Candidate Spotlight: Travel Experience During COVID

travel experience during covid

After long and weary few months, our candidates are traveling again! Adelante’s first group of interns since the COVID-19 outbreak went abroad last week. Candidates arrived in several Adelante operated cities in Spain and Mexico. Even with the uncertainty of traveling and travel restriction most countries, students and interns are still allowed in for their programs. So did our candidates encounter any troubles on their journey? What precautions were in place? Hear what our candidates had to say about their travel experience during COVID-19.

First group of interns abroad in Mexico since covid-19 outbreak

How Was Your Travel Journey Abroad and Airport Experience?

“My journey was very easy! The airport experience was very civilized. I arrived in sevilla with no issues. The airports are much the same as before except with masks and hand sanitizer of course, as are the airplanes; except flights are far more empty so I had many seats to myself. Other than having to wear masks and sanitize hands regularly it was largely the same as travelling pre-COVID.  I didn’t have any issues and the only precaution in place was a QR code we had to show at the Spanish border claiming we were healthy and giving the govt our details. The form can be accessed online and completed in 5-10 minutes.”  -Adam B., Seville, Spain
“My travel experience during COVID was rather simple. In my first domestic flight, it was a full flight. The precautions they took were that everyone had to wear a mask over the nose and mouth. Once I moved to my international flight, the seats were more open and people were able to move around to about 1-2 people in an aisle. Plus of course, masks were required. For both flights they had ventilation systems to help keep the air as clean as possible. After I got into Oaxaca, they checked everyone’s temperature, had us sign COVID-19 forms to ensure we had not been exposed and gave out a number we could call for COVID-19 issues and testing.”   
Belinda A., Oaxaca, Mexico
“Arriving in Barcelona was nice and easy! No one asked me for any papers or asked me any questions aside from what my final destination was and how long I’d be staying in Barcelona. Some parts of the Barcelona airport were blocked off and rerouted for arriving passengers.  We had to fill out a paper on the plane to provide contact information in case someone on our plane tested positive for COVID after we landed. So all I did was fill out the contact information and my address and the flight attendants collected everyone’s paperwork. There were several checkpoints but I did not have any trouble getting through” -Brandie S., Barcelona, Spain

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How Does It Feel To Be Abroad and Traveling Again?

“It feels amazing to be abroad. Escaping London where I spent all of my quarantine has been a blessing. It has been so exciting exploring Sevilla and getting to know my new home better and improving my Spanish. I have definitely begun to settle in to the rhythm of things and I am really looking forwards to rest of my stay.” -Adam B., Seville, Spain
“As I am beginning to settle into Oaxaca, I felt as though I was meant to be here. I travel quite often and every place I go, it feels like I am traveling somewhere and it is usually to volunteer or explore. In Oaxaca, it feels like I could live here and establish a completely new life. I have never felt that way about a place. It is really special.” -Belinda A., Oaxaca, Mexico
Spring internships abroad 2021

Adelante is excited to hear that all our candidates had smooth flights and travel experience during COVID, even with extra modifications. 

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