an international internship abroad, we offer placements in Scotland, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, and Uruguay! Check out our international internship programs.

Meet Our New Social Media & Marketing Intern: Lauren G.


Meet Lauren Gandara, Adelante Abroads new Social Media and Marketing
Intern! Lauren joined our team in February and is enjoying working with us here in Seal Beach, California. Lauren is a full time student who also travels, making her the perfect addition to Adelante Abroad. We recently asked her questions on life, traveling, and being a student. Here are some of her responses:

-What is something you always pay attention to about a new culture/place when you travel? When traveling I like to focus on the way different countries/cultures provide for their citizens. On a recent trip to Korea I found it interesting the way they provided for the people of their country in transportation compared to here in my hometown of Long Beach. While Long Beach has a great bus & railway system it is still not as developed and easy to use as South Korea’s.



seoul-lauren-h-Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled to? What is next on your list? So far my favorite place I have traveled to is South Korea. Korea has integrated technology into daily life, making every experience much more interesting. I found free photo booths, interactive maps, and moving walkways in multiple places. I was able to stay there for 4 weeks, which really helped me to experience their culture. Relying on their public transportation, eating authentic Korean cuisine (which is so much better than Korean BBQ in Westminster, CA), and going to popular locations really caused me to feel as though I had lived in Korea.

Germany is the next trip I have on my agenda. Having traveled much of the United States and South Korea, I am excited to explore Germany and European countries this summer.

-Where do you see yourself career wise in 5 years? Currently I am a undergraduate student at Colorado State University – Global Campus working towards my Bachelors in Communications. In five years I hope to have finished my Masters degree in Marketing and be working for a large company as either their communications director or their social media and marketing specialist. I hope to have built my resume working with marketing in international business as well as gain valuable experience through traveling.

koreasculpture-adelante-abroad-Do you think traveling and seeing the world can benefit someone in their career path?
Of course! I think that traveling and seeing different cultures can greatly impact someone’s view of life as well as improve their independence. When traveling to new and unfamiliar places things are bound to happen that you weren’t expecting. Handling these situations causes a person to become more independent and experienced in confronting difficult circumstances. Being able to manage unexpected situations can greatly impact an individual’s career. Seeing the world helps experience new cultures and see the way other people live their normal daily life. Involving yourself in other ways of life can help you to understand that not everyone has grown up the same way you have. In my experience, this has helped me to work better with people from all different backgrounds.
-If you had to pick one Adelante Abroad program to participate in, which one would you pick and why? If I were to choose an Adelante Abroad program it would have to be Marketing in Barcelona, Spain. I would love to travel to Spain and become captivated by their culture. I also would like to improve my spanish. While I have some experience speaking spanish, needing to use the language would really help me learn faster. Also traveling solo to a unfamiliar place would really help me to enhance my independence. But honestly… who wouldn’t want to live in Spain for a few months?!




Looking to do an internship abroad? We can help you out! Check all of the international internship options we offer.

Where Are They Now? – Kerry L. (Adelante Alum Update)

Where Are They Now Kerry L | Adelante Abroad | Adelante Alum

Kerry L., Former Intern in Barcelona (2010)

From time to time, we like to catch up with our former intern and study abroad candidates. Many have used their experience with Adelante Abroad as a stepping stone onto bigger and better things in their lives. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing about how their experiences affected and impacted them. 

As I looked down at Barcelona from my window seat on the plane, I remember feeling overwhelmed by not only the incredible view below me, but also an understanding that the months ahead would change my life.

Kerry L | Adelante Abroad Alum BarcelonaDuring my two months in Catalonia’s capital, every day was an incredible learning experience and an opportunity to immerse myself in the vibrant, alluring culture of Barcelona. I cherished my commute to Interway, my internship office; walking past and gazing up at Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, riding the metro, and finally ordering my chocolate croissant and espresso before stepping into the office.  When you live and work in a foreign country, you are constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and learning how to adapt and succeed at the same time. This whirlwind of change transformed how I carried myself and widened my perspective of the world. 

kerry-l-barcelonaMy Spanish improved each day from persistence to practice with everyone  I interacted with: my apartment host, baristas, colleagues, as well as Spanish and other international friends I met (and still keep in touch with to this day). In addition to walking away with great confidence in my Spanish speaking abilities, I was able to design an entire promotional catalog for Interway during my time as an marketing intern.

When I arrived back in New York City, I kept my passion for travel and foreign culture, and pursued an internship position at a Travel & Tourism PR Communications firm. The defining and proudest moment of my interview was when the President looked up from scanning from resume and said “You worked in Barcelona for a few months? ¡Que interesante!” I replied “una experiencia maravillosa.” I got the internship, which ultimately lead into a full time position at the agency. A wonderful experience indeed.

I learned that nothing has brought me more joy, knowledge, and experience in life than traveling.

“To travel is to evolve” – Pierre Bernando

Kerrry L | Intern in Barcelona alum | Adelante Abroad

– Kerry L.

Then: Recent Ithaca College Graduate, Ithaca, NY 

Now: Activation Manager, J3 Studios/Universal McCann, New York, NY


Are you interested in participating in an international internship in Barcelona like Kerry? Check out all the details and information for our intern in Barcelona program!


Where Are They Now? – Amanda M. (Former Intern Update)

amanda-madrid-corrides-de-toresAmanda M., Former Intern in Madrid (2012)

From time to time, we like to catch up with our former intern and study abroad candidates. Of course, many have used their experience with Adelante Abroad as a stepping stone onto bigger and better things in their lives. Nothing gives us greater joy than hearing about how their experiences affected and impacted them. The following is an example of this.

DSCN2432Madrid. Ah, Madrid. There is no place quite like it. The people, history, culture, food, and transportation systems are nothing short of amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 months in the heart of Spain. I had a hard time adjusting at first because my Spanish-speaking abilities were very basic upon arrival. However, after taking a two week intensive language course with native speakers and becoming immersed in the culture, I became much more confident in my ability to communicate with others.

amanda-madrid-2012-adelante-abroadI was fortunate to meet other interns in the Adelante program while in Madrid. We were able to take trips on the weekends to other cities in Spain as well as other nearby countries! It was so wonderful to be able to experience so many cities and countries in the short time I was there. My internship placement was teaching English to immigrant children. I enjoyed the children so much! They were a lot of fun and very forgiving that my Spanish wasn’t that great yet. We were able to teach each other while I was interning there. I’ll never forget those little ones! They definitely taught me that connection with each other surpasses language.

This internship gave me such an enriching experience as not only a person, but as a professional as well. Since my internship, I have had potential employers tell me that my resume stood out not only for my credentials, but because I had done an internship abroad! I’m so happy that I was able to have the opportunity to do an internship in a country I love, as well as in my own field as an early childhood development professional. What an amazing experience! I’ll never forget it!


-Amanda M.

Then: University of Missouri M.S. Graduate, Early Childhood and Family Development

Now: Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher, Austin, TX

Spring Internships Abroad 2016

Spring Internships Abroad | Adelante Abroad

You may be saying to yourself, Spring internships abroad already? We haven’t even got to Thanksgiving! You may be right, but the application for an internship beginning March 1st is actually January 1st. So we want to give you ample time to prepare!

Spring in general is the best time to be abroad for an internship program for a plethora of reasons; it’s technically summer in South America, Q2 (April, May, June) is beginning for those publicly traded European companies, the crowds are far more comfortable compared to the summer months, etc.

1. International Internships in Event Planning  (Spain, Uruguay)

Event planning in the spring for a number of reasons. Not only are companies gearing up for the influx of summer events but spring is a prime time for events in their own right. For example, May kicks off wedding season in Spain so the prior months will be all about getting ready, interns will definitely be needed!

2. Winery Internships Abroad (Chile)

Chile is somewhat thought of as the California of South America due to the diverse climate zones in the country. This temperate climate has lent itself to Chile becoming more prominent in the wine industry in recent years. Spring time is obviously one of the most ideal times to be among the vineyards and learning the art of fine wine making.

3. International Internships in Ecology, Horticulture, Conservation (Chile, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay)

In this field, there are a slew of opportunities depending on what your specific interests are. Low energy consumption in Barcelona, solar power in Chile, wind power in Madrid, and soil conservation and water management in Mexico are among the options. It goes without saying spring is perhaps the best time of year to intern in a field rooted in the environment.

4. International Internships in Sports (Barcelona and Madrid, Spain)

For a handful of sports, the season really starts to heat up in the spring time as teams are making their push for the playoffs. The same is true in Europe, particularly in Spain. Spring time is when things get interesting in the top professional basketball and soccer leagues in Spain; Liga ACB (Liga Endesa) and LFP (Liga de Futbol Professional). Internships can be for the teams themselves or in the realm of sports marketing and community relations.

5. International Internships in Fashion (Spain, Uruguay)

Spring in the fashion forward cities of Barcelona and Madrid. You have opportunities to do work in design houses and with independent fashion designers. In Montevideo, Uruguay you’ll have the opportunity to intern in a high-end retail store based out of Buenos Aires with stores in Madrid, Miami as well. This is meant for an individual looking to own their own store one day and is heavy on the business/retail side of fashion.

6. International Internships in Psychology/Social Work (Chile, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay)

There are many opportunities for interns in Psychology and Social Work. This is a particularly good program to do in the spring mainly due to the fact that most mental health professionals in Spain go on lengthy vacations in the summer. Spring is the best way to make the most of your intern experience!

7. International Internships in Pharmacy (Spain)

Pharmacy is an extremely popular internship placement, particularly in the summer time. Intern in pharmacy during the spring time to beat the crowds and ensure your placement! Pharmacy internships abroad are particularly valuable to do as candidates will dispense medicine and assist doctors on staff among other key responsibilities.


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