Adelante Intern and Study Abroad
Intern in Viña del Mar and Valparaiso



  • 1 month: $2,495

    (not all work assignments available)
  • 2 months: $3,205
  • 3 months: $3,875
  • 4 months: $4,395
  • 5 months: $5,150
  • 6 months: $5,895
  • Non-refundable application fee: $150 



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Application deadline is 60 days prior to your chosen start date.


Late applications are accepted on a case by case basis and are subject to a $250 late fee.


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Vina & Vida

Frequently Asked Questions

Intern in Viña del Mar and Valparaiso

Do you know anyone who has been to Chile? Probably not, which is one of the reasons why we wanted to open up Adelante CHILE. Another reason, a big one: it is fairly economical to live there. Yet another reason: Chile, and specifically the sister cities of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso are beautiful and SAFE. The most important reason: serious, business related internships are available here. This is a serious country, that takes pride in its work ethic.

Adelante - CHILE is offered at a lower price than the majority of the other Adelante programs, to help compensate for the potentially higher airfare. We have found large, public institutions (Government Customs Office or "Aduanas", a state-run, accredited University, the Navy or "Armada" to name a few) to launch our program here. Unlike smaller companies, these work assignments are quite serious as you are registered with the state, punch a clock like the rest of the employees and will be treated as such. Imagine, International Business majors working a the Chilean Governments Customs office in one of the worlds major ports (Valparaiso)!

Chile is majestic, but humble; chaotic, but practical...and always, always surprisingly law abiding! From when you first arrive -- as an American you will have to pay a one time only (for the life of your passport) $131US "reciprocity fee" the moment you step off the plane -- to the moment you leave, there is a strange sense of seriousness and of people playing by the rules. For example, definitely do NOT lose the slip you receive upon payment of said "reciprocity tax" as it states, and I fully believe it, that you will not be able to leave the country without handing it over. Another example: few motorists speed as tickets are taken quite seriously. There is an order to how you eat in a restaurant or cafe: you must sit first, then one person comes to you to take your order, another gives you the is all pre-ordained and if you go up to the counter first, you are kindly but firmly advised to go sit at a table and then you take it from there. At the same time, when a Chilean says they will meet you at 8:00, that usually means about 8:30 or so.

Chileans are nice. They want to help, generally speaking, and are interested in where you come from and why you are visiting.

Vina del Mar and Valparaiso (both have populations of around 300,000) are sister cities in proximity only as they couldn't be more different in nearly every other aspect. Vina is all beaches, restaurants, apartment buildings, malls and a fabulous beach front Casino that serves as part cultural center with theatres, kids events and art exhibits. "Valpo" is a jumble of houses built upon 17 "cerros" or hills that you access either by walking cutbacks or taking historic elevators up to! Leave you car behind as there is no way to maneuver here with it. In Vina you could close your eyes and feel like you were in the French Rivera or Redondo Beach, California. Valpo, on the other hand, is totally unlike any other city you have ever been in. The work assignments for this program will be in both cities, and the housing is all in Vina del Mar. You can get to Valparaiso by a 5 - 6 minute, $1 bus ride any hour of the day all day and night.

These are amazing, historic beach towns that you wont' want to leave. Safe, easy to navigate, huge varieties of restaurants, bars and nightlife, plus oceanside apartments make this our best deal ever.

  • The amount of time you choose to intern is flexible, with program lengths ranging from 1 to 12 months, all begin the first Monday of the month, year round. Or take advantage of our mid-May start date.

  • Program can be done for academic credit 
  • 3 weeks of intensive Spanish language classes are included in the fee
  • Lodging is included. Live like a Chileno in your own room in a shared apartment with other Adelante candidates/international students or elect to live with a Chilean family.  (inquire for price difference for homestay option as this includes meals and laundry). NOTE: All apartments are close to the Pacific ocean - within a 10 minute walk, some with ocean and city views!
  • Come with a friend and live together during your adventure in Chile.
  • You will be met at the airport when you arrive in Santiago, Chile, taken directly to your lodging (this is about an hour and a half drive)
  • Internships are for 4 hours each day in federal government entities, Chilean-owned private or public companies.  As mentioned earlier, this country is more serious than other south American countries in terms of reporting to yoru work assignment, what your duties will be, etc. You will gain real, international work experience to add to your resume.
  • Our Director in Chile is very well connected -- the participating companies are larger, state run entities and established private or publicly held corporations. Most Sectors are represented: Human Resources, Technology, Film, Marketing, Teaching English, Accounting, Engineering, Analyst, Social Services, Education and more.
  • Some great excursions are included during your intensive Spanish coursework -- think wine-tasting, "trekking" (a bit less effort than hiking), cultural trips and visits to the amazing National Parks. We also organize other events each month, which you are welcome to participate in -- some have a small fee, others are free. This program is meant to be 50% work experience and 50% cultural / language acquisition and immersion. To that effect, we help cultivate the cultural side of the program for you by offering these events.
  • The Adelante Director in Chile speaks English and his family has been in Chile for generations -- he will be one of your most important resources.


  • IMPORTANT:  Adelante Abroad, LLC is not a “middle man” or “agent”.  Rather, we create proprietary, customized programs for our individual, screened candidates.  To do this we use long-standing contacts in our respective countries of operation and with negotiated rates for all services provided abroad, including but not limited to airport pickup  services, language coursework and excursion services, and housing services worldwide.  More importantly, our staff of Intern Advisors and Directors abroad are professionals in the international education and student exchange industry, used to working with foreign candidates and often times with  complimentary professional careers in place as well as their service to Adelante Abroad.  For example, our Director in Madrid also owns the language school where International Internship Program candidates will take their Spanish coursework.  By design, these representatives are locals living, and many times born and raised, in the city where they work for us and speak both Spanish and English.  These are your contacts while in-country for most aspects of the program and all have both day and evening phone access.